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Re: [RoyalGuildofDefense] Re: Congratulations

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  • Beth Berry (Sorcha Careman)
    I would like to add my congratulations as well. Well done Paula. Sorcha Careman LGM
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 26, 2007
      I would like to add my congratulations as well.
      Well done Paula. 

      Sorcha Careman

      Ximon el Martillo de Cordoba wrote:

      --- In RoyalGuildofDefense @yahoogroups. com, darthpointyhat@ ... wrote:
      > Thank you Cerridwen! I had a blast, and am grateful to everyone
      who came
      > out make fighting my prize possible!
      > Paula

      OK, you guys got me flat-footed before I could recover...I was really
      proud and glad that I could be a part of it.

      so, here's the official announcement;


      to all within the West Kingdom Royal Guild of Fence and the kingdom
      of the West that Scholar Paula Piper Leigh successfully played her
      Prize for FreeScholar at the June Crown tournament event this past
      Sunday, the 24th of June!!

      Her recognition and new status were proven and witnessed by both her
      Freescholars, honored guests, by the sponsoring Journeyman and to the
      Guildmaster in attendance, Nytshaed.

      I hereby send My personal Congratulations to Paula! And now begins
      the time for your new paths to explore and create!


      El Senyor Ximon Martillo de Cordoba
      Journeyman, Royal Guild of Fence,
      Kingdom of the West

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