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A Secret Untold New Part 26

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  • Lucy O
    Part 26 Back at the house Ricky woke up and noticed that Jenny and Anne were asleep. So he decided to go in search of Liz and Maria. He quietly padded
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      Part 26
      Back at the house
      Ricky woke up and noticed that Jenny and Anne were asleep. So he decided to go in search of Liz and Maria.
      He quietly padded downstairs and he heard all the parents talking. So being curious, he hid as to  hear what was being said.
      "I hope the others are all right." Mrs Parker mentioned to the rest of the parents.
      "I am sure they are fine Nancy they have been going through this on their own for awhile.� Diane reassured her friend
      �I can�t believe that they have kept this to themselves for so long. And now they have to fight this other bad alien." Mary Whitman spoke.
      "How are you holding up?" Jim asked Amy, holding her hand.
      "I am still trying to comprehend that my baby is an alien and she has a 10 year old upstairs asleep� Amy spoke softly.
      "I think we are all trying to come to terms with our children. I wonder how long they will be. I mean trying to defeat Marcus and Matthew. I hope none of them get hurt.� Jeff Parker spoke.
      As soon as Ricky heard that he ran up stairs as quietly as he can. He went into the room where Anne and Jenny were sleeping. �Jenny, wake up" he called to his three year old sister.
      Jenny woke up and rubbed her eyes and asked. "Wot Wicky?"
      "We are going to help Aunty Liz and Aunty Maria".
      "Your crazy" Jenny replied.
      "Look they might be in trouble and they need our help." Ricky told Jenny.
      "Aunty Lizzie, told us to stay where we are".
      "I am the oldest here and I am going to help them and I need your help. You have to help me use our power"
      "Wicky. Aunt Lizzie told us never to use that one unless it was needed ur genleey "
      "I think you mean urgently" Ricky corrected Jenny.
      "whats wot I said" Jenny replied
      "Yeah, Yeah Yeah. Com,on lets get you dressed. And with one quick swipe of his hand Jenny was dressed in a pair of black leggings and a black t-shirt. He then swiped his hand over himself and he was dressed the same but with black jeans.
      "I wanna wear pink" Jenny protested.
      "Look, I put you in pink kickers is that okay? We don�t have a lot of time and anyway we are trying to make sure none of the enemies see us. You can wear pink later" Ricky promised
      "Kay" Jenny agreed knowing that Ricky would eventually keep his promise. Jenny then asked "Wot bout Anne?"
      "She will be safe here with the grown-ups" Ricky reassured Jenny.
      "Kay, now let�s go"
      "Okay now. Jenny we need to close our eyes and think of Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Max. They hopefully will be together."
      Jenny and Ricky held hands and all of a sudden they disappeared.
      Katie started feeling calm. She didn�t know how or why. All of a sudden she felt a presence that she knew it was her cousins.
      "No, I was just getting warmed up." Liz replied looking hatefully at Marcus.
      Just when Marcus was about to raise his arm at Liz. A white light blinded appeared and Ricky and Jenny appeared in the middle of the room.
      Katie managed to break the grip of Matthew who had her and ran to Ricky and Jenny. She grabbed both of there hands and threw her arm up in the air and a shield appeared.
      In the confusion Marcus grabbed Liz and put a hand over her heart" no one moves or the Queen here dies"
      "Marcus, what the hell are you doing? This was not part of the plan." Kivar shouted.
      "Tough I am hurrying this along" Marcus shouted and looked at Katie "Now, come over here or you mother dies."
      "Okay" Katie turned to Max "Daddy I love you"
      "I love you too Princess" Max said softly. He knew he couldn�t do anything to stop it.
      Katie slowly moved Ricky and Jenny still with the shield up and when she got close to Max she dropped the shield and pushed Jenny and Ricky towards Max and went to where Liz and Marcus was.
      Max pushed Ricky and Jenny towards Maria, who grabbed hold of them and put them behind her.
      "Vilandra, come over here." Isabel took one last look at Alex and moved over to Marcus.
      Liz felt Marcus�s hand moved slowly off her stomach. Liz made a split second decision. She pushed Katie away and then quickly stretched her arm out but she was not quick as Matthew was he had a feeling what she was going to do. He held out his arm and a power blast came out of his hand and hit Liz in the stomach and she fell down.
      �Liz!� Max shouted and raised his arm and sent a bolt towards Marcus and he fell down dead. His body disintegrated.
      Max, Alex and Kyle ran to Liz and couched down
      Kivar looked at Matthew and said �Damn him we better re- group." He looked at Max and grinned "Don�t worry Max. You better watch out because when you at least expect it I will be back and I won�t waste any time." With that Marcus and Matthew teleported out of the soap factory
      "Liz, look at me. I can heal you." Max pleaded.
      Liz moaned and looked at Max for a bit and weakly said "Max, the damage is too great. Please let me be."
      "Liz, no I can heal you."
      "Max you can�t heal me. I am dying I can feel it" Liz moaned
      Max put his hand over Liz�s wound and concentrated but Liz was hurt really bad.
      "Liz, please, don�t leave us" Alex pleaded.
      "I love you all please take care of each other. Tell mum and dad that I love them. Max you are the only man I have ever loved. I could feel that I was going to die so that�s why I didn�t accept your proposal. I didn�t want to let you think we would be engaged and then I died. In my heart you are my husband." Liz slowly closed her eyes.
      Max hugged Liz�s body to his own and looked at Katie. His eyes pleading "Can you bring her back?"
      Katie looked at Max "I think so but we need Anne and she is back at the house."

      The ulimate secret of life is the sheer knowledge of death, for without It man will not strive to leave his mark upon the earth.

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