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1410"principality or kingdom level event"

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  • Cerridwen Coedwig
    Jul 12, 2007
      I am *in no way* questioning the qualification of any of our recent
      Provosts, but I note that the Charter says that Provost and Guildmaster
      prizes "must be played at a principality or kingdom level event, unless
      the Lord Guildmaster waives this requirement due to the Prize being
      played in an outlying region of the Kingdom such as the Far West or the

      Perhaps there should be an amendment to the Charter that they may also
      be at "an event at which Royalty is present"? At least for Provost
      level? The Caer Darth Rapier Event is not principality or kingdom level
      (nor held in a remote location), and Their Majesties were in *avid*
      attendance, as were guests from out of kingdom. I think such an
      amendment would add flexibility to our options for higher level Prizes.

      who was re-reading Journeyman requirements and kept going
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