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1415Re: [RoyalGuildofDefense] "principality or kingdom level event"

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  • Joyce Corder
    Jul 12, 2007
      There was a reason it was written that way.......not all PROVOST will obtain Guild master ranks and there for, it is the highest RANK in the guild they will acheive.....it is an accomplishment, and  should be accorded the Visibility, both GUILD Wise and Populace wise that Principality and Kingdom level events have.   In Oertha these Prize fights are not just for the GUILD.....they have been a Window to rapier for the Populace also.

      Cerridwen Coedwig <cerridwen@...> wrote:
      I never heard whether a variance was requested, but smack in the middle
      of the Principality of the Mists does not qualify as an "outlying
      region". I was thinking more that the letter of the Charter could more
      closely align with the intent that we have Royal attention, and could
      slightly reduce the burden on the "Lord Guildmaster" . I expect that
      your Prince and Princess attend more events than the 2, so it would
      expand possibilities in Oertha too.


      Edgar Branscum wrote:
      > If there is ample time for planning, and our Lady Guildmistress is
      > notified well in advance has there been any problems with getting a
      > variance? And has there been any need to ask for a variance so far?
      > I know that my upcoming Provost prize was a concern for me since we
      > only have two Principality events a year and no Kingdom level events
      > at all, and I would much rather play the prize during the summer
      > rather than winter. There was a very real possibility of having to
      > wait a year to play the prize if the scheduling couldn't be worked out
      > for our Coronet weekend. Thankfully it was able to be worked into the
      > schedule so I didn't have to wait, but I was prepared for that
      > eventuality.
      > Alaryn

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