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WBFN "Beauty All around"

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  • *Monica*
    [946921_186634134820200_1008041391_n] The Beauty of God s Love The beauty of God is all around us in the song of a bird or the sun s bright warm rays;
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2013
      "The Beauty of God's Love"
      The beauty of God is all around us in
       the song of a bird or the sun's
      bright warm rays;
      Let us take time
      to enjoy the beauty God has given and
      offer to Him our worshipand praise!
      He created this earth for our enjoyment
      and our pleasure; And He has given to
      us somany lovely priceless treasures!
      That which man can never replace;
      Although much of God's beauty he has
       tried to erase! The lofty mountains
       so wild and high, Reaching up to the
       heavens where you can see the eagle fly!
      The lush green valleys with their
       colorful array; Wild flowers fragrant
      and blooming so colorful and gay!
      A lovely doe and her fawn drinking
       water from a cold mountain spring;
      Oh the beauty of God's love, everywhere
       can be seen! Let us bow before Him and
      worship His Holy name; And give thanks
       to Him who is now and forever the same!
       Oh the beauty of it all we can behold,
      More precious than all this world's gold!
      As we draw close to Him more of
      His beauty He will unfold, And in our
      hearts His beauty we will forever hold!
      by Helen Johnson
      "The Son is the image of the invisible God,
      the firstborn over all creation. For in
      him all things were created: things in
      heaven and on earth, visible and invisible,
      whether thrones or powers or rulers or
      authorities; all things have been created
      through him and for him."
      ~Colossians 1:15-16~
      "You alone are the Lord. You made
      the heavens, even the highest heavens,
      and all their starry host, the earth and
       all that is on it, the seas and all that is in
       them. You give life to everything, and
      the multitudes of heaven worship you."
      ~Nehemiah 9:6~
      "The Lord is good to all,
          and his compassion is over all that he
       has made. All your works shall give
       thanks to you, O Lord,  and all your
      faithful shall bless you."
      ~Psalm 145:9-10
      "We praise You, Father, for Your creation
      which reaches beyond our imagination, for
      the spellbinding night sky with its vast array of
       lights, and for loving each of us enough to send
      Jesus to be our personal Savior. Amen"
      *We see the power of God's creation;
       we feel the power of His love.*
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