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1688Fwd: Call for Instructors: Known World Academy of the Rapier 2009

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  • Staffan Arffuidsson
    Jul 4, 2009
      --- In SCA-Rapier@yahoogroups.com, Lara Gordon <Laralu@...> wrote:

      Thinking about coming to KWAR this year? Why not teach a class?

      We are looking for people to teach classes at all levels, and we are
      interested in any classes that relate to either SCA or historic fencing. If
      you are interested in teaching please e-mail the fencing class coordinator.
      We look forward to seeing you there!

      *Known World Academy of the Rapier
      Oct. 9-11 2009
      Philadelphia, PA*

      See the event website for more information: http://www.kwar09.com/index.html

      Potential class topics include: period fencing techniques, manual studies,
      fencing history, class on all weapons forms (beginner to advanced), fencing
      mindset, melee fighting and tactics, gender issues in SCA fencing, and more.

      Fencing class coordinator: Lady Lissa Underhill, e-mail Laralu[at]gmail.com

      Please forward this e-mail to other fencing related e-mail lists. Thank you!

      *Note: This event will also be hosting the Known World Costumers Symposium
      for 2009!

      --- End forwarded message ---