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87Eric Space, Prize Pomp, and Leadership

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  • Else Hunrvogt
    Mar 2, 2005
      Falcone wrote:

      As long as the main List field is the only place that fencing may
      occur, fencing time will be a limited and rationed commodity.
      So, my belief is that the Guild should pursue a policy that, just as
      all other Guilds may have a space to practice their arts, we should
      also have it as given that the Guild may set up a "practice field"
      where we may teach, hold prizes, and practice.

      Else replies:

      David, I think the Guild should host off Eric/adjacent to Eric
      activities. Meetings, classes, hosting the A and S pavilion like
      other Guild do… I think the line of division between needs to be on
      eric and off eric is ok is the same division between minor combat and
      not, "drills requiring armor".

      Rapier has fought too hard to get a place on the eric to give it up
      when there are other options. Not all Kingdoms give that opportunity
      to their rapier fighters. The eric is so central to West Kingdom
      society. Rapier gets a lot of exposure on the eric. Going elsewhere
      to fight prizes and the like will make things less prominent, not
      more so.

      Speaking for myself again, I have no problem giving up fighting time
      to prizes, but it behooves the guild to be polite about eric usage.
      Limit Prime time prizes to Black Scarves, maybe provosts. Announce
      on westfence that the eric will not be available to non-
      guildfighters, it saves us from hauling armor, and possibly from
      attending the event.

      I think there should be an escalation in pomp as guildmembers advance
      through the levels. Keep it simple and short at the free scholar,
      journeyman level. As I read the Oerthan guidelines, every fencer of
      reasonable activity and competency ought to be able to achieve
      journeyman status, correct me if I am wrong. That's a lot of prizes
      if the guild gets active participation as rapier continues to grow.
      Make sure there is a gradually increase in skill level, endurance,
      and spiff for each level's test. To follow Simon's suggestion, maybe
      run the free scholars through journeyman or provost's at a guild
      event. Reserve the Guildmaster's for Crowns/Coronations.

      Staffan wrote:
      About leadership. This is a subject that is kind of a sore one for
      me. We have been discussing, quite often, in what ever means of
      communication we have had available, that we do not have anyone that
      we can say is our leader. Sorcha, as an Ancient Guildmaster, do you
      have any suggestions on who could be one?

      Else replied:
      I think the Guild would be very lucky to get Sorcha as Lord
      Guildmaster. From what I have heard, she has largely been filling
      that role at in Oertha. She has a really good perspective on what
      the guild should be, as evidenced by the guide lines from Oertha.

      From my perspective on the outside, leadership seems to be an area
      where the guild is lacking. It's not that the charter in inherently
      evil, it more that the ship needs a rudder. Michael and Coronado
      have been responsive to specific requests such as the guildmembers
      want to submit this device, a guildmember wants to fight this prize.
      However, no one is energetically guiding the guild in Central
      Kingdom. The guild needs a head, so that the head can guide the
      actions of the energetic middle.

      I don't know if the lack of a Lord Guildmaster is a function of the
      black scarves being burnt out, a function of it not being
      specifically requested, or a function of the lack of a consensus
      (Does no one want the job? Does no one think the job needs doing? Or
      does everyone want the job?). As stated in the past, Michael and
      Coronado have been very responsive to specific petition. Maybe if
      the guildmembers petition the Circle of Black Scarces to name a Lord
      Guildmaster, with a time limit (by Beltane?), something will

      Else - your friendly neighborhood desenting voice. Seriously, tell
      me when I need to butt out of your affairs!
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