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Rapier Rules Heads-up - NO CHANGES TIL JUNE CROWN

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  • Nytshaed(Douglas Leonard)
    Greetings West Rapier fighters!    I want to start this with a disclaimer and please include it with any forwards - NOTHING CHANGES TIL JUNE CROWN.    I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2012
      Greetings West Rapier fighters!
         I want to start this with a disclaimer and please include it with any forwards - NOTHING CHANGES TIL JUNE CROWN.
         I expect some mental adjustment to the changes below and I'd love to see that and discussion occur before they go into effect.
         Particularly important is that we have verbal approval, but I have not submitted it in a final form and it is NOT signed off, nor kingdom Law and will not be until Crown at earliest and I feel that everyone has had a solid chance to speak to me in whatever form on the topics.

         We have been moving ever closer to the Society-wide ruleset over our years and we are taking another step in that direction.
         From our current ruleset the changes that I have in the plan are:
      1. Socety minimums on Cut and Thrust armor and weapon choice(case is no longer singled out as non-standard and the knee armor req is removed, though you should always wear the armor that makes you feel safe)
      2. Max length for thrown cloaks no longer applies.
      3. No max buckler size.(This is already in effect, just rulebook update)
      4. Blade grasping will be permitted - as always just as with using a weapon for the same purpose there is no "Wrestling about the blade" allowed, so it is brief immobilization, not pulling blades from folks grip and of course if the blade moves or twists the hand is gone.
      5. After a valid strike to any part of leg or foot the fighter may continue to fight from their knees.  Often known as knee-walking we will no longer have marshalls occupied with watching someone's butt as they pop up over and over, nor will fighters be made useless by a pinky toe shot in war scenarios.  Please note that many of our Out Of Kingdom wars will still use the butt on the ground standard and we WILL adhere to it during those times.  As always fighters may simply take any shot as a kill or kneel if they so desire, but they may rise to their knees later if they choose.  I know some of you will miss the challenge of hopping on one foot, but that one is out, sorry bout that.
         I encourage fighters to work with blade grasping and knee-walking at practices, but please do NOT use them at wars or tourneys unless specifically directed by the RMIC as a scenario specific rule.  Almost all of our Senior marshals are very experienced in both and are your first line of information always, but feel free to approach me too.
         Thank you for reading and I hope to see many of you at Cynagua/Mists War this weekend.  I don't have to run any of it, so I will have plenty of time to discuss anything rapier.
      Nytshaed, KRM
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