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1331Greetings from Oertha.....

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  • Ed
    Apr 1, 2007
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      I just returned from an amazing weekend trip to the incipient shire of
      Pavlock Garod, (Kodiak Alaska), and had more fun in the three days of
      fighting there then I have had in months. We took the opportunity to
      fight a tourney and a Freescholar prize on a beautiful beach, and saw
      a swarm of new scholars into the Guild this weekend as well. However,
      I will let Guildmistress Sorcha say more on that later when she gets a
      chance to rest up from the trip. I am sure that if someone were to
      ask nicely, Master Breock of Whitby, Baron of Eskalya and Journeyman
      in the West Kingdom Guild of Fence would be most proud to share
      amazing pictures of our grand time. The only thing that didn't happen
      which would have made it a perfect weekend was that I was unable to
      make time to visit the local brewery for a tour and some sampling of
      their wares. Oh well, at least I have an excuse to go back again and
      I would like to thank their Highnesses Cyrus and Caitriona Prince and
      Princess of Oertha for allowing me to help them out in whatever little
      way I could while we were there, and also, my thanks go out to Lady
      Tama and her wonderful family for taking me in and making me so at
      home I really didn't want to leave. Also, my thanks got out to the
      fine group of people Pavlock Garod who worked so hard all weekend to
      make not only their event go smoothly, and being so very supportive of
      fencing, but who also worked very hard at learning more on different
      forms for Rapier fighting and new styles of approaching the fight.
      Again, it was a wonderful time and I look forward to returning.

      Lord Alaryn Aecnestaeff
      Queens Guardsman
      Journeyman WKGoF
      Brewmeister, Barony of Eskalya