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Re: [RoyalGuildofDefense] Re: Rank of Provost

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  • Joyce Smith
    very nicely put Santiago, Thank you for your eloquent definition YIS Viola dei Carrara Tim Converse wrote: ... While I m
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      very nicely put Santiago,
      Thank you for your eloquent definition
      Viola dei Carrara

      Tim Converse <santiago@...> wrote:
      David Falcon wrote:
      > (*sigh* Sorry for this being long, but it kind of has to be. )
      > Provost, like any other rank in the SCA, has no hard and fast
      > definition. And as the SCA has this duality view of rank ( you should
      > wish to be worthy, but never aim to achieve it), the answer to "how
      > do I become one" is this; sorry, but you just disqualified yourselfÂ….

      While I'm certainly not a Provost, I do agree with most everything
      you've said, but I have to provide a slightly different look at this
      particular point.

      I have never seen it as a problem for someone to "aim to achieve" a
      particular rank or award. What is a problem is the intent and the
      method of that "aim".

      If someone has a sense of entitlement (ie "I should already be an X
      because....") then this is a problem. If someone has the intent of
      gaining an award for personal gain (ie "When I become an X I'll have the
      respect I deserve.") then this is a problem.

      But if someone has the "aim to achieve" an award because they love what
      they are doing then that is very different. When I started on my way
      towards being a Laurel I made no bones about it. I told people, when
      they asked, "Yeah, I want to be a Laurel for this stuff someday."

      The thing that made all the difference was my intent and my method.

      My intent was not to become a Laurel. It was to become good enough to
      be worthy of a Laurel. That requires confidence in what you do.

      My method was to work. Plain and simple.

      A large part of the difference is a sense of "time". You want to get to
      a particular rank and your willing to put in as much work as it takes
      and you aren't in any particular hurry because you know how much work
      you've got to do and your just going to do it? That's perfect.

      So, again this is my opinion, but there isn't so much a problem with
      wanting to achieve something or even aiming to achieve it. Just do so
      with respect and humility and that makes all the difference in the world.


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