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Runner's Web Digest - October 1, 1999

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  • Ken Parker
    October 1, 1999 ******************* References ************* All references in the Digest which do not have a specific URL listed here are available from the
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      October 1, 1999

      All references in the Digest which do not have a specific URL listed here are available from the Runner's Web FrontPage at http://www.runnersweb.com/running.html. Also, if you have an email package that does not read HTML, all links contained in the Digest are available from the Runner's Web site.

      New This Week
      Our October Running Trivia Quiz is available from our Main Index. Also, the Pegasus Quiz for October is up. Win free Pegasus Running Log Software by being the first to correctly answer this month's question. Who was the third miler to achieve the milestone of 100 sub 4 minute miles. Visit the Pegasus Quiz page and submit your answer at:

      Robert Schwartz's Humour Column for October is posted.

      If you are not yet a subscriber to Runner's World, Running Times or Bicycling visit our eNews Magazine page at:
      http://www.runnersweb.com/running/enews.html , and sign up for a free trial.

      We are testing a new calendar feature where Race Directors can add and update their race information. It can be accessed from our Interactive Calendar page.

      Last week we added a "Top Ranked Sites" page to the Runner's Web. Webmasters can add their site to the list and get ranked based on viewers voting for their site. This page is available from our Main Index on the FrontPage.

      If you could take a drug that would guarantee you an Olympic gold medal and not get caught, would you do it? Cast your ballot in this poll available from our Voting page and also from our QuickLinks page.

      UFlash Flashing Sports Belt Draw
      The second winner in our UFlash Belt Draw last week was SSgt Vincent G Chapman, USMC.
      Next month's draw will be done in the last week of October.You can visit the UFlash web site at: http://www.uflash.com.

      What's On This Weekend
      (If you do not have HTML capable mail, links to all of the sites below are available from our FrontPage)

      Check our FrontPage for late additions and events beyond next weekend.

      October 2, 1999
      Fall Rhapsody 14K Mountain Run
      Old Chelsea, PQ

      October 2, 1999
      Bowling Green Classic 10K
      Bowling Green, KY

      October 3, 1999
      8th IAAF World
      Half-Marathon Championships
      Palermo, Italy

      October 3, 1999
      Twin Cities Marathon
      Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN

      October 3, 1999
      Diabetes/Runner's Choice XC
      Kingston, Ontario

      October 3, 1999
      Run For The Cure
      Across Canada

      Next Weekend
      October 9, 1999
      Beat Beethoven Run - 8K
      Ottawa, ON

      October 9, 1999
      Army Ten-Miler
      Washington, DC

      October 10, 1999
      Okanagan Marathon
      Kelowna, BC

      October 10, 1999
      Home Depot XC Invitational
      Rochester, NY

      October 10, 1999
      Lake Tahoe Marathon
      Lake Tahoe, NV

      October 10, 1999
      ITU World Cup
      Cancun, MEX
      Race Site

      October 10, 1999
      Cumberland Classic Half Marathon
      Kids Treasure Hunt 5K and 10K Races
      Cumberland, ON

      October 11, 1999
      Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women
      Boston, MA

      October 11, 1999
      Royal Victoria Marathon & 8K
      Victoria, BC

      Running, Track and Triathlons on TV
      ***check all TV listings against your local TV guide as networks quite often change broadcast times***

      The Pan American Games Trial Havasu Triathlon in Lake Havasu, Arizona on June 6, will be broadcast on the
      Outdoor Life Network (OLN) Saturday, October 2, at 6 PM EST

      The ITU has confirmed that the "1999 ITU Triathlon World Championships - Canada" will air on:
      Fox Sports World, October 12 - 8pm, US Pacific Standard time

      Check out the Royal Bank Financial Group Athletics Series TV schedule at:
      http://www.tv.cbc.ca/sports/rbfg-series/ . Confirm with your local listings.

      CBC TV Track Coverage for October:
      Saturday 2 12 p.m IAAF Golden League / Berlin / Sept. 2
      Sunday 3 10:30 p.m. IAAF Golden League / Berlin / Sept. 2 REPEAT
      Saturday 9 12 p.m. IAAF Grand Prix Final / Munich / Sept. 11
      Sunday 10 11:30 p.m. * IAAF Grand Prix Final / Munich / Sept. 11 REPEAT
      Saturday 23 1 p.m. IAAF World Half Marathon Championships / Oct. 3
      Sunday 24 11:30 p.m. * IAAF World Half Marathon Championships / REPEAT

      For other TV sports coverage check these links:
      CTV Sportsnet
      Yahoo Sports TV Schedule
      UK Televised Track Meets
      Runner's World VCR Alerts

      Iron Levels
      Be careful that your training routine doesn't grow anemic -- literally. Runners have a tendency to run relatively low iron
      than the norm for a variety of reasons, including iron loss through sweat and the breakdown of red blood cells by your feet
      pounding the pavement.

      "When this happens, you'll be tired, listless, short of breath, and have a rapid heart rate," advises an article posted at the
      Running Journal site last week. "The fast heart rate and being out of breath are the body's attempts to get more oxygen in the
      blood and circulated to the muscles."

      For more info on how runners can maintain normal iron levels, check out the full article:


      Triathlon Canada Announcement
      From: "Triathlon Canada" <Triathlon.Canada@...>
      Subject: NatTeam News 99-3

      Dear National Team Member:
      Re: NatTeam News 99-3

      In 1999 we will be experimenting with the electronic distribution of newsletters and other documents using Adobe Acrobat software in the Portable File Document (*.pdf) format. Enclosed is the *.pdf file for NatTeam News 99-3.

      Adobe *.pdf files can be opened from all computers with Adobe Acrobat Reader software and then printed from almost all laser and ink jet printers. You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, necessary to read *.pdf files, for FREE from the Adobe web site at www.adobe.com Follow the "Get Adobe Acrobat" links.

      We hope this measure will enable us to provide information more quickly to everyone. We will, however also be sending newsletters via regular mail for the remainder of 1999 to National Team members. The attached newsletter was mailed by regular post on September 24th and primarily lists important information for those duathletes attending the upcoming Duathlon
      World Championships in Huntersville, USA in October.

      Thank you and best wishes for a successful 1999.

      National office/bureau national
      4050 Wheelwright Cres.
      Mississauga, Ontario
      CANADA L5L 2X5
      Tel: 905-820-1678
      FAX: 905-820-5493

      If any team members who did not receive a copy of this newsletter and you would like one, please contact me at runnersweb@... .

      World Duathlon Championships
      The World Duathlon Championships will be held in Huntersville, NC on October 16th and 17th.
      The race web site is at: http://www.dannonduathlon.com . The ITU link is at:
      http://www.triathlon.worldsport.com/events/99/world/huntersville/toc.html .

      The FiveStar Site of the Week
      Our FiveStar site of the week for next week is The Lizard Revolution Team, "THE NORTHWEST'S MOST EPIC RUNNING AND MULTI-SPORT CLUB".
      Check it out at: http://www.bigredlizard.com/.

      Be sure to check out our Flash Page where we list all recent additions to the Runner's Web. This page is updated before Monday morning each week.

      The Drug Store
      From...Triathlon Digest
      1. ADDITIONAL POSITIVE TESTS: Wednesday's news carried details of more nandrolone cases in both cycling (in Italy) and athletics (in Britain).

      The British news ("Positive Cases for Steroids on Rise," an AP story) comes from a study released by UK Sport, formerly the UK Sports Council. The AP story reads, in part:

      "LONDON (AP) - Positive tests for steroids, including the controversial substance nandrolone, increased by 54 percent among British athletes in the last year, according to a study released today.

      "UK Sport, which controls drug testing in Britain, reported 20 positive findings for steroids and anabolic drugs in 1998-99, compared to 13 the previous year.

      "The majority of the positive tests were in track and field, cycling, power lifting and weight lifting, and almost 75 percent were detected during out-of-competition controls.

      "The report cited eight findings for nandrolone, a steroid which has produced a series of positive cases among athletes in different sports around the world this year.

      " ... UK Sport has launched an inquiry into the flurry of nandrolone cases, including the possibility that contaminated meat and food supplements could be responsible."

      Digest note: The London dailies carry the news today that of nine adverse drug tests for British track and field athletes in the last year, only three of them have been made public by UK Athletics.

      As for the Italian cyclists, a website that summarizes cycling news, http://www.cyclingnews.com/, reported the following items on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thanks to Digest reader Paul Wilson for pointing these out.

      -- "Two Italian U23 riders, Mario Erbetta and Maurizio Iaconisi, have been reported as having "non negative" results (which means positive) from a drug test taken after a regional U23 championship by the laboratory in Barcelona.
      The B-sample analysis in Lausanne showed traces of the steroid nandrolone."
      -- " ... the UCI and the Italian Federation have confirmed two cheats. The second and sixth place getters at the Italian National
      Championships, Sonia Rocca and Nadia Cristofoli, were found to have traces of ephedrine and nandrolone in their respective samples."

      2. ARTICLE REFERENCE ON DRUGS: The Washington Post's Amy Shipley has an article ("USOC Favors Change in Drug-Test Process") in Wednesday's paper. It reads, in part:

      "In a move designed to restore credibility to the U.S. Olympic Committee's anti-doping efforts, USOC leadership has thrown its support behind a proposal that would abolish the USOC's current system of drug testing, turning all testing over to an independent agency and doubling the funding for anti-doping, USOC President Bill Hybl said yesterday.

      "The proposal would increase the USOC's spending on anti-doping from $3 million to $6 million annually -- which would include an 800 percent increase in funding for drug-testing research to $2 million -- and it would increase the number of unannounced drug tests of athletes from fewer than 1,000 annually to 3,500 to 4,000 per year.

      " ... The new agency would work out its own contractual arrangements with laboratories to handle the testing. Two labs -- one in Los Angeles and one in Indianapolis -- have IOC accreditation in the United States.

      " "We think now our testing system is very successful and very good, but the fact that we [conduct the tests] lacks credibility internationally," said USOC Executive Director Dick Schultz. "Number one, we wanted to deal with the credibility issue; number two, we wanted to increase our out-of-competition testing; and number three, we wanted to add a very strong research component, which is really the long-term solution to all of this."

      Find the full article at:

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      Ken Parker
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