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Re: [RoyalGuildofDefense] a question for a rapier collegium

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  • Randy & Beth Berry
    This is really exciting! I am very interested in following this and hopefully attending. In Oertha, with 1/2 the year at temperatures one in not inclined to
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 25, 2006
      This is really exciting!  I am very interested in following this and hopefully attending.
      In Oertha, with 1/2 the year at temperatures one in not inclined to spend much time outside, we do have indoor tourneys and workshops.
      In fact when some Tatershall instructors came up for a workshop it was November.  We did have time for a bit of bouting with the techniques but not in a tourney format.

      One other thought that could be used, is a variation of an activity I came back from a KWAR class with.  I call it a "Circle of Knowledge".  You have 2 volunteers who are the bouters of the decided technique and the remaining fighters observe for specific things assigned by the instructor that relate to that historical technique.  After a few touches, the observers take turns explaining their observations on both of the bouters for what they were watching for.  Lastly the bouters get a chance to share their thoughts on how it went, what they were trying to do etc.   The trick with this is to keep it positive and encouraging.  Then switch and have a couple of other fighters try it.  

      A thought to keep in mind when using indoor sites is the flooring and whether you may need to require non-marking footwear. (Scrubbing black marks from the floor takes time).

      Sorcha Careman

      Ximon el Martillo de Cordoba wrote:

      with all this talk about looking for a period technique, an idea is
      running through my brain...

      I recently went to Fettburg (Manteca Ca.) and had an indoor tourney
      there(for the central kingdom this is a bit unusual,but I would
      presume that the Oerthan's have it often.) and after the tourney, I
      was told that we could have an indoor practice there and the hall was
      at a great price. It has a kitchen and is essencially a big community
      room so, I was wondering if a January-early February symposium for
      say, 3 historical techniques taught there for a day? we could arrange
      crash space or suggest hotels for people.

      and after the day's instruction, a small tourney using said
      techniques and then a potluck of arranged feast afterwards in the

      Ideas? comments? anyone willing to teach a period technique?

      Dean of curriculum

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