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Runner's Web Digest - March 3, 2000

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  • Ken Parker
    Runner s Web Digest - March 3, 2000 ***************************************** For New Subscribers ************************ If you have any questions regarding
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      Runner's Web Digest - March 3, 2000
      For New Subscribers
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      Ongoing Polls:
      1. A number of major marathons (and other events) are reaching their entry limit very early. Many of these races reserve spots for charities.
      Should marathons and other races reserve entry spots for charities?

      2. Should triathlete Chuckie V. have been barred from the 2000 Hawaii Ironman for drinking beer during the 1999 race?
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      US Indoor Track and Field Championships
      Athletics' over-30 set is expected to have the biggest impact at the U.S. Indoor Championships, which begin Friday at the Georgia Dome.
      More...from CNNSI at: http://www.cnnsi.com/athletics/news/2000/03/02/oldtimers_indoors_ap/ .

      Runner's World Coverage available at: http://www.runnersworld.com/road2sydney/indoors/home.html .

      Athletes concerned about Sydney's Olympic stadium
      In sharp contrast to IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch's glowing praise of Stadium Australia, some track athletes voiced concerns about difficult wind conditions.
      Runners complained about swirling wind last weekend during the Australian championships at $423 million Olympic stadium.
      More from CNNSI at: http://www.cnnsi.com/athletics/news/2000/02/29/olympic_stadium_ap/index.html .

      From Triathlon Canada
      From...Triathlon Digest at: http://www.TriathlonLive.com .
      It was announced that Edmonton will not be hosting the "Pan Am Championship." Edmonton on July 16 will now be an ITU Points Race and
      age-group qualifier (2 spots) for the World Triathlon Championships in Edmonton in 2001.
      Drummondville, Quebec, was awarded Junior National Championships for July 2nd.
      Kananaskis, Alberta (just outside of Banff) was awarded the Canadian Duathlon Championships for August 27th. (The contact is Trevor Soll: mailto:tsoll@...). There is no web site at this time.
      The Toronto World Cup is tentatively set for July 8, and there will be a big announcement in Toronto on Saturday.

      U.S. Marathon Growth Continues
      Another Year of Growth as Marathon Mania Continues
      SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(March 3, 2000)-With the City of Los Marathon, on Sunday, March 5, opening the spring marathon season, it is a good time to examine the 1999 marathon numbers for trends. In the same 90 U.S. marathons reported to the USATF Road Running Information Center, the growth rate was 6.7%. Six 1999 marathons with more than 1,000 finishers reported increases of over 40%. The LaSalle Banks Chicago Marathon, the country's second largest, had 7,411 more finishers in 1999 than in 1998 (a 43% increase). Two marathons in the Top 20--the Mayor's Midnight Sun in Anchorage, Alaska and Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank International--grew by over 60%. Each added over 1200 finishers.
      The overall growth of the marathon over the past decade is impressive. In 1990, there were 26 U.S. marathons with 1,000 finishers or more and by 1999, the number grew to 45. Since 1990, the number of estimated marathon finishers in the U.S. has grown 67% (260,000 in 1990 vs. 435,000 in 1999). In addition, the growth rate of female finishers over the past ten years has increased faster than the men's rate. For example, in 1990, 19% of marathon finishers were female, while by 1999, the number had grown to 35%.
      Several interconnected factors are feeding this growth. First, the challenge of the marathon--the sports' Mt. Everest--continues to attract people, particularly new runners. The feeling of achievement in completing a marathon is different than completing a 10K or half-marathon. Call it the marathon mystique.
      Second, the best marathons in the U.S. do the "little things" well from goodie bags to expos to professional race management, and this goodwill brings people back or draws new runners. In addition, new and established marathons have marketed and promoted their events well to runners of all abilities and their families. Two new marathons with themes, the inaugural Cincinnati Flying Pig and Suzuki Rock 'n' Roll Marathons are good examples of the power of promotion.
      Third, successful training programs like Team in Training and Jeff Galloway's program have prepared and encouraged the novice runners who later tell their friends about their marathon experience. "X" percent of those friends later join a training program so that they can finish a marathon.
      Fourth, the impact and influence of Oprah Winfrey's completion of the 1994 Marine Corps Marathon still resonates today. Oprah opened the door for those people who did not see themselves as runners or felt intimidated.
      Fifth, the aging baby boomers who started the 70s "running boom" fuel the growth as they return to the sport and bring their families.
      Sixth, over the past decade, the growth of the 5K (3.1 miles), the country's most popular race distance with 2.4 millions finishers, has served as a feeder system for the distances beyond 5K.
      Together, the above factors have created a ripple effect and launched a marathon movement in this country. The year 2000 should continue the growth trend as marathons like Walt Disney World, Marine Corps, Grandma's and Big Sur sold out in record time. In addition, other marathons like Boston and Cincinnati Flying Pig have increased their fields and in April the Country Music Marathon makes its debut in Nashville, Tennessee.

      1999 Top 25 U.S. Marathons
      Finishers Racename
      1) 31,785 New York City, NY
      2) 24,604 LaSalle Banks Chicago, IL
      3) 21,211 Honolulu, HI
      4) 16,827 City of Los Angeles, CA
      5) 14,278 Marine Corps, Washington, DC
      6) 12,407 Suzuki Rock 'n' Roll, San Diego, CA,
      7) 11,274 Boston, MA
      8) 7,082 Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL
      9) 6,705 Portland, OR
      10) 6,121 Grandma's, Duluth, MN
      11) 6,000 Twin Cities, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
      12) 4,369 Methodist Health Care Houston, TX
      13) 4,241 Cincinnati Flying Pig, OH
      14) 3,788 Philadelphia, PA
      15) 3,629 St. George, UT
      16) 3,553 Columbus, OH
      17) 3,426 Mayor's Midnight Sun, Anchorage, AK
      18) 3,162 Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank Int'l, MI
      19) 3,133 Dallas White Rock, TX
      20) 2,835 The Chronicle, San Francisco, CA
      21) 2,714 California Int'l, Sacramento, CA
      22) 2,563 Motorola Austin, TX
      23) 2,527 Big Sur Int'l, Carmel, CA
      24) 2,290 UPMC/City of Pittsburgh, PA
      25) 2,231 Las Vegas Int'l, NV

      Source: USA Track & Field Road Running Information Center

      A Coach's Perspective at the Trials: The Day The Stopwatch Lied
      Number 22 streaks past a mile marker bearing the same digits, while I hastily fumble with my seed list to figure out who the heck she is. Clark, Christine 37 years old with a personal best of 2:40:38 from where?? "No way Jose" I mutter. The lone Alaskan entrant cannot possibly be leading this far into these U. S. Olympic Marathon Trials. "Who does she think she is, Jenny Spangler or what?" And so goes the story of one weird day in an otherwise orderly sport.
      To make it to Columbia, you had to cover twenty-six miles plus three hundred and eighty-five yards at an average velocity of 6:29 per mile and voila.you become one of 210 marathoners to qualify for the race to select our Olympic team. This marks only the fifth time that such a race would be held, since, prior to 1984, female Olympians were restricted to a maximum distance of merely 1500 meters. Oh how I remember Olympia, Washington and the Nike ad on the back cover of the first Women's U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials program as it proclaimed in a single word, "finally". Since that time, these Trials have passed through Pittsburgh ('88), Houston ('92) and Columbia, ('96). The road to the Olympics would once again travel through the capital of South Carolina.

      Read this article on last weekend's Women's Olympic Marathon Trials by coach Mike Fanelli. It is available from the Runner's Web FrontPage.

      Clark To Be Lone US Female Marathoner at Sydney
      Christine Clark, who lives in Alaska, outpaces the 170-woman field in 2:33:31 on a hot and humid day in Columbia, S.C., in the Olympic marathon trials. Clark tops her career-best time by more than seven minutes. Clark becomes the only woman to make the Olympic team because no runner finishes below the Olympic standard of 2:33:00. American record-holder Joan Benoit Samuelson finishes ninth for her best finish in six years.
      More...from CBSSportsOnline at: http://cbs.sportsline.com/olympics/ .

      In case you have not already discovered it, Running Times magazine now has a web site at: http://www.runningtimes.com/ .

      Danish cyclist Bjarne Riis to retire
      Former Tour de France champion Bjarne Riis will retire, ending the career of the man considered Denmark's best cyclist of all-time best, TV2 reported Thursday.
      More...from CNNSI at: http://www.cnnsi.com/cycling/news/2000/03/02/riis_retirement_ap/index.html .

      Track and Field
      Dragila hoping to be on the money
      Stacy Dragila will attempt to vault to another world record today at the U.S. Indoor Track and Field Championships, and it will be worth her while to do so. A $50,000 bonus will be hers if she surpasses her current mark of 15 feet, 1 1/2 inches. How does Dragila's early-season success stack up against the world's best in 2000?
      More...from NBCOlympics.com at: http://www.nbcolympics.com/ .

      Smith Looks to Two-Wheeled Future
      It has been well documented that two-time triathlon world champion Spencer Smith has retired from the sport and moved into the world of professional cycling.
      This is by no means a unique move. The best-known triathlete to be born again as a biker is Lance Armstrong -- yes, the Tour de France winner who battled and beat testicular cancer used to be an elite junior triathlete.
      More...from NBCOlympics.com at: http://www.nbcolympics.com/?/news/tr/2000/03/02smith.html .

      Sport doesn't get mentioned in budget, but there were no cuts
      Toronto -- At the end of a seven-year financial famine, Canadian athletes and sport organizers last night anticipated a feast as they listened to the federal budget.
      But while the table was set with giveaways and tax breaks for Canadians, there was nothing specific on the plate for sport, nothing an athlete could put in his stomach. Not today, anyway.
      Read this article in the Globe and Mail at: http://www.globeandmail.com/gam/OtherSports/20000229/SOLTO.html .

      Read the Runner's Web comments in our Editorial section on the FrontPage.

      Patti Ford Sets US Masters Mile Record
      Patti Ford, 44 of the Syracuse Chargers set a new American masters record for the mile run at the Upstate NY Distance Festival at Hobart College on February 27. Ford finished second in the Women's mile in a time of 5:08.9 (ht).
      The old record was set by Ford last March 27 (1999) at the National Masters Indoor Track & Field Champ. in Boston's Reggie Lewis Center. The old record was 5:11.11. Ford was second in that race to Patty Blanchard of New Brunswick, Canada, who set the indoor world record in the same race (4:57.71). Ford had run the 3k the day before in a US record 10:05.32.
      More..from the Runner's Web News page at: http://www.runnersweb.com/running/rw_news.html#ford .
      Meet results at: http://www.runnersweb.com/running/upstate_ny.html .

      Alternative Medicine - What Works?
      What are the most effective therapies in complementary and alternative medicine? How can they be used to prevent illness and enhance the quality of life? What is the scientific evidence of their safety and effectiveness?
      More...from ABCNews.com at: http://www.abcnews.go.com/onair/DailyNews/chat_pelletier.html .

      Ironman New Zealand
      Check out IronmanLive for live reports on Ironman New Zealand on March 4th.
      The site is at: .

      Runner's World Tips
      Besides acting as a stimulant, caffeine hastens muscle contraction. And during endurance exercise it promotes fat use for energy, sparing precious muscle glycogen. Getting a boost our of caffeine appears to depend upon how regularly you consume coffee, tea or cola. Caffeine may lose its punch as a performance enhancer if it's a staple in your diet.

      "[Scientific testing] can't determine how the mind will tolerate pain in a race. Sometimes, I say, 'Today I can die.'"
      -- 1988 Olympic Marathon champion Gelindo Bordin

      The first four hours after exercise is a crucial time period. Consuming complex carbohydrates in solid food, such as fruit and breads, or simple carbohydrates in energy-replacement drinks immediately after exercise and then every 15 minutes for the next few hours will enhance muscle glycogen synthesis. Doing this, stead of eating one big meal an hour after a race, maintains higher blood glucose and insulin concentrations, which in turn makes greater absorption of energy into the muscles possible.

      Save money, stay healthy: If you eat low-fat, low-cholesterol foods, you're probably saving money on your grocery tab. "Foods that are high in
      saturated fat and cholesterol tend to be on the expensive side, including meat, snacks and some baked goods," says Sharon Saber, clinical nutrition manager for the University of Alabama Hospital.

      Reason number 156 to keep running: Runners and other lean, physically active people may have yet another weapon in the war against heart disease - low leptin levels. Some scientists think high levels of the hormone leptin may trigger obesity and heart disease. When couch potatoes start exercising, their leptin levels plummet, according to a recent study.

      "Rest is as important as running. It allows me to push forward, renewed and ready for the challenge. I listen to my body. If it tells me not to run, I rest. I also listen to my spirit. It needs the boost I get from running. My spirit is renewed when my feet carry me forward into the wind." - Dolores E. Cross, from Breaking Through The Wall

      Runner's World 2000 Summer Running Camps
      Don't wait until the fall season to improve upon your running. Start now by registering for a 2000 summer running camp. The following camps offer top notch training and instructions from coaches and experts across the country. By attending a camp, you'll learn the latest on technique, injury prevention, stretching, training and nutrition. Plus you'll hear from elite runners who conduct clinics and workshops just for you. Trust us, spending a few days at a running camp can make a big impact on your running. And it's sure to be an experience you won't soon forget.
      More...from Runner's World at: http://www.runnersworld.com/calendar/camps00.html .

      Lance Armstrong Skips Race
      Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong will not compete in the Paris-Nice cycling event, which will start on Sunday, because of bronchitis.

      Bolder Boulder Walk-in Registration To Begin March 20
      From RunningUSA wire:

      BOULDER, Colo. --(March 1, 2000)--Registration for the 22nd Bolder Boulder begins on Monday, March 20. The registration process has been changed this year: ALL participants need to register through the Bolder Boulder Headquarters before going to local running stores to pick up their packets.
      There are four ways to register for the 2000 race:
      1) Online at www.bolderboulder.com
      2) Through the mail; mail the completed entry form with payment to 4571 North Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304
      3) By fax; fax your completed form with your credit card information to 303-444-6411
      4) In person at the Bolder Boulder Store in Crossroads Mall in Boulder. The Crossroads location will open at 10am on Monday, March 20.
      Crossroads walk-in participants will be registered on the spot. All other participants will receive a postcard in the mail notifying them that their packet is ready to be picked up at a designated pick up location.
      Applicants may also select to have their race packet mailed directly to their home for an additional shipping fee. Entry forms were sent out to all 1999 participants the week of February 21. Forms are also available at local running stores, recreation centers and health clubs.
      The 2000 road race is scheduled for Monday, May 29, and will start at 7:30 a.m. at 30th Street and O'Neal Parkway in Boulder. The Memorial Day 10k event runs through the streets of Boulder and finishes in Folsom Stadium on the University of Colorado campus. More than 40,000 runners, walkers, and wheelchair racers are expected to participate.
      Entry fee for the 2000 race package with T-shirt and post-race refreshments is $26. A package without a T-shirt is available for $17, and $4 discounts are offered for entrants 14 years and younger and 60 and older. A $5 discount is also offered to qualified active military personnel. The race is open to participants ages 6 and older. The top ten males and females in every age, beginning at age 6, will receive medals. All finishers receive a special Bolder Boulder finisher's certificate.
      The Bolder Boulder 10k race is the 4th largest road race in the U.S. and 10th largest in the world. Last year more than 42,000 runners, walkers and wheelchair racers, as well as 26 teams of international professional runners, traveled to Boulder to participate in the event. The race starts at 30th and O'Neal Parkway in Boulder, winds through neighborhoods and features live music and entertainment at every corner. Runners finish in the University of Colorado's Folsom Field Stadium in front of as many as 40,000 spectators.
      Over its 21 year history, the race has donated almost $900,000 to local charities such as the Boulder Humane Society, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Younglife, Boulder Optimists, and local schools and church youth groups. Recent studies by the City of Boulder have estimated the economic impact of the race to the city of Boulder is in excess of $9 million dollars.
      This year's race will be held on Monday, May 29, 2000.

      The Toughest Ironman Race Ever!
      Ironman Lanzarote has now been confirmed by many athletes as the "toughest Ironman race" ever!
      This year's race takes place on May 20th.
      Check out the race web site at: http://www.ironmanlanzarote.com/basic.htm .

      Toys for Triathletes
      Triathlete Magazine has profile this years "hottest new cycling products".
      Check out this story at ActiveUSA at: http://www.activeusa.com/story.cfm?story_id=408&sidebar=26&category=Triathlon .

      Pro Triathlete Heather Fuhr
      Pro triathlete Fuhr is back from a two-week stint in Chile, during which she competed in two preseason races. Follow her stroke-by-stroke rundown of the action, and get her thoughts on prepping for the coming season.
      More...from ActiveUSA at: http://www.activeusa.com/heatherfuhr/index.cfm .

      Too Much Exercise?
      There is such a thing as too much exercise. Are you obsessed with your workouts?
      Read this story from ABCNews.com at: http://www.abcnews.go.com/sections/living/MensHealth/menshealth.html .

      American Birkebeiner
      Skiers in Telemark, Wisconsin, arose Saturday morning to a cloudless cerulean sky, balmy temperatures, and a fresh spring breeze-a seemingly perfect day for 7,000 diehard athletes to ski 51 kilometers from Telemark to Hayward in the country's largest Nordic ski marathon, the American Birkebeiner. The only missing element in this all-too-idyllic mix, however, was the snow.
      Read the complete story at: http://www.outsideonline.com/sports/events/birkie2000/preview.html .

      Will That Be One Rep or Two..or Three?
      For the average person exercising by resistance training, the number of repetitions - the number of times a muscle or group of muscles is used to lift a weight - may not matter. A single set of repetitions is almost as effective in maintaining fitness as three sets, according to researchers at the University of Florida in Gainesville.
      More...from FoxNews at: http://www.foxnews.com/health/022800/reps.sml .

      Stretching incorrectly can cause injuries.
      Read this article by Dr. Steven Keteyian at: http://www.detnews.com/2000/health/0229/sportsmed/sportsmed.htm .

      Real Runners Use Duct Tape
      Forget the Shoe Goo, bathroom caulk and roofing cement. Duct tape is all you need! It's probably the most versatile thing that you can carry in your workout bag. When you think about it, small wonder. The stuff can fix anything.
      More...from FastTrack online at: http://www.fasttrackonline.com/newsletter/mar00/real.html .

      Events Coming Up
      March 3-4
      US Indoor Championships
      Atlanta, GA

      March 4, 2000
      Ironman New Zealand
      Taupo, NZ
      Live Internet Coverage

      March 4, 2000
      Gate River Run 15K
      USA Men's and Women's Championship
      Jacksonville, FL

      March 5, 2000
      Sutter Home Napa Valley Marathon
      Napa Valley, CA

      March 5, 2000
      Grimsby Half Marathon & 5K
      Grimsby, ON

      March 5, 2000
      LA Marathon
      Los Angeles, CA
      Stop Cancer...The Next Generation

      March 11, 2000
      St.Patrick's Day Run
      Ottawa, ON

      March 11-12, 2000
      Nike Indoor Classic
      High School Track & Field
      Bloomington, IN

      March 12, 2000
      Paris Half Marathon

      March 18-19, 2000
      World Cross Country Championships
      Vilamoura, POR

      March 24-26, 2000
      USATF National Masters Indoor Championships
      Boston, MA

      March 26, 2000
      Around the Bay 30K
      Hamilton, ON

      April 1, 2000
      ITU Big Island Triathlon

      April 2, 2000
      Statesman Capitol 10,000
      Austin, TX

      Running, Track and Triathlons on TV
      ***check all TV listings against your local TV guide as networks quite often change broadcast times***

      The Olympic Show
      Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. ET on CNBC

      March 4 2000 Sun 2-3 pm NBC
      USA Track & Field Indoor Championships
      Atlanta, GA

      For other TV sports coverage check these links:
      CTV Sportsnet
      Yahoo Sports TV Schedule
      Runner's World VCR Alerts

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      Hamilton's Around the Bay Road Race is the oldest on the continent, first run in 1894, three years before the Boston Marathon. Rich in tradition, it has been run and won by the best from around the world, including Boston Marathon winners and Olympic gold medallists.

      The year 2000 takes the Around the Bay Road Race not only into the new millennium, but also into its' third century of being run! Become part of the continuing tradition by running this challenging 30k course around Hamilton's natural harbour.

      Send your suggestions for our Site of the Week to runnersweb@... .

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