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  • Joyce Smith
    I second that....I think what you are working on Simon is great.... I would like to encourage everyone to participate in person ,but for those of us who can
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 20, 2006
      I second that....I think what you are working on Simon is great....
      I would like to encourage everyone to participate in person ,but for those of us who can not be there.posting said notes to the guild list would be much appreciated.

      Brigit <brigitgoddess1@...> wrote:

      Alas--due to a shortage of coinage--I won't be able to make it to
      Rainy Days--but I'd love to have any notes you all generate.


      --- In RoyalGuildofDefense@yahoogroups.com, "Ximon el Martillo de
      Cordoba" <xochimil@y...> wrote:
      > here is the letter I placed in the files section, I intend to have
      > the first gathering at the rainy days tourney.
      > Ximon
      > dean of Curriculum
      > ====
      > To: the members of the Royal Guild of Defense,
      > The Marshallate of the Kingdom of the West,
      > Other concerned persons receiving this letter,
      >  I send warm and cordial greetings to you all!
      > As Dean of curriculum for the guild, I am responsible for creating
      > and organizing instruction for its members and to offer it to the
      > Rapier community at large in the West kingdom. Put simply, I'm the
      > guy who organizes stuff for people to learn in the guild. As the New
      > Year begins, the first project to start with will be resolving what I
      > feel to be a soon to be urgent situation.  I would like the guild, in
      > conjunction with the Marshallate to meet and have a roundtable
      > discussion dealing with the subject of "Teaching the teacher". During
      > the past year, I've had various conversations with people and have
      > found that a good deal of us as Rapier fighters in the kingdom are at
      > the same general skill level of fighting, but way too few of us have
      > a good working skill of the art of TEACHING rapier to someone new and
      > interested in learning how to fight rapier.
      > Taking a student or mentoring a new rapier fighter is rather awkward
      > for most of us and I feel we MUST address this shortcoming if we are
      > to bring in and cultivate more rapier fighters in the Kingdom.
      > Successful teachers will eventually expose more people to get curious
      > about learning historical techniques we are researching and
      > practicing.  In short, The Guild needs to start helping to create not
      > just fighters, but instructors, teachers and/or mentors. These people
      > are sorely needed in our community. As for Leaders, we do have them
      > but we really need more working leaders in our ranks. I will be
      > frank; the guild has a lot of work ahead to accomplish this goal of
      > correcting this issue and many more goals in the future.
      >  I have faith that this can be resolved within due time and that the
      > method to obtaining what we need to accomplish the goal to be simple,
      > organized, non cumbersome and effective. This starts with the sharing
      > of ideas, thoughts and perspectives between those who want to teach,
      > those who are finding that they need to teach with more confidence
      > and from people who do teach and want to hear what they have to say.
      > This is the main purpose of the roundtable.
      >  To be clear, I am not concerned with developing what an instructor
      > will teach the person. I am concerned with methods we can develop on
      > HOW the instructor can teach more effectively, foster enthusiasm and
      > nurture the student's thirst for more skill and knowledge in rapier
      > fighting. We want them to want to come out to play as much as they
      > can.
      > So, with permission from the organizers of each of the following
      > events, I intend to have a friendly roundtable gathering to collect
      > perspectives from interested people. They are intended to be at the
      > following events:
      >   Rain days tourney, January 21st, 2006
      >   War Collegium February 4th, 2006
      >   Golden Rivers Championship, February 10th, 2006
      > At these events, it's my intention to moderate the "roundtable" and
      > gather a collection of cohesive, agreed upon ideas so we can codify
      > them into suggested helpful guidelines for
      > instructors/teachers/mentors. These roundtables may take place after
      > actual event workings and may be at an after event dinner/lunch
      > gathering. I will let everyone know what is planned as soon as things
      > are finalized.
      > I also intend to schedule a short seminar at March Crown on "teaching
      > the teacher" with the collected suggestions on a handout distributed
      > to interested persons at the seminar. I will be asking for 2
      > volunteers to run the class.
      > Please feel free to email me your thoughts and your comments for
      > consideration and collection. You can send it to me via Email to:
      >     cynaguancourtier@s...
      >     (Please type in subject line)
      >      "Attn. Teach"

      > Or have your thoughts written down and ready for any of the
      > roundtables.
      > En Servicio,
      > Simon, Dean of curriculum
      > West kingdom Royal Guild of Defense

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