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547Re: Charter revision proposal file upload- LONG

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  • crimsonkyl
    Jun 1, 2005
      > The only thing I would like to see changed would be (Provost):
      > "Encouraged to authorize as a Senior Marshal."
      > Since this is a Marshalite issue, may I suggest something in the
      > effect of "Encouraged to be capable of authorizing as a Senior
      > Marshal."? This will leave it within the capable hands of the Kingdom
      > Rapier Marshal to designate who is a Senior Marshal.

      Staffan brings up a good point. The KRM wants the number of Senior
      Marshals limited, and therefore the Marshalate would end up controlling
      the guild, whether they wanted to or not, and they would be under two
      diametrically opposed forces; one to limit SMs and one to increase SMs.

      Can I encourage folks to keep making suggestions with the concept that
      they will probably not be included in this version of the charter?
      This is not a question of cencorship or the merit of anyone's argument,
      but more has to do with the time constraints on our LGM.

      Let us support Sorcha as she approaches the Crowns of the West with our
      first attempt at something this large, and then learn from that
      experience, and gather our contributing ideas for the next round.

      My thoughts,
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