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  • faith Dube
    Good Morning Everyone: God Bless you all, how are you doing? Thank you all for your prayers for my mom, myself, & my computers, i am still having some
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
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      Good Morning Everyone: God Bless you all, how are you doing? Thank you all for your prayers for my mom, myself, & my computers, i am still having some problems, because i have lost all my files, art, & all your email addresses etc. so please bare with me, and send me your email addresses at: grannyfaith63@...
      its my new email, that i will be using due to all the hacking and worms and viruses i have been having with Internet explorer. Today lets all share a hug, prayer, and all the Holy Spirit puts on your heart ok. Lets open our Bibles and share a scripture.
      Also please Meet Us in your own home
      or work place each day in prayer : Even just
      a few moments during 11:30 a.m. through 1:30 p.m.
      Monday through Friday Eastern
      Time Zone...God is waiting 4 each of us!
      God Bless you!
      Proverbs 3:verses 5 & 6
      Big hug's, and lots of love,
      Praise The Lord in all things!

      Isa. 43: Verses 1 & 2

      Please know i am here for you,
      Please email me at:

      Or call our prayer line:
      My prayers are with you always,
      Blessing From
      The Living Word of God
      Nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love
      his own wife as himself, and let the wife see that she
      respects her husband.........Ephesians 5:33

      Lord, please give me the patience to listen, the
      courage to speak, the honor to follow, and the wisdom
      to lead......unknown

      Dear Heavenly Father,
           I thank You for the Holy union of marriage. Today
      I would like to lift up to You, those marriages which
      are in trouble and are struggling to survive the
      trials and tribulations that are coming at them. Satan
      seems set out to destroy marriages. In Jesus name, I
      pray that his grasp on these marriages in distress be
      released. I pray that You open hearts and bless each
      one with patience to listen. Allow kind words to flow
      from their mouths, not words spoken in haste or anger.
      I pray that their love for one another is renewed in
      You. In Jesus most precious name, I pray. Amen.

      Todays Special Writing
      Rest In The Lord

      Lord I want to rest in your presence
      I love to stay awhile to pray,
      To tell You always, that I love You,
      Thanks for all, You brought me through.

      You have been my help and keeper
      Through each trial that I went through,
      You said, "Always lean upon me my Child."
      I'll never, leave or forsake you.

      Moments I spend within Your care
      Knowing that You are reaching out,
      Showing me always Your special love,
      God sends His best on the wings of a dove.

      Just tell the world what I have done
      Show to others, that you love My Son,
      Daily pray that they will seek for Me,
      Your work on earth is never done.

      Bernice Ward©
      Read Psalm 27:8-9 NKJ
      A farmer in Kentucky has an amazing dog. He's a fast runner. He comes up behind a fox, speeds up, and runs past him every time.
        There are many humans like that hound. They run fast, but they never achieve anything. They run past their goal.
        It's good to have a goal. If you don't have one, you're liable to end up some other place.
        The Psalmist had a goal. It was to put the Lord first in his life. He said to Him, "When You said, 'Seek My face,' my heart said, 'Your face, Lord, will I seek.'"
        Do you want life with a capital L? Put the Lord first
      Prayer: Heavenly Father, Thou hast set our hearts aflame when Thou didst touch us. Thou didst give us life and love, happiness and holiness, and we thank Thee. Make us to radiate with Thy glorious glow, wooing others to Thee: through Christ. Amen.

      All Granny Faith's


      Healthy Bodies
      Know the Cause

      Grass Fed Meat,
      Poultry, Fish

      Walking With God


      You Are All Invited To:  

      Our New Prayer &
      Fellowship Chat Room
      3p.m. Eastern Time
      And Again At 8:30p.m
      Eastern Time
      Its Free, Here At:
      Covering U In
      Prayer Ministries

      Holy Spirit Filled Ministries

      Walk with God
      in the Garden
      Today at:
      A Garden Walk


      Click on the link below
      and please enter your
      birthday for me


      Many Thanks

      Please Write
      Me Here At:
      C/O Mrs. Faith Dube
      13105 S.W. 16th Crt.
      Pembroke PInes, Fl. 33027

      A Chapel of Friends
      In Jesus Ministry


      God Bless you, Lots of love & prayers!


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