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#4 cut wool strips free

I have a large amount of #4 and #3 cut wool strips that were given to me. I haven't found any use for them and would like to pass them on. They orginally were
Toni Johnson
Mar 22

Townsend Frame price reduced

I am selling this 17" frame for $569 plus postage. It has rarely been used. It is red and has a cover to protect the frame when not in use or when
Mar 21

For sale, Townsend Orbiter 17" frame

I am selling my red Townsend frame. It is in a like new condition, used very rarely with black cover. I am selling it for $600 plus $50 for shipping in the
Mar 16

Re: #2 cutter cassette

From: mailto:RughookersBulletinBoard@yahoogroups.com Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 5:04 AM To: RughookersBulletinBoard@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re:
Phyllis Smith
Mar 2

Re: Winter on the farm

what a pretty rug--both before and after!
jean edmonds
Feb 27

Winter on the farm

Hi everyone, What a winter! The animals have fared well, thank heavens. We spend a lot of time lugging hay out to the goats; the chickens stay warm in their
Feb 26
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Re: #2 cutter cassette

Cilla, thanks for the clarification. I was thinking either auto correct or something special in your tea to warm you up! Hook on, Ivi
Ivi Collier
Feb 24

Re: #2 cutter cassette

Yes, there is a #2 cutter that was made by Townsend. I have one, but I am not ready to sell it. It is nice to have every once in a while. Beth Sent from my
Beth Haley
Feb 24

Re: #2 cutter cassette

Townsend did make #2 cutters for a while, so there are some out there somewhere. I'm hoping someone is willing to sell theirs.
Feb 24

Re: #2 cutter cassette

Bliss makes a #2 cutter wheel for their cutter or at least they did. BJ
Bette Jane Warner
Feb 24

Re: #2 cutter cassette

that should have read Aults .... spell check is not alway right Cilla On Tuesday, 24 February 2015, 9:04, "Priscilla Cameron tillylosh51@...
Priscilla Cameron
Feb 24

Re: #2 cutter cassette

Beeline  don't do a#2 cassette cutter and I am sure Townsend didn't do one either. Adults only go down to a #4 Cilla on a cold but sunny morning in the UK On
Priscilla Cameron
Feb 24

Re: #2 cutter cassette

I've never seen a #2 cassette. Hook on, Ivi
Ivi Collier
Feb 23

#2 cutter cassette

I'm looking for a #2 cutter cassette for a Bee Line/Townsend cutter. If anyone has one they would like to sell please contact me. Thanks
Feb 23

Hi! I recommend this site

Not fifty yards away, nature-ally th�y werent goin to let me see wh�re th�y kep th�ir monies.
Feb 10
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