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  • faith Dube
    Good Tuesday Morning Precious, Praying Family of God: Lets Worship Together! Praise and Worship Music Link:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2007
      Good Tuesday
       Morning Precious,
       Family of God:
      Lets Worship Together!
      Praise and Worship Music Link:
      Hubby and i wish
       you a great day in
      Jesus Christ, full of love,
      joy and gratefulness
      to our dear Father.
      Be blessed with
       His Presence!
      †Please stop in and sign
      our Daily Sign in Message
       Board, also send us a
      hug, prayer, Devotion or
      whatever the Holy Spirit
       puts on your heart ok!
      My prayers are
      with you always!!! 
       †May you have a Spirit†
      Filled Day & Night with Jesus!
      Great Big Heart hug's,
      and lots of love,
      Know i am here for

      you, Email us:


      Feel free to call our
      prayer line:

      To see your face is like seeing
      the face of God, now that
       you have received me favorably.
      -Genesis 33:10 (NIV)
      THESE words of Jacob spoken to his brother Esau express deep emotion in response to unexpected forgiveness. The brothers had been separated for many years because Jacob had deceived their father and had stolen Esau's blessing and birthright. Now Jacob was returning home with his family, flocks, and herds. He was in "great fear and distress," anticipating Esau's revenge (Gen. 32:7-8). When Esau surprised him by greeting him warmly, they both wept.
      How often do we miss opportunities to be "the face of God" to our family, friends, co-workers - even strangers? What is it like to show others "the face of God"?
      When circumstances say no, the face of God says yes. When people expect condemnation, God's face says, "You're forgiven." When someone is looking for a friend, the face of God says, "You're welcome here." People are looking for God's amazing grace. When the server takes too long and struggles to get the order right, when children act like children, when someone cuts us off in traffic, by God's grace we can show others the face of God.
      Helen Edwards (Florida, U.S.A.)
      Dear God, let others see in us your face of steadfast love and forgiveness. Amen.
      Thought for the Day
      Our faces can become the face of God to a world looking for grace.

      Lets Pray this prayer
       together 4 one another too
       Dear Father God i ask You to
       bless my family, friends, &
      all GrannyFaith Members
       reading this right now. 
      Where there is pain,please
      heal them; give them  peace
      and mercy. Where there
      is self-doubt, release a renewed
      confidence through Your
      grace. Bless their homes,
       families, finances,
      their goings and their
      comings Amen.

      We are Praying 4 U
      all day & nights too!
      God Bless you!
      4 Prayer Call: ( 954)885-1560
      Love, GrannyFaith
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