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1629Royal Guild of Fence Guildmaster Prize Classes at 12th Night

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  • jeffery@mind.net
    Jan 1, 2009
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      Hello everyone;

      I have prepared class material for the classes at 12th night and uploaded them to the Royal Guild of Defense list in the files section.  If you are attending class please print your own materials if you can.  I have a limited number of handouts I am bringing.

      Friday night will be a roundtable discussion centered around the subject of Camillo Agrippa's fencing text.  We will no doubt however discuss it's relation to other fencing systems as well.  The basis of discussion is theory and philosophy of fencing.  Agrippa's work is the key to a radical change in fencing theory that became the norm amongst the texts to follow.  I have about a 20 page paper on the subject of Agrippa based on the forthcoming translation by Jherek Swanger.  No handouts for this so bring a notebook.  I will have a couple copies of my aper to pass around however.  This is also a good time to get soe background on the other two classes.

      Saturday morning is Achille Morozzo.  Handouts are in the file section.  We will be exploring basic theory of this system and how it expands across the entire system from empty hand combat, to knife fighting to sword and buckler.  Bring gloves, mask, daggers, sword and bucklers if you have them.  If you have rubber or foam practice knifes these are handy as well.  Time will be short for this class please show up on time.

      Saturday afternoon is Gerard Thibault.  If you have a copy of the translated book I encourage you to bring it.  Handouts for class in the file section.  We will cover what we have reduced to the basics of Thibaults system.  This class is designed to be a primer of basics to help you with interpreting the written text.  You will need basic kit for single rapier.