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  • Beth Berry (Sorcha Careman)
    May 3, 2009
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      Greetings one and all,

      I would like to thank all of you for Your support, ideas, enthusiasm,
      energy and get out there and do it focus over the last four years while
      I have been the Lady Guildmistress of the Guild of Fence. The Guild and
      the Fencing Community have come a long way over that time and it all
      came from you. We have seen recognition with awards developed in all
      areas and levels for rapier from Baronies through to the Kingdom level,
      a stronger development of the Guilds focus towards the historical
      studies, a set of guidelines for the Guild that have been working with
      minor adjustments, a badge design ready for the Crown's approval to move
      on to Laurel, Prizes continuing in all levels to include 3 new
      Guildmasters and many of our members recognized for their skill and
      service through those awards developed to honor the rapier community. I
      say there should be 3 Huzzahs for you and your work.

      It is now time to let the position of Lord/Lady Guildmistress be passed
      on to another so the Guild can continue on this path with new ideas and
      energy. As of May 4th, Nytshaed will be continuing this journey as Lord
      Guildmaster. Thank you Nytshaed for stepping forward. You have a great
      crew to work with.

      For everyone, please remember, the Guild only works because of the
      people who are working with it. Again, thank you for all your hard work
      it getting it to where it is today.

      In Service to the Guild and the West,
      Sorch Careman
      Outgoing Lady Guildmistress
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