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  • Staffan Arffuidsson
    Oct 6, 2005

      Once again I am posting a request for rapier related information. I
      plan on distributing the information at A & S next June. Here are
      the following topics:

      Martial arts:
      a) Period rapier
      b) Modern rapier (as related to SCA-type fencing)
      c) Historical unarmored combat

      a) How to make items
      b) How to make armor
      c) Equipment maintenance

      a) Rapier based idealology
      b) Period philosophy that affected rapier

      And anything else you feel is relevant to our enjoyable sport. I
      know that there are a few out there who have offered to pass along
      information after they have had a chance to present it to people; and
      to those scholars of history thank you!

      Thank you for your time!

      Staffan Arffuidsson
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