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90Re: Eric Space, Prize Pomp, and Leadership--Long reply

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  • Staffan Arffuidson
    Mar 2, 2005
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      --- In RoyalGuildofDefense@yahoogroups.com, "Brigit"
      <brigitgoddess1@y...> wrote:

      Elsa and all

      *****I've been talking to some heavies recently about the whole list
      field issue--several of them have stated to me that they think that we
      deserve space on the list field and that it's just going to be a
      matter of pressing polietly for it and "training" autocrats, etc. on
      the idea. They have suggested that space CAN be made for a fifth
      field (Crowns usually have four) that can run concurrently with heavy

      I agree that we (anyone who fences) need to maintain our foothold on
      the eric. We have been honored with it. I am at a loss on how we can
      do rapier combat as much as we used to, but we can try different
      things as we go. We'll get it right, soon.

      *****I agree that our current level of prizes is not "user friendly"
      and I like the Oreathan suggestions. Prizes were historically not a
      "test" but an acknowledgement of ability. Right now we run them as a
      test, which I think is discouraging to advancement. Our provosts and
      GMs need to be looking for people to advance and actively pushing them
      to advance--based on what they are already doing and skill level they
      already show. Let's stop making people FEAR their prize fight as if
      it were a final in college.*****

      I did not realize anyone saw their Prize as if they were taking a
      final. If we follow the Oerthan Guidelines, then we can hold the
      lower prizes at a practice. We would just need to advertise them well
      enough in advance so everyone who would like to attend can. What
      suggestions do people have on how to run a Prize better? How do our
      Oerthan Siblings run one?

      Also, Prize lenghts are currently being determined by the GuildMasters
      and Courtiers who run them. It is something we can suggest, however,
      I'd prefer to let them run Prizes how the GMoF/CttCotW as a whole have

      *****Ah, but we don't HAVE seperate Guild events--and will we ever?
      Perhaps lesser prizes could be fought at smaller events such as White
      Sheild or A&S--but I don't think it is realistic at this time to even
      think we will be having seperate Guild events.*****

      I agree, we should not have a seperate Guild event. That would just
      push fencing further away from the West Kingdom participation that we
      are maintaining. As for smaller events, I'd stay away from doing
      those as "Guild Only" events. I want as many fencers to show up and
      enjoy themselves. As for Else's comment about not bringing armor to
      an event that would have Guild activities, well I would not like being
      in the Guild if we can not have something for everyone.

      *****I think that we should consider a Deputy Lord Guild Minister
      position for Sorcha, with all due respect--as she would be largely
      unavailable to the majority of the fencing population given her state
      of residence. We need leadership HERE very badly in the central West.
      Having our LGM in Alaska would be very much like not having one at

      I disagree with you Brigit. The Lord GuildMaster should not need to
      be here. They would need to be capable of maintaining the Guild
      organization by making decisions that will help us flourish. They
      need to be informed on what people are doing within the Guild and how
      to better promote it. Now, the Guildmasters that you choose to learn
      from should be (relatively) close, so you can work with them, when

      *****Damn straight we do and I think it is time that the rest of us
      rise up and DEMAND that a Lord Guild Master be appointed. We are in
      violation of our Charter without one. If we can't get our GMs to
      agree on someone to lead from the GM level, then by god, we need to
      change that part of the charter and allow members at lower ranks to be
      appointed. Profiecancy in fencing does not mean ability to lead. We
      need a Guild Minister who will LEAD--I could care less if they are a
      Master fencer--I want a Master LEADER! Let's change the title to
      Guild Minister of Defense and drop the Lord Guild Master.*****

      We do need a leader. Yes, we are in violation of the charter because
      we do not have one. I have a suggestion, instead of removing the
      Grant of Arms award (Guild Master), I would like to suggest that we
      incorporate a Provost post. A position that covers the smaller
      details, like rosters and the overall promotion of the Guild. There
      is such a position in the Academie d'Espee and Lochac Royal Guild of

      *****It is, quite frankly, a function of personalities. I am not
      afraid to say it. If neither GM wants the other to lead, why should
      they promote the idea of appointing a LGM? This is another reason to
      amend the charter to allow those of lower rank to fill the position.
      Until this is done--we are looking at a stalemate, folks. We can
      talk all we want--Doug will not agree to have Mike lead and visa
      versa--and frankly--neither has shown the initiative we need to pull
      the GUild out of the doldrums it is in. As Elsa stated--we need a
      Guild Minister who doesn't just respond to requests but who actively

      does everyone want the job?). As stated in the past, Michael and
      Coronado have been very responsive to specific petition. Maybe if
      the guildmembers petition the Circle of Black Scarces to name a Lord
      Guildmaster, with a time limit (by Beltane?), something will happen.

      We've repeatedly asked for this. Nada. It's been two years since
      Brookes left the position. Going on three. So much for

      I agree with Brigit here. We who are not apart of the GMoF circle do
      not see if there is anyone discussing, well, anything. It is not
      unlike other kingdoms where someone has been made a White Scarf and
      then disappears for a while. We are down to 4 GMoF/CttCotW that are
      still in kingdom (and active) from the 13 that have been awarded. I
      am not understanding why we can not have a leader.

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