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RE:Artic Journeyman Prize

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  • Edgar Branscum
    Greetings Don Alaryn Passed down in lore – eek!  And as for famous – some would say infamous – still.  After 21 years doing this (Francois and I
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      Greetings Don Alaryn

      Passed down in lore – eek!  And as for famous – some would say infamous – still.  After 21 years doing this (Francois and I co-founded fencing in Lochac back in 1990) I am still having a pile of fun fencing – I am old and slow but still enjoy myself immensely.  Took up fencing with a zweihander from Darkwood almost three years ago – using Christian Tobler’s work on Lictenhauer as a basis.  Darkwood have a second one ready for me now I am ready to start teaching what I have learnt.

      Greetings most esteemed Don Edmund,

      With tongue in cheek do I greet thee. Your infamy, as you put it, alone deserves the respect due a truly ANCIENT and venerable Guildmaster of Fence.  I’m glad that the years have not lain so heavy that you cannot take pleasure in the passage of arms.  Without doubt this manly and most noble arte has helped in your preservation beyond the span of most mortal men.  Indeed, it must be so for one of your preeminent place in the early history of our Kingdoms Royal Guild to have the strength to continue with such weapons of vigor as the Germans favor. Truly your students will be blessed to be able to drink from sooooooo deep a well of knowledge.

      Where are you in Oertha – and where did you come from?

      My own origins are ones with roots in the soil of Oertha.  Although the land of my birth was the Kingdom of Ansteorra, my humble beginning as a farmers grandson did not bring me into contact with anyone from the Laurel Kingdoms until much later in life.

      Once I had left the home of my parents in order to find my own way in life I drifted ever north into wilder and wilder territory.  Eventually, on the edge of the known world itself I came upon a pleasure faire where with their singing of songs and doing feats of manly arms did I become witness to the people of the SCA for the first time.  There and then I became involved with the Barony of Eskalya, (where I currently reside), which has remained the home of my heart ever since, no matter wherever else I might have wandered. 

      I’ve resided in Antir, Atenveldt, Caid, and the West.  Everywhere I’ve been has had it unique flavor, but the spices of home have remained those I’ve always preferred.

      I got back in contact recently with Father Mike (whom I met at TFYC in Texas in 1991) who I gather lives outside Anchorage.

      Father Mike.  What can one say about Father Mike.  Well, he’s a good man for one.  He and I have enjoyed good conversation over the fire, shared a drink and a laugh.  A boon companion and a man who would help you if you were ever in need.  However I have not seen much of the good father lately.  I fear that his vows of celibacy may have lapsed…..*grin*…..all the better for him I say.  After all I’ve always wondered if a man could truly give counsel to his flock without benefit of their experiences.

      What is the Oerthan fencing community like these days?

      The Oerthan fencing community, I am proud to report, through good stewardship and guidance is faring well.  Ancient Guildmistress Sorcha has, as ever, been the rock to which we all can look to for constancy and strength. 

      A few years back the community suffered from the departure of a fair number of our comrades in arms.  Various reasons necessitated their removal; to far Kingdoms in some cases, and a return to more central portions of our beloved West Kingdom in others.  In any case the net result was a sad lessening of our strength in numbers.  However, as is often the case, numbers alone cannot tell all the tale.  Regular practices have been ongoing through the best and the worst of time for years due to Sorcha’s dedication to her students.  Her open handedness has allowed us all to prosper from the use of her schools space in her home, from her hosting of philosophy nights and her continual teaching.    All of us can only hope to one day have earned a tenth of the respect due to our mentor and friend.   And, in the mean time there have been fledgling groups throughout other areas of the Principality as well. 

      Pavlock Garod, (Kodiak Island), has been continuing to hold practices and to teach each other as best as they can.  They travel to learn from other teachers, they sponsor teachers to come to them.  Theirs is a group whose dedication can be an example to others no matter where they may be.  Journeyman Tama, a student of Sorcha’s can be credited in great part for their successes.

      The Barony of Wintersgate, (Fairbanks), has a fledgling program in place now as well. I am particularly proud of their efforts as they have come so far in a relatively short time.   Lady Ellisif, one of the newest rapier authorized fighters and an excellent advanced marshal, is in dire danger of being spirited away and being made into several homunculi so that I can spread her enthusiasm to more areas.

      My own cadet, Etain O’Rowark has been holding regular practices in the Barony of Selviergard and has decided to pursue Salvatore Fabris as her Master for study.  All in all, our number slowly recover, but I believe the current crop of fighters will be strong.  There is a renewed interest in the study of period Masters and in reviving the sword artes as they were once practiced of old.  I have good and well founded hope for the future of our chosen field of endeavors.  

      And do y’all travel outside Alaska much or is it like from up – damn expensive to get anywhere?

      Alas, while I have tried to visit outside of Oertha every two to three years, our current economic circumstances have curtailed travel a bit.  I will be taking a journey to the borderlands between the Middle Kingdom and the Kingdom of Calontir (the St. Louis area), in late May in order to see my son earn his degree from his school in preparation for moving on to the university he has enrolled in for the following year.  I am fortunate to be able to make this trip one of fatherly pride, and participation in my sons life; and to be able to cross blade with him and his mentors as well.  I have received good report of him while he has been in his far away fosterage and am greatly looking forward to testing his mettle on the field as well as being there to celebrate his academic achievements.  I am trying to plan on attending Pennsic in the next few years, 2013 is what I am hoping to plan for.  Perhaps if you attend the war that year we can meet over stout drinks.

       I live in Peace River Alberta (and two hours drive from the nearest small SCA group – the Shire of Vinjar).  Consequently I tend to play at some of the larger SCA events like Pennsic and Gulf Wars – more bang for buck so to speak.  But also teach Monday nights back in Brisbane when I visit once or twice a year for financial planning or farm work.

       I must say, after consulting my atlases, I cannot imagine that where I live feels any more remote than your own abode.  Surely there must be some reason for choosing such apparent desolation for your home.  Have you been assigned a remote border fort to oversee?  It appears you live on the edge of unknown wilds where creatures and denizens of the netherworlds might inhabit every rock ad shrub, (since I saw no sign of trees where I looks on my maps and in the accounts of lost souls who have passed through your area).  Pray, tell of some of the undoubtedly harrowing tales of your encounters with these creatures.

      Really glad to hear Brendan was keen to repeat his Prize –the Guild needs that sort of enthusiasm and exposure.

      Indeed, our newly minted Journeyman Brendan the Younger is full of vigor and enthusiasm.   So much so I cannot be helped but in looking at him to be reminded of a pup I once had; energy and fur, all enthusiasm, running hither and yon upon the hillsides.  Hopefully our Brendan will not end up under the wheels of a cart like my aforementioned pup.  We shall all endeavor to see that it does not turn out so.  His cooperation with re-fighting his journeyman prize was very much appreciated, especially by my Lady who had a little more time to finish weaving his green Journeymans sash.  And the exposure to the Guild was good for the people of Wintersgate.  We had a discussion with several of the populace who showed interest in the guild.  I anticipate new growth in the north.

      If ever you find yourself having to plan a trip to our portion of the world, please do not hesitate to call upon me or mine for any assistance you may need.  Indeed, I would be insulted if you did not avail yourself of our hospitality.  I would very much take pleasure in making a more personal acquaintance with you.

      With warm regard and utmost respect,

      Don Alaryn, Provost WKRGoF

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