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1417Re: "principality or kingdom level event"

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  • Else Hunrvogt
    Jul 13, 2007
      --- In RoyalGuildofDefense@yahoogroups.com, Cerridwen Coedwig
      <cerridwen@...> wrote:
      > I'm hoping we can make Prizes easier to schedule.

      A little advice from a former PRM and current KRM, on easier prize
      scheduling. The way our system is set up, the RMIC (who is usually
      the PRM/KRM at Principality/Kingdom level events) is usually in the
      best position to work with the "powers that be" to get eric time at
      events. A couple of things that can help - request time early and
      have more than one event in mind.

      I and many RMICs start planning rapier activities 2-4 months prior to
      the event. For Crowns/Coronets, I start planning earlier because I
      know who I am working with. For Coronations/Investitures, I have a
      more general idea, but nothing is set in stone until someone drops in
      finals and I know who I am dealing with.

      Crown and Coronet Tourney days are packed. There is little eric
      space available and you are unlikely to get Royal attention. When I
      have been there, the Mists runs rapier concurrent with the early
      rounds of Coronet and may have better eric availability during the
      Tournament than Cynagua. The Sunday (Saturday/Monday for May
      Coronet) after has a little more time (if the RMIC has not already
      scheduled something).

      Cyn/Mists War has loads of time. West/AnTir war has loads of time.
      Collegia/A&S Tourneys have loads of time. Ducal has loads of time.
      The Equestrian Events have loads of time. Coronations/Investitures
      have loads of time on Sunday and may have time on Saturday depending
      on the wishes of the Royalty. Even 12th Night has potential
      depending on site space and site restrictions - what a potentially
      cool Guild demo.

      If your heart is set on Saturday at Crown, consider unusual times.
      There is usually space that can be had prior to Invocation. There is
      usually time/space after court. You will probably need torches.

      On Saturdays in particular, have a realistic guess of how much time
      you need. .5-1 hour is much easier to schedule than 2-4 hours. Be
      prepared to start on time. This means having fighters inspected and
      and maybe even warm at you start time. You want to give the fighters
      15 minutes to warm up - remember to include that in your time

      I know a lot of this seems picky, but a little prior planning will
      help ensure a good experience on the day of your prize. There are at
      least 22-25 Principality and Kingdom Level events every year in
      central Kingdom. With a little bit of communication and flexibility,
      scheduling a prize shouldn't be hard.

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