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Runner's Web Digest - December 1, 2000

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  • Ken Parker
    Runner s Web Digest - December 1, 2000 Visit the Runner s Web at http://www.runnersweb.com/running.html The site is updated multiple times daily. For new
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      Runner's Web Digest - December 1, 2000

      Visit the Runner's Web at http://www.runnersweb.com/running.html
      The site is updated multiple times daily.

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      New This Week:
      This week's poll is "Do you think Athens will keep the 2004 Olympic Games?"

      Our poll this past week was "Should the Ironman (triathlon) be an Olympic
      The response as of the time of preparation of this digest was as follows:
      Yes 131
      No 57
      No opinion 1
      Total Votes: 189

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      This week's photo is a picture of Great Britain's team in action at the
      Sydney 2000 Olympics Cycling, Men's Team Pursuit event.

      The winner of our inaugural Sugoi Runner's Web Digest Quiz for the month of
      November was Katherine Williams of Triathlon Digest fame. She correctly
      identified "Charlie" as the answer to the question: "What is the name of
      Bill Rodgers' brother the co-owner and manager of the
      Bill Rodgers Running Center in Boston?"
      The December Sugoi Quiz will be emailed out in the Digest of Friday,
      December 8th so the winner can hopefully get their prize before Christmas.
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      The 2008 Olympic Triathlon:
      Eric Schwartz (duathlon.com) on November 26, 2000
      There is no guarantee triathlon will be included in the 2008 Olympics, but
      if it is, and if the Games are in Osaka, Japan, triathletes may want to
      start practicing their moat swimming skills.
      Five cities are still in consideration for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games:
      Beijing, Istanbul, Osaka, Paris, and Toronto. The election of the Host City
      for the XXIX Olympiad will be made on July 13 during the 112th IOC Session
      in Moscow.
      Les McDonald recently visited Osaka and Beijing to tour potential triathlon
      venues for the 2008 Olympic Games. If Osaka gets the Games it is possible
      that the swim would be in the moat of the Castle of Osaka, the best known
      landmark in Osaka.
      McDonald, President of the ITU, also paid a visit to Beijing. The Beijing
      course would include a swim in the Lake of Yuyuantan Park, a bike and run
      through the heart of Beijing and the Forbidden City, and a transition area
      in Tianamen Square. Beijing would also make the women's triathlon the
      opening event of the 2008 Games.

      Genes give black runners edge: findings
      Dominate track and field: Kenyan Olympic gold medallist condemns research
      Anne Marie Owens, National Post, with files from Agence France-Presse
      Danish sports researchers have found that black runners have a genetic
      advantage over white athletes that allows them to run faster and longer.
      The scientific findings, which were presented on a British television
      documentary last night, explain black runners' world domination of track and
      field and come amid an ongoing academic controversy over whether racial
      differences influence athletic and intellectual ability.
      The documentary, on a Channel 4 show titled The Difference, examined new
      research from the Danish Sports Science Institute, which compared the
      running style of Kenyan athletes with Danish runners of similar physique.
      The researchers spent 18 months in Eldoret, a town in northwestern Kenya
      that is home to the Kalenjin tribe, which has produced 12 of the world's top
      20 runners.
      More...from the National Post at:

      Foods and Vitamins That Can Help Keep Your Heart Healthy:
      Research Reveals Soy, Niacin, and Tea Offer Protection From Heart Attack and
      By Liza Jane Maltin ,WebMD Medical News
      Reviewed by Dr. Gary D. Vogin, MD
      Nov. 13, 2000 (New Orleans) -- Chances are that you, or someone you know,
      already are taking one of the cholesterol-lowering wonder drugs collectively
      known as statins. If so, listen up. There is new evidence that adding a
      daily dose of vitamin B-3, or niacin, offers even more protection from heart
      attack or stroke by boosting levels of the "good cholesterol" -- HDL. This
      and other nutrition-related findings were presented here Monday at a meeting
      of the American Heart Association. Among the other big winners were tea and
      soy products. Alcohol and the antioxidant vitamins didn't fare so well.
      More...from onHealth at:

      Freeman eyes 800m as new challenge:
      By Tom Knight
      Monte Carlo: Far from resting on her laurels after her heroics at the
      Olympic Games, Cathy Freeman may move up to the 800m in her search for new
      Freeman said her plans included defending her Olympic 400m title in Athens
      in 2004 but that a move to 800m remained a possibility.
      "People tell me I don't sprint, I run, so there's a chance I may move to the
      800m. The idea of running twice as far really appeals to me," Freeman said.
      "It would be a new challenge and something to look forward to. But it is
      only an idea at the moment."
      More...from the Sydney Morning Herald at:

      El Guerrouj bids to prove he's still King of 1,500m:
      Monte Carlo, Nov 27 AFP - Olympic failure has forced Hicham El Guerrouj to
      redefine his future.
      Before the Sydney Games in September the Moroccan two-time world 1,500m
      champion had been planning a move towards 3,000m and 5,000m.
      For four years the 26-year-old had lived a dream that he would avenge the
      moment when in Atlanta he fell at the bell while leading and finished only
      12th in the 1,500m final.
      But as El Guerrouj's expected coronation with the only major honour to elude
      him over 1,500 metres ended in heartbreak when he won Olympic silver behind
      Kenya's Noah Ngen in Sydney, the Moroccan has been forced to replan his
      More...from Sports Today at:

      Triathlon & Goodwill Games 2001:
      From Duathlon.com: http://www.duathlon.com/
      With the passing of the Olympics triathlon's next appearance at a worldwide
      sporting festival is the 2001 Goodwill Games in Brisbane. This will be
      triathlon's third appearance at the Goodwill Games. The first was in 1993 in
      St. Petersburg and then New York in 1997.
      The race will take place on September 2 with 25 men and 25 women and a prize
      purse in excess of $100,000 (exact amount to be announced). Among those
      invited to compete will be the Olympic medallists and the top 10 finishers
      at the 2001 World Championships.
      Visit the Goodwill Games site at:

      eFit.com Fitness Tips:
      Cycle-ogical Counseling: Riding in Wet Weather
      Riding in wet weather can be miserable, but if you equip yourself well, you
      can stay comfortable.

      Long Runs May Help Break Up Fat
      If you're conscious of your dietary fat intake (and who isn't?), you'll be
      interested to know that endurance running may help you reduce unhealthy fats
      in your system.

      Senior's Health
      You're Never Too Old to Get Fit
      Starting a new exercise routine can add life to your years.

      Sex Effects: Is It OK to 'Just Do It' Before the Big Game?
      Sexperts Debate Impact on Athlete's Body and Mind
      By Jeanie Davis, WebMD Medical News
      Reviewed by Dr. Aman Shah
      Nov. 28, 2000 -- To athletes, it's a huge issue. Should they have sex the
      night before competition? Football coaches, Olympic athletes, even the great
      Muhammad Ali -- all have advocated chastity the night before a big athletic
      event. Football stars have even been separated from their wives before Super
      Bowl Sunday. Yet, there are plenty of athletes -- like Olympic gold medalist
      and U.S. track star David Wottle and Canadian downhill skier Karin Lee
      Gardner -- who claim that a little pre-event sex has worked in their favor.
      One review of research on this subject shows no evidence that an athlete's
      performance is affected -- at least in terms of physiology. Whether sex
      affects aggression is another matter, one that has not received much
      attention from researchers.
      More...from WebMD at:

      Cold Weather Running Tips:
      excerpted from the "Runner's Lifestyle Log", pages 49-50 by Running Room
      president and founder, John Stanton along with Nick Lees.
      "Running in winter is like running in a Christmas card," says Canadian
      septuagenarian marathoner Doug Jones.
      In the Canadian High Arctic, air force pilots are taught on a survival
      course that there is one thing they must overcome if they are to survive in
      a region of the world where temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius are not
      uncommon. It is the psychological fear of cold.
      They are also taught that the heart is a very efficient heater and if proper
      clothing is worn, they can function comfortably. Instructors note that in
      high mountain ranges, tiny organisms survive on rocks warmed by the sun
      while temperatures around them are well below zero. The organisms have their
      own microclimate. And that's what we must create for ourselves if we are to
      enjoy running in the winter.
      More...from the Running Room at:

      Runner's World Tips:
      Go Crooked: "If you hit a really steep downhill in training or a race, you
      may want to zigzag it. You'll experience less pounding this way,
      plus you'll bring more leg muscles into play, which will spread the work
      around somewhat. Result: less soreness the next day." - Jeff Galloway

      Look in the mirror: If you need some extra motivation after a few weeks on a
      running program, "look" no further than the mirror. Do your best
      Arnold Schwarzenegger impression and flex those legs muscles to see how
      they're developing. When you can physically see results, you'll want to head
      out the door and make those legs even stronger.

      Run for Life: We've reported that running can lower your risk for heart
      attacks. For those who do suffer a heart attack, a new study suggests
      that running can help you avoid a second one. According to a study by the
      University of Texas- Houston Health Science Center, people who had
      been active and maintained their activity level after a heart attack, or who
      increased their activity level, had an 89 percent lower risk of
      death or second heart attack than did patients who remained sedentary.
      Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association October 31, 2000

      Lift for Life: Older adults can reap the benefits of a strength-training
      program. As we grow older, muscle fibers and the connecting tissue
      between nerves and muscles decrease. Strength training can preserve muscles
      and can contribute maintaining bone density. The result of the
      training makes everyday actions such as walking, cooking, and reaching for
      the oat bran easier. The key, according to the American College of
      Sports Medicine, is to stay with the program once you have started. To
      maintain the benefits, make sure you pick a program that that feels safe
      and comfortable.

      An Apple a Day... will keep the doctor away, but 365 apples a day will not
      keep the doc away for a whole year. A recent report by the Institute
      Of Medicine's Food & Nutrition Board says there is no evidence that
      megadoses of vitamins can prevent age related illness. In fact, large
      doses of Vitamin C and E and selenium may be harmful. Exceeding more than
      1,000 IUs of vitamin E, 2,000 mg of vitamin C, or 400 mcg of
      selenium can have adverse affects on the body. Medicine & Science in Sports
      & Exercise, November 2000

      Tall and Strong: Are you worried that the demands of athletics may stunt
      your child's growth? A study by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, will
      calm those fears. The researchers found that the sports had no effect on the
      height, weight, or stage of puberty in the children. In
      their sample of 184 prepubescent children, the type of sport and number of
      training hours had no impact on the size attained. The height your
      child will reach is still determined by genetics.

      "Got blisters? Smooth away calluses and dead skin with a soft foot brush
      once a week and apply skin cream on a daily basis to maintain proper
      moisture. Then wear shoes and socks that fit. There should be a thumb's
      width of space between the toes and end of the toe box. Your socks should
      fit smoothly, with no extra fabric at the toes or heels." - Melanie Strong,
      online assistant editor

      "Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks
      you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?'"
      - Peter Maher, Irish-Canadian Olympian and sub-2:12 marathoner

      Weight-Lifting Safe for Elderly Hearts:
      New York -- More and more often the elderly are being advised to pump iron
      to strengthen their muscles, bones and overall health. Yet there has been
      some question as to whether their hearts can take it. Now, study findings
      suggest that when it is done right, weight-lifting puts no undue pressure on
      the heart.
      More...from drkoop.com at:

      Athens faces a herculean task:
      By William Drpzdiak, Sunday 26 November 2000
      When a group of high-powered delegates from the International Olympic
      Committee arrived here last week on an inspection tour for the 2004 Summer
      Games, they were expected to be dismayed by what they saw - or, rather, what
      they didn't see.
      That they issued a positive, if cautious, report card surprised many, but
      there is no doubt that the city still faces a huge task to be ready for the
      A gleaming ring road supposed to dissolve Athens' notorious traffic jams is
      still a fantasy. Construction of many venues appears paralysed, and ground
      will not be broken on five major sites until 2002. An Olympic village to
      house 16,000 athletes remains a dream.
      More...from The Age at:

      Emil Zatopek; The runners' runner:
      By Len Johnson, Friday 24 November 2000
      Emil Zatopek had a strong claim to be considered the greatest distance
      runner ever, an even stronger one to being the most charismatic and
      influential. From the time he lit up the running tracks of post-war Europe
      right up to the present day, Zatopek was an inspiration to runners
      everywhere. His influence was especially strong in Australia, having its
      genesis in his meeting with Australian runner Les Perry at the 1952 Olympic
      Games in Helsinki.
      Zatopek won three of his four Olympic gold medals in the Finnish capital
      where he completed an unprecedented and since unmatched treble of 5000
      metres, 10,000 metres and marathon in 1952. He also won the Olympic 10,000
      in London in 1948 and took the distance double at 5000 and 10,000 at
      successive European champion ships in 1950 and 1954.
      More...from The Age at:

      Peter Reid Commits To Ironman Europe:
      November 16, Roth, Germany (by correspondent Dirk Kantlehner for
      Ironman Europe's race director has announced a special coup for the 2001
      event on 8 July: Two-time Hawaii Ironman champ Peter Reid will race there.
      The Canadian has already filled his career with eight Ironman titles. He
      plans two Ironmans for next season -- Ironman Europe and, of course, a
      return to Kona on October 6.
      In Roth in 1999, Germans filled eight of the top-10 places. Some even say
      that the race is entirely in German hands. Even K├╝hnel shows respect: "Peter
      Reid has got courage to challenge the Germans. I'm very proud that he will
      race here in 2001."
      It has been since 1997 that the last current Hawaii champion raced in Roth
      -- and that was Belgian Luc van Lierde. The result was a world-record
      7:50:27 -- plus three more athletes going sub-8 hours.
      Reid already has some experience over the generally flat Ironman Europe
      course. In 1996 he placed fourth, on the same day that Lothar Leder broke
      the 8-hour barrier for the first time.
      Ironman Europe has developed from its start in 1987 to the world's largest
      and most competitive Ironman. It has had as many as 2,704 starters, and some
      120,000 spectators cheering them.

      What's Your Body Type?
      How would you describe your body? Probably in terms such as short, tall,
      thin, plump, big-boned or small-boned. But do you know the more scientific
      description for your build? A Harvard psychologist, William H. Sheldon,
      developed a system in the 1940s that consists of three body-type
      classifications: endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph. What body type you have
      can tell you how much testosterone or cholesterol your body produces, as
      well as where your body stores fat and how well you can hide it.
      More...from drkoop.com at:

      Athletes with Disabilities Push the Limits in Adventure Sports:
      Lisa Marshall Camera Staff Writer: thedailycamera.com
      At first glance, the film "Beyond the Barriers," looks a lot like a typical
      extreme sports film.
      In the opening scene, the camera sweeps across a landscape of towering
      sandstone spires in the Utah desert, then zooms in on three climbers
      ascending a narrow finger of rock at dizzying heights. Next, viewers are
      delivered to the cold Canadian waters of the English Bay, where a solo
      sailor clips across whitecaps at a furious pace. In another scene, a skier
      bombs down unspeakably steep terrain through face-deep powder.
      More...from Asimba.com at:

      16 survivors cross finish line at Ultraman:
      November 27 -- A former Olympic ski-and-shoot biathlete from Slovenia and a
      Guatemalan woman who took up triathlon in her mid-20s to help stop a
      cigarette habit that killed her parents won the 16th Ultraman over the
      Thanksgiving weekend.
      More...from Inside Triathlon at:

      Dear Runners:
      "I am writing to invite you to our exciting Canmore Challenge Trail and
      Mountain Running event for 2001.
      Come and enjoy Canmore and our pristine trail running mecca. You 're in for
      a treat. Three events to choose from. A world class trail running venue.
      Superb scenery in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. And camaraderie we hope
      you will enjoy.
      This year is extremely special for two reasons. First, the Canmore
      Challenge will see the first time Canadian athletes have been selected to
      travel to the World Mountain Trophy. Second, Canmore Challenge participants
      can combine their participation in the Canmore Challenge with travel plans
      to watch the world's best track and field athletes in action at the IAAF
      World Track and Field Championships in Edmonton in the week following the
      Canmore Challenge.
      Last year the Canmore Challenge drew an international field of almost 500
      trail and mountain runners. Participants from Austria, Poland, Italy, Great
      Britain, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S. descended on Canmore to test
      their skills on the demanding 12km Canmore Challenge. Others enjoyed the
      pristine trails on the less demanding but equally spectacular 6km trail run.
      So everyone gets to play, there is also a 1km trail romp for the kids.
      Playful fun run is the name of the game so come prepared to giggle. There's
      no time limit on how long you take on this course.
      For more details regarding our event, entering, accommodation and travel
      please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or check out our website at

      Thank you for your time

      Kelvin Broad
      Race Manager Canmore Challenge and Stampede Road Race"

      For Blood Vessels, a Fountain of Youth:
      The idea that exercise keeps the body young is not news, but a new study
      from the University of Pisa makes the notion more specific: the blood
      vessels of vigorous older people functioned as well as those of athletes
      less than half their age.
      In an article published last week in the journal Circulation, Dr. Stefano
      Taddei says that one effect of aging is diminishing the efficiency of a
      mechanism within blood cells that causes nitrous oxide to be released.
      Nitrous oxide protects against clogging and assists in dilating the vessels
      when the heart needs more blood.
      More...from the NY Times at:

      Power through plyometrics:
      If you don't know what plyometrics is, no doubt you soon will. Fitness
      classes across the country are beginning to incorporate this advanced
      training technique. Typically, elite athletes have used this training to
      push themselves to the next level, such as jumping higher or exploding out
      of the starting blocks. But can recreational athletes use this training? If
      so, how should they modify it to fit their needs?
      More...from NBCi.com at:

      Kiwis win on home turf in Discovery Channel Adventure Race:
      This report filed November 26, 2000
      By Barry Siff, Inside Triathlon contributing editor
      The much anticipated Discovery Channel Adventure Race: A Southern Traverse
      Partnership was won on November 18 by New Zealand's own Propellor-Heads.
      After racing for 96 hours and 33 minutes on New Zealand's South Island, they
      successfully held off Team Nokia of Finland (fresh from its Mild Seven
      Outdoor Quest victory) and The Science Team (aka Eco-Internet, featuring Ian
      Adamson, Mike Kloser, Robyn Benincasa and world-class paddler and adventure
      racer John Jacoby) for the victory.
      More...from Inside Triathlon at:

      Privalova eyes 400-meter record:
      Monaco (AFP) -- Russia's Olympic 400-meter hurdles champion Irina Privalova
      announced Sunday that she would compete at that distance next season before
      setting herself a new challenge by moving up to 800 meters.
      "I think I still have something to show in the 400 meter hurdles and 2001 is
      world championships' year," said Privalova, 32.
      "But it's true that I'd then like to move up to 800 meters which has become
      a long sprint. And why not consider it for the 2004 Olympics?"
      More...from TotalSports.com at:

      Triathlete Magazine:
      Triathlete magazine is the premier voice for the sport of triathlon. We pack
      each issue with everything you need to attain your personal best. Whether
      you want to compete in an Ironman, or just train for fun and fitness,
      Triathlete is your one stop shop.
      We provide expert training advice, pro athlete profiles, world-class race
      coverage and gear reviews in every issue. Our resident trainers, Huddle and
      Frey, answer your personal questions every month in the popular "Dear Coach"
      column. Scott Tinley keeps you abreast of trends in the sport. And our race
      calendar shows you where and when to race.
      Get a free race belt when you subscribe through the internet at:

      Paralympic athletes not all disabled:
      Up to 15 teammates were able-bodied, says Spanish hoopster
      Sean Fitz-Gerald
      National Post, with files from news services
      The Paralympics, once seen as the last outpost of true sportsmanship, has
      been hit by another scandal, prompting a Spanish official to resign
      yesterday over accusations that able-bodied athletes masqueraded as disabled
      at the recent Paralympic Games in Sydney.
      Spain's Paralympic Committee vice-president Fernando Martin Vicente stepped
      down yesterday as reports suggested as many as 15 Spanish athletes at the
      Games were not disabled.
      Staged in tandem with the Olympics, the Paralympics are designed to give
      time on the world's stage to athletes with mental and physical disabilities.
      The emphasis is placed on achieving personal bests, rather than medals.
      More...from the National Post at:

      Hot And Cold Treatments Icing Your Injury:
      by The Sports Medicine department at Portland Adventist Hospital
      When should you ice an injury?
      Ice is most commonly associated with immediate first aid to an acute injury
      because it causes decreased blood flow and an increase in deep circulation
      as well as superficial vessel constriction.
      Ice decreases pain and muscle spasticity and enables you to exercise easier,
      but does not mask the pain. Ice also allows increased circulation to carry
      away waste products and aid healing.
      More...from YouthRunner.com at:

      Aussie junior Glenn Bennett is paralyzed:
      [From TriathlonLive.com at: http://www.triathlonlive.com]
      Glenn Bennett, one of Australia's most promising junior triathletes, has
      been left an "incomplete quadriplegic" after an accident in the surf six
      weeks ago.
      The news comes via Justin Drew, a triathlon coach with the New South Wales
      Institute of Sport, when Bennett was one of the junior elites racing with
      that team. "Glenn is very positive, and we are hopeful that things will keep
      improving every day," Drew said. "This week, Glenn is being sat up and will
      go into a wheelchair, after which he will be moved to a rehab centre.

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