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1931Re: [RoyalGuildofDefense] Alrighty Guildmasters - here's a challenge.

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  • Jeff Richardson
    Jan 26, 2013

      Vadi also gives specific advice on fighting multiple opponents.



      On 23.01.2013 09:38, Nytshaed(Douglas Leonard) wrote:

         We have plenty of manuscripts detailing single combat in our form.
         I have never seen a class on fighting multiple targets supported by documentation from period sources other than I-33 which basically says finishing blows should set you up to hit the next guy.
         Unless someone has a class like this tucked in their back pocket War collegium is a bit tight, but is there anyone willing to take on the challenge of teaching a class at War collegium or another event coming up?
      PS - Provosts, Journeymen, Scholars, free or otherwise - feel free to jump in here and put a class together or kick your local Gm into gear as you see fit. :)

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