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706WK Collegium

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  • Else Hunrvogt
    Jul 1, 2005

      I realize many of you are at War or otherwise occupied this weekend, so
      I won't expect a reply 'til next week.

      Collegium Occidentalis will be in Sacramento on Oct. 15th. Is the
      Guild planning on sponsoring a rapier track? Do you need an RMIC
      appointed for the event?

      In the past with Collegia and A&S, I'm not sure there has been an
      RMIC. But if people are going to play with blades, even if the "drills
      don't require armor" there should probably be someone in charge of
      enforcing safety and more importantly turning in a report that says all
      went well. This frees the teachers/demonstrators from worrying about

      Again, please let me know if a rapier track is planned and if an AM is

      Deputy PRM, Cynagua