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Crown, KRC, and the future...

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  • Nytshaed(Douglas Leonard)
       Quite a Crown this Weekend.      A Glorius Finals on Saturday with two lovely thrusts bringing our kingdom eager Heirs.      A Kingdom Rapier
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         Quite a Crown this Weekend.


         A Glorius Finals on Saturday with two lovely thrusts bringing our kingdom eager Heirs.


         A Kingdom Rapier championship that included Cut and Thrust and resulted in an opportunity for me to serve in a way I have aspired to since before we even brought rapier back to the cradle of kingdoms.


         At Beltane I will be honored to succeed David who has served the West so well as Rapier Champion, but even before this there are preparations to be done that will not wait and I would ask of any who are able, to aid the cause I am about to put words to now.


         Our SCA family is shrinking.

         Look around and miss those who no longer share a fire with you.

         Many organizations experience difficult times when the economy gets tight or a fad they embodied fades away and often they cease to have a purpose and naturally pass.  We are different.  Our values and culture bring us together and help us all to deal with the mundane world a little better and even change the mundane bit by bit to be better at its foundation.  Reach out to those who were part of your SCA experience before and to those who have never had a chance to see how much living the dream can mean.


         For myself over the coming months I will be travelling to various non-SCA Rapier practices for extended classes on how to authorize for SCA Rapier fighting and a little more insight into what we do and why.  I plan to venture to at least a full month of their weekly practices after they have had a chance to read our rules and at the end invite those ready to authorize to attend the next convenient SCA event that I can schedule senior marshals.


         As I get these set up with the various principals of these groups I will post on

       westfence @ yahoogroups the times and directions to each practice and if you can make it out, that would be excellent!
          However, what I really want to ask of everyone(particularly fighters) is to welcome those who do show up at our fires and our fields.  Many of these folks in particular have been fighting, dressing, and even runnning events on their own terms for decades.  A hearty smile and a curious..."Do you know the history of the blade you are wearing?"... goes alot better then "Dude! Cup hilts aren't period and are you really wearing day glow orange sneakers?".  Not that any of us would go quite that far, but it can feel that way to our visitors at times when we are distracted by the day's tasks and not focused as much on being welcoming.


         I hope this and other efforts to keep our dream alive go well and as we see the economy grinding its way back up there is no better time than now to get people involved!


        A final thank you to everyone who made this crown great and especially my Lady Yukiko who I could do none of this without.  David you ran a truly great tourney and Kevin your honor and prowess on the field are nothing short of inspirational.




      PS -  Don't forget Falcon's Treaty This weekend if you can make it!

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