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1056Awards and Advancement

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  • Else Hunrvogt
    Jun 2, 2006
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      As there seem to be several guild members who are not personally ready
      to advance, this might be an excellent time to turn them in to the
      Royalty. I can think of 3 individuals that have been publically urged
      to play their Provost prizes but have remained silent (or said not-

      How does one reccomend someone for an award? Well, it's really very

      1) Familiarize yourself with the awards that a person holds. The
      awards list is searchable by name at

      *note that the persons geographic location is listed in the awards list.

      2) Familiarize yourself with the awards that that person might be
      eligible for. You can search both Kingdom and Principality lists.
      Many of the 'fighting' awards are generally enough to apply to rapier
      combat. Don't forget service and arts awards as applicable.

      West -
      Mists -
      Cynagua -
      Oertha -
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