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[Ducal][Rapier]Fighter and non-fighter Fun!

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  • Nytshaed(Douglas Leonard)
       The fun needs YOU!!    Fighters and non-fighters alike come have a ball at Ducal this year!    I ll be running three of the Saturday Scenarios:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2009
         The fun needs YOU!!
         Fighters and non-fighters alike come have a 'ball' at Ducal this year!
         I'll be running three of the Saturday Scenarios:
      Morning Auctions:
       - (PLEASE BE ON THE ERIC AT 9:30am with or without armor so we can get auctions done!)
         Gallery quest will start our official Scenarios(right after a brief warmup melee) with the Gallery sending Rapier fighters off on Quests to slay worthy foes, press through the fray to deliver salutes, leg random fighters, and ever more creative tasks.  And of course our heroes cannot start a quest of atonement until they have been defeated, so its not often the hottest steel that wins the day, but usually the liveliest tongue.  Naturally if you are sponsoring one fighter and happen to quest several other fighters to kill off the competition that is all in the spirit of Ducal now isn't it?
       Afternoon Auctions:
          Chalices of Life is a simple, hold the flag, melee with unlimited rez's and timed stops where fighters earn a rez for the final battle if they are the -only- fighter near one of three chalices.  When the chalices are done the final battle is last fighter standing.  Only fighters who captured chalices are able to return to the fight.  Unless of course they purchased lives at the Auction...
         Our final crowd pleaser is the infamous Rapier Dodgeball!  Come out and hurl(or dodge) plagued heads at the fighters as they try to stay alive both from each other and the bloodthirsty crowd.  Blocking or being hit by a plague ball of course splatters the fighter causing instant death, so don't accidentally hit the fighter you are sponsoring!  We will have several heads to purchase at the auction and there will be several melees with a final fight of all the survivors from the first rounds so it will be crazy fun!
      All Day:
         (you can signup for lessons and pay later or pay at the lists in advance)
         All day(til 4pm or the last signups are done) the Royal Guild of Defense will be offering Intro to Rapier Lessons - this is not a class to authorize, but just a chance to try it out and have some fun with minimal instructions for safety and a bit of light bouting with an experienced instructor.  For those who prefer a focused 15 minute lesson on a specific topic that is also available.  Walkins are welcome, though we will also have a signup if you prefer to schedule a specific time.

          Ducal is Sept 4-7, just a week and a half away!
          Please be on time for the Auctions(on Eric at 9:30a Sat so it can start on time) as events can wind up cancelled if there are not enough participants present. 
          Woodland - Yolo Fairgrounds, $10 site fee
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