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Re: 12th Night Rapier Guild notes

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  • brigitgoddess1
    Any decision on this, Doug? Brigit
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 25, 2010
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      Any decision on this, Doug?


      --- In RoyalGuildofDefense@yahoogroups.com, "Nytshaed\(Douglas Leonard\)" <nytshaed1967@...> wrote:
      >   Greetings Rapier fighters of the West Kingdom!
      >     Many of you are not part of the Royal Guild of Defence, but know that
      > you are all welcome at any time should you decide to join in the fun and
      > pursuit of Rapier coolness.
      >    We had a productive meeting at 12th Night and I really appreciate
      > those who could attend.  My particular thanks to Santiago and Coronado
      > for their opening words and to Sorcha for sending her best wishes and words
      > down to us from grand Oertha.
      >    The first and repeated order of business was communicating with each
      > other inside and out of the guild.  Many folks are concerned with the level
      > of information overload occuring on the rapier lists and have even dropped
      > entirely from those lists to avoid it.
      >    With that in mind we will be creating a Calendar site on one of the many
      > guild-portals that are free services intended for online games.  When this task
      > is complete I will send out info on where to link to.
      >     There will also be created a FaceBook profile for those who prefer that medium
      > to the traditional RGD Yahoogroups mailing list.  Noone is compelled to join
      > facebook, it is intended as a duplicate form of communication, not the
      > semi-official means of announcements.
      >      Website, website...we have a very nice site that is under the umbrella of
      > Santiago's business site - for obvious reasons passwords will never be given
      > to the guild web minister, so updates are a pain despite Santiago being
      > excellent about doing them as soon as they are submitted, they still have to
      > go through hoops.  We talked about fund raising to support a paid site which
      > would require a new position of treasurer, free sites, other hosting options, etc.
      > Bottom line is we ratholed the issue with no real resolution and could have
      > talked it to death all night and still not had consensus.  I really don't want to
      > rewrite the bylaws and opening up the guild to having a treasury starts us down
      > a path of just what should the Guild pay for that is a huge shift in philosophy.
      > If there are any volunteers for the position of web minister as we stand now please
      > send me an email asap.
      >     To further assist getting folks talking I will be making as many trips to practices
      > as I can afford over the next few months.  At these I will open a 15 or 20 minute Q&A
      > session with quick introductions.  Just a quick breather to say hello, answer
      > any questions or hear suggestions, and then back to fighting.  Anyone hosting a practice
      > who has an interest in these Micro-guild meetings, please drop me an email with directions
      > and preferably a phone contact.
      >     Please encourage and/or run Rapier 101 classes!  We have had some pretty darn good
      > advanced classes and I am very glad of them, but we have really slacked off on giving
      > folks a chance to try out Rapier for the first time or get a refresh of the basics.  I consider
      > any Authorized fighter more than capable of teaching the class with minimal if any guidance.
      > Encourage your students or run it yourself, but please get Rapier 101 out there again so folks
      > know they can come try it out without having to ask more than "where's class this event?"
      >     Next Year we will have both a meeting and a Guild table at 12th Night.  Crimson has volunteered
      > to co-ordinate the Table, so if you have items for the table or can volunteer an hour or so to answer
      > questions, please contact him at --kilpatrick.chris     at       ymail.com .
      >     Speaking of coming up...we have both Della Spada and Falcon's treaty events this year.  If you
      > have Rapier Prizes or can help out, please contact Ximon or Sanitago respectively.
      >     Finally - and thank you for reading all that above - we have the issue of formal Guild meetings.
      >     It was strongly suggested that I summarily choose when meetings will occur and that would be
      > quick, but I really want to get all the input I can on this particular topic first, so please bear with me.
      >     I would REALLY appreciate if every single person would reply to this part with one of the following
      > or a plan of their own either privately or on ONE of the lists this message is reaching.
      >    --PLEASE RESPOND -- just a number is sufficent. though it will be easier for me if you include the text.
      > 0 - Guild meetings should be stopped entirely
      > 1 - There can be only one... Guild meeting at 12th Night.
      > 2 - Guild meetings should be at all 3 Kingdom investitures - 12th Night, Beltaine, Purgatorio
      > 3 - Guild meetings should happen at the 3 investitures and the 3 Crown tourneys.
      > 4 - Guild meetings should happen at 12th Night and Falcon's Treaty.
      > 5 - Guild meetings should happen at 12th Night, Falcon's Treaty and (on year's it occurs) Della Spada
      > 6 - Every Official event should have a Guild meeting - folks show up whenever.
      >    Thank you,
      > Nytshaed, LGm
      > ------------ sum-up :
      >  - Calander site will be created for a spam reduced Guild event board.
      >  - Facebook not mandatory, but it will exist for those who want to use it.
      >  - Website issues tabled - still looking for a web minister
      >  - Micro-Guild meetings - contact LGm Nytshaed if you have a practice and would like him to show up
      >  - Please run or help Rapier 101 classes to occur
      >  - Guild Table at 12th Night next year - contact is Crimson
      >  - Falcon's Treaty coming
      >  - Della Spada this year
      >  - Please respond with your preference for Guild Meetings
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