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1918Beltaine Rapier(May 4-6 Cloverdale)

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  • Nytshaed(Douglas Leonard)
    Apr 11, 2012
         Greetings West Kingdom Rapier fighters and friends!
          Beltaine is less than a month away and we have BIG plans in the works.
          We have Prize tourneys scheduled in addition to our usual Queen's Treasure
      Chest Tourney during the day and Rapier themed games(No auth Required) into
      the Night Saturday!
          Guildmaster Justin Dixon, a quiet foundation of our fighting community from when
      rocks were soft will be joining the Companions of the White Scarf at Saturday morning court.
          Our KRM transition will occur and of course its Beltaine, so dancing and drumming abound!
          If you don't usually camp Beltaine this would be a great time to make an exception
      and come join the fun and celebration!
          Warmup melees and inspection will occur before 9am Saturday with the first tourneys following
      Morning court.
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