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Prayer Requests Updated 12-1-07

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  • Honeybee
    Hello Everyone, Our daily Prayer List, if you would like to request a Prayer be added to it, just send it to honeybee_rhoads@hotmail.com - - - - - - - - - - -
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2007
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      Hello Everyone,
      Our daily Prayer List, if you would like to request a Prayer be added to it,
       just send it to
       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Prayer Requests are listed below.  
      From: Victoria
      Sent: Mon 11/26/07
      First of all, I stand in agreement with everyone's prayers in this group that God will move on your behalf(s), and He will.
      I am asking for prayer for a friend and owner of another Christian group I am in and also a member of this group, I think. Please pray for Paul. His computer has been down about a month now and they are having difficulties figuring out exactly what the problem is.
      Second, please pray for me. My health seems to be going downhill. I am retired on disability, and a widow.
       I have Heart problems, brain lesions, Pernicious Anemia, and now they found I have an "auto immune disease" in my Thyroid gland (Hashimotos Thyroiditis). I sure do feel lousy. So tired all the time. I am on medication. Will be seeing a ton of doctors in December. Don't know where all this is going to lead, but God does. Also, because of my lack of energy, my walk with the Lord has not been what it used to be. Sometimes I "feel" like God has forgotten about me. I also struggle with alcohol out of lonliness and boredom and emotional pain.
       Thank you all,
      From  Ntando Khumalo )
      Sent: Mon 11/26/07
      l would like to request a prayer.Please pray that the Almighty will financially bless me as l am planning on getting married sometime next year.l don't have a single cent but l believe that HE will provide in due time,assist me to persevere in paryer and be patient.
      From: Valerie Ellis
      Sent: Mon 11/26/07
      please add my nephew Jay Tunstall to our prayer list - he was vacationing in colorado 3 weeks ago and fell off his bike and split his skull wide open.  He is finally responsive and was flown back to philadelphia last week,l but his road to recovery will be a long one
      Thank God for choosing to remember You--not your Sins
      Valerie Ellis
      From Angel Grubaugh
      Hey Everyone,
      I just wanted to ask all of you to pray for me over the next few weeks. For those of you who don't know, I hurt my right thumb last year and have been having a lot of trouble with it. It has gotten to the point where I have had three cortizone shots since this started. Now it has come to the point where my doctor wants me to see a surgeon. Well, I just called the doctor this morning. I'm hoping they will set me up with an appointment with him soon. I should say that this is the same surgeon that my nephew used when he broke his finger not long ago. I asked him Thursday if he liked him and he said yes. So....I'm hoping I will, too. I'll let you all know more when I know. Thank you so much for your prayers. I really appreciate them all. I love you all.
      From: nanet flower
      Sent: Mon 11/26/07
      hello every one
      i want from every one to prayer to my dad benjamin kamber to get a job please help him with ur prayer thx for alllllllll.
      benjamin kamber
      From: nanet flower
      Sent: Mon 11/26/07
      hello every one
      iam Eliezabeth i had a sugar blood so iam thnking aout this and worried so please iam prayer everyday to get rid from this .so i want a prayer from any one who care about this thx so much god blesss you
      From metofunny4utooo
      I am in need of prayer I had xrays done to look at my ribs to see if any was broke.
      they said it was good no breaks praise GOD the doctor said that there was a PROMINENT INTERSTITIAL  there he didn't say it was bad or not .
      I am a smoker well ex smoker and I am praying that its nothing bad please pray for me
      I am hoping to have my doctor explain that to me today
      Love Rhonda
      From: nanet flower 
      Sent: Mon 11/26/07
      helloo evey one
      please i want to prayer for a guy verey close te and he is my first guy he is in troubel now be
      and he feel pain and sad so please help him and support him by prayer to him please i big to every one to ask the god to protect hi and avoid him from any problem god willing help that guy his name john abraham his parents ,brother marteen and his sister jescceka thinking about him tooo much and worry so much . i will be verey thanful to every one. thx
      nany abraham
      From: Karen Kimzey
      Sent: Mon 11/26/07 
       Please keep my husband in prayer he is an alcoholic and unsaved  please pray that God would lead hm to salvation and he will take the alchol craving and desire away from Mike...
      Thanks so much ...
      from: Tina Kraise
      Sent: Tue 11/27/07
      My husband and I need a Financial Blessing and Miracle.  We are buying a Condo, and are considering Selling it due to it will cost us almost $900 a month to live here starting the first of the yr. And we can get us a Small home for about this price or less, so we have been out there looking but not sure how we can swing all of this in the meantime.  The cost of the Condo is going up over $150 now and $$ is really tight. 
      We are just asking and believing in a Financial Miracle to come along with the house God is wanting us to be in.
      P.S.  I live in the Seattle, WA area so housing, etc. Is really high.
      From: Linda (lllester@...)
      Sent: Tue 11/27/07
      Please pray for my son, Michael.
      He has a severe tonsillitis and is seeing a ear nose and throat doctor on Dec. 18 to see about having a tonsillectomy. Please pray for the success of this surgery and his speedy recovery. Also he stops breathing when he sleeps and they may need to do a sleep test to see if he needs that machine to keep his air way open. Pray this illness doesn't cause him to lose the new job he just started a couple weeks ago. Please keep me in your prayers and always keep my children and grandsons in prayer for their souls.
      cyber hugs
      Linda, the chattering magpie
      From: notify@yahoogroups.com on behalf of Evelyn L. Au (evelyn_au@...)
      Sent: Wed 11/28/07
      Could all of you pray for me. My blood pressure has been high. Also on Dec 4th i go for outpatient tests for swallowing and speech therapy. Thank you and God Bless,Evelyn in cold Michigan
      From: alexandria (frankandalex2004@...
      Sent: Wed 11/28/07
      I request prayer for total divine restoration in all areas of my life.  That God will bless me abundantly with the youth center.  That my financee will continue to stay strong in the Lord and our marriage will be first spiritual then natural.  That my children will be strong in the Lord and in their careers.  That the angels of the Lord will always encamp around my grandchildren.  That the spirit of the Lord will protect all children everywhere and that the grace and peace of God will guide and protect all those who do his will.  Let us pray for world peace and to go out to the harvest to speak boldly to all people the message of salvation.
      From: Bonnie  (vabonnie1@...)
      Sent: Wed 11/28/07
      I would like to ask that Pastor Jim, Pastor Frank and Jenny
      be lifted up and ask for super natural protection for them and our Church from the attack of the enemy that is going on now.
      Pray for Chris, he is sick with a on going disease.
      Pray that I Bonnie be the Pastor that God wants me to be for him
      and for protection also.
      Keep our church The Rugged Cross Cowboy Church on the prayer list that we continue teaching and walking only in God's Word as we have been.
      Thank you
      Pastor Bonnie
      From: kathleen walsh (gdzgirl2007@...)
      Sent: Wed 11/28/07
      Hi I need prayer for my daughter and her husband to be saved,and I am my mothers care taker and am with out funds, somehow I need a 2nd job or a miracle. God Bless you for praying
      From: Lisa K (spudstator@...)
      Sent: Wed 11/28/07
      I would like to ask prayer for our youngest son,Trey. He is very abusive verbally to others, and I ask for prayer for his salvation and for his family as well. He needs GOD. Made lots of promises to GOD and never kept them. He is running.
      Thank you, Lisa K 
      I asked for prayer before for my friend, David. He needs prayer again for himself, his son and family. David's son was very intelligent (Dean's list in college). Then he found cocaine. He's been through rehab several times to no avail. I've tried to tell David he must turn all this over to God. "He was God's child first and no matter how much you love him, God loves him more." Please pray that David will release this burden and give it to God to fix as only He can do. Thanks Kimber. 
       Much love in Christ, 
      Please pray for Annie
      Breathing problems.
      Whitemary@...   11-28-07
      please pray for holly she has three baby's girls her husband  is on drugs all the money they have goes on lawyers to keep him out of jail  and bail   it christmas time  their little trailour is falling down on them  they need a rug  he dont fix nothing  and i pray the kids will have a christmas this year  its very sad and so hard on holly she has to do all the care for them by her self please pray for her husband that GOD will change him  and he will get save  thank you ma
       Blessed be those that ask.
      Please continue to pray for Misako Miller, Kerrie, Karen, Bobbie, brother_jim
      Please pray for Kevin and Misako to be Saved.
      URGENT Prayer request?
      From: Kr阮¥ L¥ññ (klgreen@...)
      Sent: Wed 11/28/07
      Thought Maybe I could get some help & spread this URGENT Request around to Help out this Sweet Girl in her time of need!
      I'm putting in an URGENT Prayer request for this little girl & her Family
      This sweet girl is from My Home Town Hot Springs South Dakota
      Will you all keep Brianna & her Family in your Thoughts & Prayers.
      The Green Family!
      Eight-year-old diagnosed with rare brain cancer
      By Brett Nachtigall
      Most children this time of year are anticipating the holiday season with thoughts of large presents under the tree.
      For 8 1/2-year-old Brianna Marie Bogner of Hot Springs, the smaller gifts are the most special - like being able to spend Thanksgiving with her mom and dad in an apartment instead of the hospital.
      Brianna, who has spent the last month and a half at the Children’s Hospital in Denver, was diagnosed just two weeks ago with Diffuse Myelocytic Leptomeningeal Melanoma, an extremely rare and aggressive cancer in the lining of the brain.
      Chances of contracting this particular type of melanoma are one in ten million, and it is even rarer to see it in children.
      With the cancer now affecting 70 percent of the cells in her brain, doctors have told them that the survivability rate for Brianna is extremely low.
      Last Friday night, Brianna and her mother Allison moved from the hospital room to a “half-way house” apartment complex in Denver. The apartment, which is connected with the Children’s Hospital, allows for 24-hour care and also has stringent cleanliness standards, since all of its tenants have little or no immune system due to their illnesses.
      Brianna currently receives all of her nutrition and medication through a central line into her heart. Additional medications are also given to her intravenously; including 24-hour pain medication which Brianna can press a button to self-administer as needed.
      Allison said Brianna began feeling sick this past summer, on August 31, when she awoke in the middle of the night vomiting, which continued for the next 10 hours.
      As the first thought was that she had the flu, Brianna spent the next few weeks in and out of the hospital in both Hot Springs and Rapid City with symptoms of nausea and vomiting, during which time she went from 58 to 48 pounds.
      On Sept. 24, her mother said Brianna’s left eye crossed, signifying a possible brain tumor. Following an MRI, a spinal tap, and other tests, doctors in Rapid City first diagnosed her illness as “pseudotumor cerebri,” a condition of the spinal fluid which mimics the symptoms of a tumor.
      This disease however, is most commonly found in older, overweight women. Brianna was given medication and sent home, but her vomiting, pain, nausea and weight loss continued.
      Two weeks later, Brianna was once again admitted into Rapid City Regional where more tests were performed. With no concrete results from the tests, doctors told her parents that they felt her symptoms were “all in her head and that there really was no pain,” Allison said.
      “They said she had an eating disorder and that they were going to take her away for treatment and teach her how to eat.”
      “I told them that they may have the intelligence and education, but I have the intimacy and history and I know my daughter. I knew they were wrong,” Allison said.
      Against the wishes of the doctors in Rapid City, late in the night on Oct. 11, Allison took Brianna to the Children’s Hospital in Denver, where she said, Brianna got immediate care.
      Brianna’s cerebral fluid pressure in her head was so extreme Allison said, that it was beyond the maximum measurement of the instrument used to gauge the pressure.
      The symptoms of this intense pressure included severe headaches and pain, even changes in personality, according to both her mother and father.
      She underwent seven spinal taps over the next month in order to minimize the pressure inside of her head. On Nov. 6, a shunt was installed in her brain which allowed some of the fluid to drain into her abdomen where it would be absorbed back into the body.
      During this same procedure, a portion of her brain was extracted for a biopsy. On Nov. 15, the cancer was detected and diagnosed n one month and one day after she was first admitted into the Denver hospital.
      Her parents said that 11 different departments and more than 100 doctors worked on Brianna’s case.
      “(The doctors in Denver) were wonderful and very supportive. They never stopped looking,” Allison said.
      Currently her physicians are administering experimental drug and chemo therapies. Brianna will begin radiation treatments on Dec. 3. Fortunately, with her recent move into an apartment, she will be able to receive her treatments as an out-patient until Dec. 19 when this round of treatments will conclude.
      “We hope everything goes well enough that she can come home to Hot Springs for Christmas,” said her father Eric, which he added was the doctor’s “best case scenario.”
      Allison said that if things go as well as hoped, Brianna would also be in Hot Springs for her ninth birthday on Jan. 5. At that time, she may also be granted a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to meet her favorite celebrity, Hannah Montana, a.k.a. Miley Cyrus, from the Disney Channel.
      Despite the overwhelming odds of a recovery, Brianna’s family remains very hopeful. “The doctors keep telling us that ‘children are amazing n they surprise us all of the time,’” Eric said.
      “Both Eric and I are fortunate to have good families supporting us,” Allison said. “Our friends have all also been absolutely amazing.”
      She also added that Brianna was given a very special treat on the weekend of Nov. 17 when her two Hot Springs Elementary teachers and her best friend from Hot Springs paid her a visit in the hospital, along with her cousins and several other family members.
      From: LRSBNA@...
      Sent: Thu 11/29/07 
      LINDA L.
      From: Angel Grubaugh
      Date: 11/29/07
      Hey Everyone,
      As you most if not all of you know, my doctor wanted me to see an orthopedic surgeon (my second one in over a year) about my thumb. Well, I talked to my mom about it that day, and she was going to let me see the same surgeon that my nephew used for his finger. Well, I called my doctor's office this past Monday and left a message with the girl that scedule's that. Had to leave a message on her voice mail because she wasn't at her desk. Well, she juse got back to me just a little bit ago. I have an appointment on December 17th at 2:00. I won't know anymore until then. Just keep praying. Thank you all for your prayers. I love you all.
      From: Shirley
      Date: 11/29/07
      Subject: I'm Scared!!!!!
      well i went to the brain sugeron,he wants me to have this special CT scan of just the brain and the neck, then if i need to have surgery i have to go up into Virgina at the big hospital
       up there as this is the only place that knows how to do this surgery. they way he talks it is something like having a cath run through the body and it untangles the cluster of blood vessels that are knoted up. he said what is bad for me is that i have to use oxygen all the time so he said that means i will have to be put on a ventlator and he doesnt know for sure that i could come off of it after the surgery. Which has me scared to death now of having the surgery done. I ask him if he thought i was born with this problem & he said more than likely i was and it just kinda came to a head with it twisted like it has with the blood vessels and he claims it will soon have all my vessels twisted together .I go on Dec.7th to have this special CT scan then i go back to the brain doctor on the 27th of Dec. to talk all this over to see which way i am going to go. keep me in your prayers that when they do this ct scan doesnt show anything now,as i know God can heal me from this.....Shirley
      From: shirley phipps (blusher52@...)
      Sent: Fri 11/30/07
      please remember me in your prayer.Asi have been going to the doctors over some blood vessels that has knonted up in my brain and they are bleeding into my brain...causing some really bad migraine headaches, they told me yesterday i need to have them operating on ,but they say it is going to really be a touch and go surgery due to me having to have oxygen 24/7 that  would have to be put on a ventlator and they arent sure that i will come off of that manchine. im scared to death now i need the lord comfort to know everything will be fine. Shirley
      From: Ntando Khumalo (NKhumalo@...)
      Sent: Sat 12/01/07
      Pastor l am in a deep financial crisis.l want to get married soon but l don’t have anything please pray that the Lord will financially bless me ,l am in desperation please help persevere in prayer
      From: Vickie 
      Sent: Sun 12-01-/07
      Would you please add my son Clay to the prayer list.   He will be leaving for Iraq on Dec 17th.
      Hugs Vickie
      May God Bless Each Of You,
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