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Runner's Web Digest - November 3, 2000

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  • Ken Parker
    Runner s Web Digest - November 3, 2000 Visit the Runner s Web at http://www.runnersweb.com/running.html. The site is updated multiple times daily. For new
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      Runner's Web Digest - November 3, 2000

      Visit the Runner's Web at http://www.runnersweb.com/running.html. The
      site is updated multiple times daily.

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      New This Week:
      Michael Selman's latest column "It All Comes Out in the Wash" is available
      from our FrontPage and from the Columns page.

      Our new poll this week is "Are you planning to compete in a marathon or
      Ironman in the next year?"

      Last weeks poll on a residency requirement before an individual is allowed
      to compete in the Olympics for a country favours 5 years or longer.

      You can access the poll from our FrontPage as well as voting on and/or
      checking the results of previous polls.

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      Check out our Photo of the Week from our FrontPage. It us updated every
      weekend. This weeks photo is the cover of the October 220 magazine and
      features Simon Whitfield.

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      New York City Marathon:
      This week the New York City Marathon will enjoy its 25th running of the
      five-borough event. Runner's World correspondents will be covering the
      race live, with interviews, breaking news, and play-by-play coverage on race
      day. You'll find the Runner's World 2000 New York City Marathon
      site at <http://www.runnersworld.com/nycm00/home.html>.
      Active.com also is providing race coverage at:

      Runner finds path back to healthy after anorexia:
      Chapel Hill, N.C. - Victoria Jackson's symptoms began so subtly that even
      those closest to her overlooked them.
      She masked her eating disorder by eating small amounts of food, and then
      increasingly smaller amounts.
      No one knew she was heading toward self-starvation.
      As anorexia nervosa began to consume her, its effects became impossible to
      hide. As a Lake Forest High School senior, she lost 25 pounds in a year,
      leaving just 90 pounds on her 5-foot-6-inch frame.
      More...from the Toronto Star at:

      Rodgers and Gorman Discuss Race:
      Bill Rodgers and Miki Gorman, winners of the 1976 New York City Marathon,
      the first to be staged through five boroughs, were asked repeatedly
      yesterday to compare the 26.2-mile race then and now.
      ``It's more dog-eat-dog now,'' Rodgers said during a news conference at
      Tavern on the Green restaurant in Central Park to promote this Sunday's
      race. ``The competition is so deep, you can't run away with the marathon
      More...from the NY Times at:

      Kenyan Runner Is Marathon Favorite:
      Kenyans have won the past three New York City Marathons, and another Kenyan
      is favored Sunday.
      This time, it's not John Kagwe, the 1997 and 1998 champion, nor Joseph
      Chebet, last year's winner.
      It's Japhet Kosgei, who did not start running competitively -- marathons or
      otherwise -- until 1996 at the ripe age of 28 when he was desperate for
      More...from the New York Times at:

      Chebet won't defend New York Marathon title:
      Joseph Chebet of Kenya won't be defending his New York City Marathon title
      after withdrawing Monday, six days before the race. Race director Allan
      Steinfeld said Chebet will not compete because he was ill earlier this month
      and lost valuable training time.
      More...from CNNSI.com at:

      World Run Day:
      Runners everywhere can celebrate World Run Day(tm) on Sunday, November 5,
      2000: Run any distance you choose - in a race, on your own, or with others -
      and support your favorite charity through a donation ".......run for any
      charity on the face of the earth."
      More...from the web site at:

      After The Gold Rush:
      Olympic fame can be fleeting for those who don't have a pleasant demeanour
      or who make a neat story. The lucky ones might reach flavour of the day
      More...from the National Post at:

      Former pole vault world record holder undergoes surgery:
      30 October 2000 - Perth, Australia - Former world pole vault record holder
      Emma George will miss up to six months of competition after undergoing
      reconstructive surgery on both feet and her right ankle.
      More...from the IAAF at:

      The Overtraining Syndrome:
      by Dr. Phil Maffetone
      A lot of good published research exists about overtraining. Unfortunately,
      there is not a lot of agreement on how it should be defined. I'd prefer a
      more clinical definition so it's useful for all runners rather than a
      technical one that scientists can debate about.
      Overtraining is easy to recognize in its chronic state when exhaustion, poor
      performance, depression and other clear problems are evident. However, it's
      more important to identify earlier warnings about overtraining to avoid more
      serious problems later. I look at the full spectrum of overtraining which
      can be seen as three phases.
      Overtraining comes with many potential structural, chemical and mental
      problems, often intermingled to create any number of diverse signs and
      symptoms. As such, calling this problem an overtraining syndrome may be more
      Most would agree that the overtraining syndrome is associated with too much
      training volume, and/or too much intensity. I think of overtraining as a
      state that occurs when there is an imbalance in my simple formula: Training
      = workout + recovery. Without proper recovery, including rest, even low
      intensity training may result in overtraining. By including recovery,
      factors other than training and racing, including any lifestyle stress,
      become part of the equation. For example, if your work hours are high and
      you don't get enough sleep, it can impair training recovery.
      More...from the RRCA at:

      Mountain Biking: Infection Protection:
      Mountain bike acrobatics and jagged trails will no doubt lead to a few
      scrapes, cuts and bruises. Don't let a minor ouch lead to a major infection.

      More...from Active.com at:

      From eFit.com:
      Strength Training
      Keep Your Weight Workout Safe
      Three hints for staying healthy while you lift.

      FitTip: Kill Your Pre-Workout Painkillers
      Taking anti-inflammatories before an endurance event may increase your
      risk of infection.

      Guide to Thanksgiving Day Races:
      Traveling on Thanksgiving and want to run a race? Let us help you find one!
      All the races listed below are being held on Thursday, Nov. 23, 2000.
      More...from Running Times at:

      Emma George undergoes surgery:
      Perth: Former world pole vault record holder Emma George will miss up to six
      months of competition after undergoing reconstructive surgery on both feet
      and her right ankle.
      The 12-time world record holder has been in a wheelchair for two weeks and
      will not be able to walk for another two weeks before embarking on a
      six-month rehabilitation program
      More...from the Times of India at:

      Nike Wires Athletes With New Line Of High-Tech Training Gear:
      Beaverton, Ore., (May 10, 2000) - NIKE, Inc. (NYSE: NKE) is taking athletes
      into the digital age with a new high-tech sports gear division - called
      nike[techlab - where athlete-inspired innovation and technology collide.
      Several years in development, nike[techlab combines a top-notch design staff
      with some of the premier engineering minds in technology. nike[techlab
      pushes the limits of sports technology to create cutting-edge tools for the
      sports and fitness consumer.
      More...from NikeBiz.com at:

      Pre-Natal Fitness:
      Sharyn Pak: PowerProse.com
      Keeping fit is important through all stages of life and especially when
      you're pregnant. Maintaining your fitness level throughout the nine months
      of pregnancy can relieve a lot of the discomforts associated with labor and
      delivery. Exercising during pregnancy not only allows you to maintain good
      muscle tone, but can reduce recovery time after delivery. While exercise
      hasn't been shown to make labor go any faster, some studies have shown it to
      reduce the chances of a Cesarean section. Also by staying fit while your are
      pregnant you can reduce the time spent after delivery returning to your
      pre-pregnancy shape.
      More...from Asimba.com at:
      [Ensure URL is not broken...]

      Buder injured in bike accident at Ironman:
      Spokane _ Sister Madonna Buder's hopes of becoming the first person to hold
      three Ironman Triathlon World Championships age-group records were postponed
      following an accident during the recent Ironman in Kona, Hawaii.
      The 70-year-old triathlete from Spokane was approaching downhill speeds of
      80-90 mph on her bicycle with a 40-mph tailwind when a sudden gust made her
      airborne and threw her face-first into the road.
      More...from the Spokesman-Review at:

      Mutola Happy As Ever:
      Paris, October 26- On Friday October 27th, Maria Lurdes Mutola will be 28
      years old and when she will take a deep breath to blow out the candles, an
      entire country will be indeed smiling with her for she is the first Olympic
      champion they've ever applauded.
      Their first Olympic gold medallist ever. In the past, people would have
      carried her on a throne and chanted her name during weeks. But after 50
      successive wins in 800M finals between 1992 and 1996, three world indoor
      titles, a world outdoor crown, and now an Olympic gold, Maria Mutola would
      probably refuse to be placed on such a pedestal.
      More...from EuroSport.com at:

      Runner's World Tips:
      Brew it Slowly: "An easy day can range from a day off to a very slow 1 hour
      run, depending upon your total mileage and fitness level. The key
      to an easy day is to slow down enough to bring about recovery, not more
      fatigue." - Budd Coates, 4 time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier, and
      Fitness Director at Rodale, Inc.

      Anemia: A condition in witch the blood is deficient in red blood cells. It
      can be caused by a deficiency of the nutrients B 12, folic acid, and
      iron. Found more often in marathon runners than vampires.

      Get Twisted, Sister: Choose a course with lots of twists and turns. That way
      you won't have to face a lot of long straight-aways that seem to go
      on forever. It'll also make your run more fun and more interesting.

      Now Hear This: If your hearing just isn't what it used to be, try running.
      Cardiovascular exercise has shown to improve hearing levels. A
      study by Miami University of Ohio, tested the hearing of 24 women and 19
      men. After a 20-week exercise program, the participants were re-tested.
      There was a marked improvement in max VO2 and hearing sensitivity. The
      reason for this is unclear, but may be due to improved circulation and
      healthier blood lipid profiles.

      Women's Health: Women can improve their general well-being and health with
      even moderate levels of exercise. An Australian study of almost
      15,000 women concluded that those who exercise at least once a week for
      twenty minutes had more health benefits than women who did not. The more the
      women reported they worked out, the more benefits they saw, especially in
      areas such as stiff joints, back pain, constipation, and
      mental health.

      Study finds fruit, veggies don't thwart colon cancer:
      by Michael Lasalandra
      Wednesday, November 1, 2000
      Another theory on how to prevent colon cancer has gone down in flames.
      Last year, two studies found that eating a diet rich in fiber does nothing
      to keep from developing the disease. Now, a study says eating lots of fruits
      and vegetables doesn't help either.
      ``We found absolutely no association between eating fruits and vegetables as
      a group or individually and colorectal cancer,'' said Karin B. Michels, an
      epidemiologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital and co-author of today's stud
      More...from the Boston Herald at:

      Flu Treatment Also May Prevent the Illness:
      Vaccine Is Still First Line of Defense, Researchers Say
      By Sean Martin
      WebMD Washington Correspondent
      Reviewed by Dr. Dominique S. Walton
      Nov. 1, 2000 (Washington) -- Good news for the 25 to 50 million Americans
      who typically get the flu every year: A drug approved last year to combat
      flu symptoms now may work in preventing the spread of the flu within
      families, according to a study released Wednesday in The New England Journal
      of Medicine.
      More...from WebMD at:

      Fuel for the Long Haul:
      Hit the carbs (hard) before your next endurance event
      By Ian Adamson
      In the 1998 Raid Gauloises in Ecuador, our team made a major mistake. It was
      our only substantial error, but it was potentially catastrophic. We had
      formulated a great food plan for the final leg, but neglected to communicate
      this to our support crew. We left the last transition area with enough food
      for only three hours, instead of three days. Apart from trading $200 in
      expensive headlamps and watches for a bowl of chicken gruel and unripe
      papaya, we lost an average of 22 pounds each and a great deal of speed.
      More...from Asimba.com at:

      Update On The ITU'S Court Date:
      {From triathlon Digest]
      The Supreme Court of Vancouver, British Columbia, has set aside two days for
      the hearing between seven federations and the ITU -- November 6-7. The
      petitioning federations are calling for the voiding of the results of the
      Perth Congress in April, followed by new
      The ITU's lawyer was expected to file the ITU's defense with the
      federations' lawyer on October 16, but that has not occurred.

      St. Croix, Anyone? Now It's One More Way To Get To Hawaii
      Maybe you're one of those who has heard about the St. Croix triathlon for
      the last 10 years, but never got there. No, there's no reason not to next
      May 6: It's turned into a half-Ironman, and now offers 30 qualifying slots
      for the Hawaii Ironman. What's not to like? (Well, there is that little
      hill there ...).
      More...from TriathlonLive.com at:

      'Not responsible':
      UCI chief Verbruggen denies doping cover-up
      The head of the International Cycling Union took the stand at the Festina
      doping trial in Lille on Tuesday and claimed the organization could not be
      held responsible for the sport's "doping culture". Hein Verbruggen said: "We
      have done everything we could for a long time to fight that plague." But
      judge Daniel Delegove argued that the UCI had spent less than one percent of
      its budget on the fight against doping.
      More...from CNNSI.com at:

      Wife Testifies at France Drug Trial:
      Pierre-Antoine Souchard Associated Press Writer: Associated Press
      Lille, France (AP) - The wife of the physiotherapist for the Festina cycling
      team fired during the 1998 Tour de France drug scandal, testified Monday
      that their refrigerator was stocked with drugs for the team's riders.
      Ten people, including star Festina cyclist Richard Virenque, are on trial on
      several doping-related charges that grew out of the drug scandal that nearly
      wrecked the 1998 Tour de France but heightened awareness of doping in the
      sports world.
      More...from Asimba.com at:

      A Look At the USA versus the World in Marathoning:
      Year World's Best American Best Top
      1980 Gerard Nijober (Netherlands) 2:09:01 Alberto Salazar 2:09:41 (2)

      1984 Steve Jones (UK) 2:08:05 Ken Martin 2:11:24 (26)

      1988 Belaine Densimo (Ethiopia) 2:06:50 Mark Conover 2:12:26 (not
      in top50)
      1992 David Tsebe (South Africa) 2:08:07 Steve Spence 2:12:43 (not
      in top 50)
      1996 Martin Fiz (Spain) 2:08:25 Jerry Lawson
      2:10:04 (27)
      2000 Antonio Pinto (Portugal) 2:06:36 Khalid Kannouchi
      2:07:01 (2) *as of Chicago

      Takahashi honoured by unpopular premier:
      Tokyo: Olympic women's marathon champion Naoko Takahashi was presented
      Monday with an award for celebrities by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro
      Mori, in what was seen by skeptics as a move to boost his sagging
      More...from the Times of India at:
      What causes leg cramps and how can you prevent them?
      We know many of the possible causes of leg cramps, but we don't fully
      understand the workings of this problem. While they can indicate a serious
      underlying condition, leg cramps are usually benign. It may not feel benign
      though. The pain, whether it lasts a few seconds or a couple of minutes, can
      be excruciating.
      More...from drkoop.com at:

      Coming Up:

      November 4, 2000
      Senior Bowl Charity Run 10K
      Mobile, AL

      November 4, 2000
      Vestcor Mandarin Run 10K
      Jacksonville, Fla

      November 4, 2000
      Hargray Hilton Head Bridge Run 8K
      Hilton Head, SC

      November 4, 2000
      Ironman Florida
      Panama City, FLA

      November 5, 2000
      Montgomery County Marathon in the Parks
      Silver Spring, MD

      November 5, 2000
      Athens Marathon
      Athens, Greece

      November 5, 2000
      Cancun ITU Triathlon
      Cancun, MEX
      ITU Site

      November 5, 2000
      New York City Marathon
      New York, NY
      Runner's World Coverage

      November 5, 2000
      Santa Clarita Marathon
      Santa Clarita, CA

      November 5, 2000
      San Antonio Marathon
      San Antonio, TX

      November 5, 2000
      Harrisburg Marathon
      Harrisburg, PA

      November 5, 2000
      World Run Day
      Runs Around The World

      November 12, 2000
      IAAF World
      Half Marathon Championships
      Veracruz, MEX

      November 12, 2000
      Cozumel Marathon

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      November 7 "New Balance Elite Racing Show" 10:00-10:30 a.m. ESPN
      November 9 "New Balance Elite Racing Show" 1:00-1:30 a.m. ESPN
      November 28 "Saucony Running & Racing" 1:00-1:30 p.m. ESPN
      November 30 "Saucony Running & Racing" 4:00-4:30 a.m. ESPN

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