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1506Dean of Curriculum

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  • Staffan Arffuidsson
    Mar 2, 2008
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      While I have only held the position of Dean of Curriculum for a short
      time, I feel the need to pass the position on to someone who can better
      handle it. As some might know I have sent in my resume for the KRM
      position, and I feel that I would better serve the Guild as well as the
      rapier community as a whole if I focused on one "hat".

      Though I have not been given the green light for the position, someone
      has been interested in filling the Dean of Curriculum position. So I
      (through discussions with Sorcha and Brigit) have passed the position
      to Brigit.

      Brigit, I plan to assist you as well as I can. If college hasn't fried
      my brain, I will be available to assist in your Period Masters
      Comparison forum that you will be holding at March Crown.

      In Service to the West,
      Herre Staffan Arffuidsson
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