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  • Staffan Arffuidson
    Nov 7, 2004

      I started this group to help the West Kingdom Guild of Defense become
      a more organized guild within the West.

      I joined the Guild to help it grow into something that is well
      respected and well organized. I did not join it to divide the rapier
      community that is in the West.

      I could not find another way to help it become a stronger organization
      than to increase its communications, so this group is my answer.

      I hope this helps us become a stronger group, like our Siblings in
      Lochac, and those in the distant kingdom of Atlantia who are apart of
      the Academie d'Espee.

      Thank you all and I hope the Guild becomes great within the rapier
      community, and the West Kingdom as a whole.

      herre Staffan Arffuidson
      Journeyman, WKGD
      PRM- Mists