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1944War Collegium Feb 1 Come get your Rapier Melee on!

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  • Nytshaed(Douglas Leonard)
    Jan 26, 2014
       Wow! I have been insanely busy with the I.P Grand opening getting about 40 new fighters on the rapier field, but my apologies for not being more vocal on our own War College!

      Our schedule starts at 10am sharp with Rapier Spear training for new and soon to be authorized Great Weapon Users. I hope to have enough people to do authorizations for those ready at 11am.

      After our Noon Lunch break we will focus on squad training:

      1pm : Field commands, Giving and responding
      2pm : Door Busting with small units
      3pm : Flanking with and without "cowboys"
      4pm : Melee fighting until folks get tired!

      Time to dust off those rapiers and get ready to lay waste to the armies coming to Estrella in a few weeks and the rest of our war season!

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