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1936Re: [RoyalGuildofDefense] Upcoming Provost Prize

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  • Jamie Roesler
    May 28, 2013

      Congratulations, E'taine! I wish I could be there to see it!
      Please accept my sincerest regrets for my absence and good wishes for your advancement.

      Lady Jehennette van Mynden
      (formerly Jamie of Eskalya)

      On May 27, 2013 10:58 AM, "Beth Berry (Sorcha Careman)" <sorcha@...> wrote:

      Let it be known to all who profess arms that we, The West Kingdom Royal
      Guild of Fence, Guildmaster Alaryn Aecenstaeff and Ancient GuildMaster
      Sorcha Careman, do give leave and license to our Journeyman, Étaín
      O'Rowarke , to play her Provost prize against all Guild members and all
      interested parties in the subtle and diverse mysteries in as many forms
      as pleases the attending participants. The Prize will precede the
      evening Rapier tourney at the Oerthan Summer Coronet and Investiture.

      In order to showcase her historical fencing studies Journeyman Etain
      will be fighting in the style of Salvator Fabris for single sword, Sword
      & dagger, and sword & cloak. For the case of swords, Etain will use
      an example from the Italian Master Giacomo di Grassi, and finally for
      buckler Journeyman Etain will use her studies from the Royal Armories
      Manuscript I 33.

      We hereby invite those interested to witness and support Journeyman
      Étaín O'Rowarke as she presents herself on the field at the Oerthan
      Coronet and Investiture being held the weekend of July 21-22 (Eklutna,
      Alaska), to perform and do her uttermost for the achievement and bearing
      away of the prize.

      Long Live the King and Queen of the West!

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