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1712Agrippa - guild master prize paper

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  • Jeff R
    Nov 3, 2009
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      Hello everyone.

      Upon playing my prize back in January I uploaded papers on the material I was teaching. At the time I withheld my paper on Agrippa that accompanied my lecture/discussion on the subject. The reason for this was awaiting possible publishing avenues. However, as Ken Mondeschine has recently released his own translation of Agrippa with a forward that covers much of the research that is in my paper, I decided I might as well make it available. It's in the files section of this group.

      Note, it's still a rough paper and is being refined as we speak for entry into AnTir's Kingdom Arts and Sciences this next year (or at least that's the intent) and many of the discussions in it are probably going to be extracted for shorter articles which I will be seeking publication of. While Ken's translation covers much of the hard research data in this paper (and it's gratifying to see someone back up my research entirely independantly of me) there are extrapolations of theory and meaning here that are entirely original to my own research.

      Enjoy.... I am always open to comments and criticisms.

      Lord Geoffrey Lessingham - Guild Master WKRGoF
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