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1954Journeyman Prize at A&S

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  • arffuidsson
    May 27, 2014

      Let it be known to all who profess arms that we, The West Kingdom Royal Guild of Fence and

      Guild Master Staffan Arffuidsson, do give leave and license to our Free Scholar, Fiore del Volpe, to play her Journeyman's prize against all Journeyman, Provosts and Guild Masters in their subtle and diverse mysteries at Single Sword, Sword & Buckler, and Sword & Dagger.


      We hereby invite those interested to witness and support Free Scholar Fiore as she presents herself at the Kingdom A&S being held on Saturday, June 7th, to perform and do her uttermost for the achievement and bearing away of the prize.


      Long Live the King and Queen of the West!


      Arts and Sciences Tournament | Kingdom of the West