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Beltaine Thanks

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  • Nytshaed(Douglas Leonard)
    (please note some of the below is aimed at guild folks, apologies to those who prefer to be free agents, but I wanted to thank you too!!)        At
    Message 1 of 7 , May 8 11:34 AM

      (please note some of the below is aimed at guild folks, apologies to those who prefer to be free agents, but I wanted to thank you too!!)


           At Beltaine we delivered taxes, held a treasure chest tourney, and just had a busy great time!


          We had some great fighting in the Treasure chest tourney and I want to thank every one of you for coming out either as fighters or Marshals.  It was important to Alfar and Ketiley that rapier fighting be encouraged at their Beltaine and I really had a good time getting on the field personally.  On a related note Alfar is making inquires about adding 30 feet to the end of the Eric at June Crown specifically for a dedicated rapier area where we can fight all through the event without imposing on other folks schedules.  It is NOT a done deal and may not occur, but I cannot tell you how much I miss having Camp erics where we could do impromptu lessons, pickups, scenarios with constructed obstacles, and the like.  PLEASE remember to keep a period appearance on the Eric.  Don't leave waterbottles visible, if at all possible cover your modern bags with a cloth, etc.  I will try to get some Haybales out there for scenarios and seating and sadly my favored technique of buildings made of rebar and tape is right out.


          I want to especially thank Ximon for stepping up and helping the preparation happen and Santiago for both prep and the execution of delivering Taxes.  I was still helping our new arrivals when court started and barely hit the Eric when we were actually called and I am very grateful we had a backup plan in place for just such an occurance so we did not make everyone at court wait.  Uther was very kind with his leading question for us and I do hope everyone appreciated his smooth invitation for me to speak up as the LGm despite my tardiness.


          I would love to keep delivering taxes, but I won't let the entire burden fall on just a couple people, so if you personally want taxes to continue I need to have some donations in hand by June crown.  If you'd like to be part of the effort but would prefer some direction on what to make or do I am more than happy to work with you to find a low impact contribution that suits your strengths.  Taxes should be a very small thing from a lot of people so no one person feels it, like a buck or two from several folks collected into a gas card or a small cloth bag to carry other royal largess.

      I will be at June crown and if we have enough interest I will set it up for Purg, if not I will set another deadline for October crown to deliver at 12th night.  We can then discuss or drop the matter at the Guild meeting at 12th Night.


         Lastly I want to thank all of you who's ears I have been chewing off about how to best make the guild flourish.  I have had several people flat out tell me that we should consider disbanding and I take that advice to heart.  However, ultimately the only requirement by our charter is the promotion of the Arte as a whole and its participants specifically through running Prizes.  While I personally want our extended family to talk, meet, and do other stuff together like taxes, the website, feasts, etc.  The chartered purpose is going quite well and I am thrilled with the prizes being played so I don't see the guild going away any time soon, but some of the extra bits may get a bit less attention unless we have some folks who want to take them on.


        Thank you for a great event and for reading a LOT longer thank you than I intended,



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