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Re: [RoyalGuildofDefense] News of our gift to Countess Geirdis travels to Trimaris

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  • Nytshaed(Douglas Leonard)
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    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 9, 2005
      Definately post on Westfence.


      --- Giuliana <giulianadelucca@...> wrote:

      > I got this email tonight from John the Heshian,
      > squire to Sir
      > Richard de Camville. I thought I would pass it
      > along. Let me know
      > if I should post it to West Fence too.
      > ~Giuliana
      > This last week Sir Richard, Sir Leohtulf, myself,
      > and a few others
      > went to florida for the Trimaris 20 year celebration
      > event.
      > Saturday night, I got the chance to attend a feat
      > given by the Order
      > of the Argent Rose, in honor of Duchess Elspeth.
      > It turns out that about a year and a half ago,
      > several lady rapier
      > fighters organized a non-exclusive household for
      > those who wished to
      > render service to past queens of Trimaris. (They
      > don't have
      > princesses out there.)
      > They felt that the ladies of the rose, once off the
      > throne, were
      > forgotten and not granted the respect they should
      > be, as a model of
      > inspiration to the kingdom.
      > To this end, they organized about forty people
      > around a sponsor,
      > duchess Elspeth. When a lady of the rose is going
      > to be at an
      > event, this household supplies courtiers as escorts,
      > invites the
      > ladies to feast, and sometimes arranges other act of
      > service so that
      > these ladies of the rose are attended.
      > About a year ago, they formed a subgroup, the Thorns
      > of the Argent
      > Rose. This company of fencers have made it their
      > goal to fight for
      > the inspiration of the ladies of the rose, and
      > especially the
      > reigning queen.
      > It was to this group, after hearing of their history
      > and goal, that
      > I told the tale of the service and honor that the
      > western rapier
      > fighters did unto Queen Geirdis this last reign.
      > They were moved,
      > and asked me to express their respect for your
      > devotion.
      > It seems that over the last year, eight other
      > kingdoms have had
      > similar households and attached rapier fighter
      > "Thorns" come
      > together, often under the patronage of a duchess or
      > countess. I
      > have been told that only recently Duchess Angharad
      > of An Tir has
      > begun to form such a group in that kingdom.
      > I was told that Duchess Elspeth of Trimaris has been
      > serving as an
      > advisor for such groups, supplying the charter of
      > the original group
      > to any who ask, and advice when asked.
      > Needless to say, I thought I should carry this
      > message, and you were
      > the first person who came to mind. If you think it
      > appropriate to
      > pass along to other western rapier fighters, please
      > feel free.
      > In service,
      > John

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