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1416Re: [RoyalGuildofDefense] Re: "principality or kingdom level event"

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  • Tim Converse
    Jul 12 4:55 PM
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      I don't see a need to change this at all really.

      While I do want the Caer Darth Rapier Event to be available for Prizes
      to be played every year, most Prizes are going to be Free Scholar and
      Journeyman Prizes. Provost Prizes just aren't played as often.

      Sheaghdha, Staffan and I got permission/approval for our Prizes to be
      played at that event because we were trying to set the precedent to
      begin with that the event is meant for Prizes in general. We were lucky
      that at the time we had Royalty come to witness, but things are still
      building in that direction here in The Mists.

      If, in another couple of years, the Caer Darth Rapier Event becomes
      established enough to be seen as a great time to schedule Prizes (which
      I do indeed hope that it will do), then we can look at revising this
      part of the By-Laws. I agree that having such a contingency covered is
      a good idea, but I just think it's a bit soon to be looking at it.


      Cerridwen Coedwig wrote:
      > Glad to hear it. I don't have any issue with what has already occurred
      > either, and figured that if the LGM did, we would have heard something
      > other than the congratulations that were given. :-)
      > I'm hoping we can make Prizes easier to schedule. I guess I'm more
      > comfortable with by-laws that align with practice than by-laws that end
      > up with exceptions made. I think the Caer Darth event is pretty ideal
      > for Prizes, and would like to see it be an official part of the event's
      > purpose, without having to ask permission for an exception each time.
      > (I'm not trying to be a pain in the backside, I'm trying to prevent
      > possible future problems.)
      > Cerridwen
      > Staffan Arffuidsson wrote:
      >> Greetings,
      >> Your Guildmaster brought this up prior to the event and I contacted
      >> the LGM for permission. She had no issues with it.
      >> In Service,
      >> Staffan
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