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1143Thibault translation release ans seminar

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  • Jeff Richardson
    Aug 2, 2006
      It is my pleasure to announce that John Michael Greer's translation of
      Thibault is finally going to be available for purchase from Chivalry
      Bookshelf. It will be available for purchase in early Fall.

      That said the first opportunity you will have to pick up a copy in the north
      west will be at the lecture / booksigning / demo at Barnes and Noble in
      Medford Oregon on Friday evening November 3rd.

      John Michael Greer will be providing the lecture and Academia Duellatoria
      will be providing demonstrations of techniques from the text.

      Saturday and Sunday Nov. 4th and 5th there will be a two day fencing seminar
      with more lectures from John Michael Greer and hands on swordplay work
      taught by Mathew Howden. Saturday evening there will be an optional dinner
      accompanied by a lecture by John Michael.

      More details to come...

      Jeff Richardson
      Head instructor - Academia Duellatoria
      aka - Lord Geoffrey Lessingham - Provost