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Re: New season gearing up!

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  • Staffan Arffuidsson
    Greetings Lady GuildMistress (et al), I have a couple comments/ questions regarding your post. Teaching a Class: According to the Historical Combat Techniques
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2006
      Greetings Lady GuildMistress (et al),

      I have a couple comments/ questions regarding your post.

      Teaching a Class:
      According to the Historical Combat Techniques Rules(1) passed this
      year, members of the SCA do not need to wait for the Society and
      Kingdom rapier rules to teach something that is of interest. The key
      to it is that, if people choose to use the HCT to instruct, it will
      not be something that will be used for sparring, but training others
      regarding any treaties, manual, or document within the SCA time frame.
      The HCT rules is apart of A&S and not the marshalls. So, if you are
      interested in teaching something historical (without free sparring)
      talk to your local A&S officer.

      I am of firm believe that this is something that we as a Guild can
      help build here in the West.

      As an authorizing marshal I wouldn't mind seeing people asked if they
      would be interested in the Guild when they authorize. The caveat to
      that would be to make sure that the person knows what the Guild is,
      and that it is (now) not the only option available for participating
      in rapier activities here in the West.

      As a Guild member, I was wondering what we could offer to those who
      are interested. I remember when I authorized in the East Kingdom, I
      was offered a chance to be a member of the League of Rapier Academies
      (LoRA)(2). Since I had been informed, I accepted my Scholar's black
      cord. If memory serves me correctly, I believe that Atlantia also
      offers membership into L'Academie D'Espee(3) to it's recently
      authorized fencers. Once again, neither of those kingdoms required
      people to join their Academies and Leagues.

      In Service to the West,
      Staffan Arffuidsson

      (1) http://www.sca.org/officers/arts/AandS_martial_public_proposal.pdf
      (2) http://thehillfort.com/lora/index.php
      (3) http://www.mindspring.com/~aedan/

      --- In RoyalGuildofDefense@yahoogroups.com, Randy & Beth Berry
      <AKFencer@...> wrote:

      It is great to see the new season gearing up. Up here in the North
      the snow is quickly melting as the sun is returning for more than 13
      hrs and 44 minutes a day and gaining 5 or more minutes a day. Soon
      we'll be able to read a newspaper at midnight.

      With the new season, there are great opportunities to participate,
      attend, sponsor and teach this activity we have fought so dearly for.

      Some ideas to be thinking about as Guild Members:

      1) Prizes! Do you think you are ready for your next level prize? Do
      you have a student you are working with that is ready? Now is the
      time to be talking, scheduling and advertising. Take a look at the
      Charter and Bylaws that were updated last summer and check the
      guidelines for that level. There is a document called "On the
      Sponsoring of Prizes" that is a great place to start looking for
      answers on how to set this up, located in the files section of this
      yahoo group. Remember to touch base with our Dean of Students so we
      can all plan for attending these.

      2) Classes! Whether is be suggesting a class that can be taught on
      something you are interested in, offering to teach something you know,
      seeing if there is interest in bringing in a guest instructor from out
      of the area, there are many ways to have more learning going on.
      These can be everything from a 30 minute intro/howto, to a full day,
      to a weekend symposium. I know there is a lot of emphasis right now
      on the updated Society/Kingdom Rapier rules, the introduction of cut
      and thrust and the youth rapier program. This is also a great time to
      link those in with the historical emphasis that the Guild represents.
      Get in touch with our Dean of Curriculum with ideas and thoughts.

      3) Tourneys! Why not! Wouldn't be great to offer an hour or two
      introduction to a basic historical style and then offer a tourney that
      day or the next based on that style? It would be an opportunity for
      folks to learn, practice and put into action something new they learned.

      4) Authorizations! Yes, I know this is part of the marshallate, but
      many of our marshallate are also in the Guild. When you authorize
      someone, do you ask if they are also interested in participating in
      the Guild? This was brought to my attention as a method that has
      worked in other Kingdoms. I know that last year with the quandary of
      thoughts on the Guild, we had talked about not pushing the Guild on
      folks, but I think we are past that point. Fencing is gaining a
      positive following and it would be a good thing to ask now. If there
      is someone just moving into the Kingdom from another, ask if they are
      also interested in the Guild. It is one more activity available for
      fencers to work and train in their craft.

      Above all things, remember, we do this for fun! Enjoy, Learn and be Safe.

      Sorcha Careman
      Lady GuildMistress
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