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Re: [Root_Cause_State_of_the_Practice] Re: Obama Spill Investigator Sees Role for Oil Self-Policing Agency

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  • Michael Mulligan
    It is the Obama NRC commission no doubt about it. There has been few times the democrats have been able to choose so many NRC commissioners in history.     
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 13, 2010

      It is the Obama NRC commission no doubt about it. There has been few times the democrats have been able to choose so many NRC commissioners in history.   


      Now I find out the NRC is stiff arming me from participating in the Brattleboro round table meeting with the NRC chairman. All they are is inviting groups to speak to him...it is a neat way to exclude me? I got some neat questions to ask him? 


      Trying to get Paul Hodes involved...somebody needs to represent NH is this?  





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      Nope, he just knows which way the NRC political winds are blowing and is swaying in the breeze.

      The only thing the risk informed reactor oversight process accomplished, was a more organized methedology for the utilities to use to hamstring NRC investigations.

      This process has in no way contributed to the new world order that provided such a new level of  "openness, efficiency, clarity, and reliability".

      This guy would be funny, except, it is just barely conceivably possible that he might actually believe what he was saying.


      Michael Mulligan <steamshovel2002@ yahoo.com>
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      Re: [Root_Cause_ State_of_ the_Practice] Re: Obama Spill Investigator Sees Role for Oil Self-Policing Agency


      Does this guy have a sense of humor or what? Did Obama appoint him?  


      Statement of George Apostolakis, Commissioner
      United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
      Before the
      Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
      Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety


      May 5, 2010


      “Risk information has been crucial in the development of a successful reactor oversight process. It focuses our attention on items important to safety and allows us to respond to inspection findings in a way that is commensurate to their safety significance. This process has clearly contributed to openness, efficiency, clarity, and reliability.”  

      From: Michael Mulligan <steamshovel2002@ yahoo.com>
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      Sun, July 11, 2010 1:20:10 PM
      Re: [Root_Cause_ State_of_ the_Practice] Re: Obama Spill Investigator Sees Role for Oil Self-Policing Agency


      Bill Reilly, he is the republican white token they put on the gulf spill commission.. .and he has gone republican rogue?


      I was under water in a submarine most of the time in 1979...TMI occurred and the republican sharks were swimming around him getting ready for the Carter kill. INPO was a Carter accommodation to the developing “I hate the government” juggernaut. It was a tool to minimize government oversight and the transformation of the nuclear industry. The theme with INPO is to stick the responsibility into a private overseer, then you can keep all the information secret. That is why the industry is one of our worst technological stagnate failures that ever was.


      Hmm, see how the plant simulator bum doped the troops, simulator fidelity. For a number of reasons the troops are just too intimidated into making a ruckus about things they know were wrong. Remember what I said, the troops were talking to themselves about the inevitability of exactly this kind of accident 6 months before it occurred. Based on the 1992 VY LOOP with similar crew breakdowns, we have not preparing the troops for these shocking crew disorganization when a inconceivable accident occurs. It is a common theme with large accidents. They seem to can't recognize this emotional disorganization as it is occurring... something is wrong with training in that they can't do this.


      I remember returning to the plant within hours after their 1992 LOOP...the troops told me ithe accident was like walking through a science fiction movie mike...?


      What was those warning signs we missed prior to TMI? The March 28, 2010 HB Roberson short in a non safety 4160 volt electrical cable...that uncovered a staggering  and sickening number of organizational defects in Progress Energy,  INPO and the NRC is that the signal.


       It is similar to the warnings pre TMI....are we in a TMI sequence? How many Robinsons we got simmering out there?  How come all this risk based calculations cannot predict a HB Robinson event? We call it the “nothing ever matters” philosophy.. .the, “it’s not safety related" mental disease”, and could never cascaded into threatening the nuclear industry. The fanaticism of risk informed regulation is what brought us this accident. It is the David Besse feed water accident all over again with pervasive organizational problems.    


      Hmmm, I always thought the system was set up for accidents with a periodicity of 3 to 5 years...  


      I have been invited to a round-table meeting next week with NRC chairman Jaczko in Brattleboro Vt...hope he can talk the language of the HB Robinson?  


      The fascinating thing about HB Robinson they were completing their NRC relicencing inspection by Feb 2010. They got a pass from the relicencing inspection, then a month later this happened? There has been object failure with relicensing. Is relicencing everyones weak link?


      This should be a congressional investigation. ..we will pick up the congressional investigation on the next one with a core melt.    


      Interesting, from the new AIT report:


       ...From a review of the plant procedures used by operators to respond to this event, the team determined that certain Path-1 procedure steps required operators to rely on their knowledge because these steps did not contain detailed (rule-based) guidance. The team observed that Path-1 is a flow diagram that assists with diagnostics but does not consistently provide acceptance criteria and alternate actions. The team determined that, in general, implementation of the Path-1 EOP relies more heavily on operator knowledge-based behavior versus the rule-based behavior emphasized in WOG Emergency Response Guidelines.


      How is INPO's self regulation working for you?






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      Sun, July 11, 2010 2:16:51 AM
      RE: [Root_Cause_ State_of_ the_Practice] Re: Obama Spill Investigator Sees Role for Oil Self-Policing Agency


      Does anyone know how INPO really got started behind the scenes?

      My understanding is that a few CNOs got together and got it going and it took considerable convincing to get some of the poor performers to get onboard.
      They realized the gap between the top of the heap and the bottom and the bottom was going to bring the top down.
      I do not see a similar force present in the oil industry.
      None of the CNOs actually directly competed with one another.
      With our anti-trust laws could the oil guys even get together.

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      Saturday, July 10, 2010 9:45 PM
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      [Root_Cause_ State_of_ the_Practice] Re: Obama Spill Investigator Sees Role for Oil Self-Policing Agency



      Having said that; where are you going to get another Zack Pate, or the
      current Jimmy Ellis to lead this hypothetical self regulating agency for
      the petro-chemical industry?

      Bill Rigot
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      > Scroll down for the story.
      > What do you think?
      > Which gets more credit for post-Davis-Besse superior performance? NRC
      or INPO?
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      > Obama Spill Investigator Sees Role for Oil Self-Policing Agency
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      > Obama Spill Investigator Sees Role for Oil Self-Policing Agency
      > July 08, 2010, 2:12 PM EDT
      > July 8 (Bloomberg) -- William Reilly, co-chairman of President Barack
      > commission investigating the BP Plc oil spill, said the oil industry
      > benefit from a self-policing agency similar to one that monitors the
      safety of
      > nuclear power plants.By Alison Fitzgerald
      > “I’m very interested in using that approach, as an
      addition, not as a substitute
      > for regulation, but as a way to raise the
      bar,†Reilly, former
      administrator of
      > the Environmental Protection Agency, said in an interview today.
      > Proposing self-regulation may be a hard sell to an angry Congress and
      > Reilly acknowledged.
      > Since BP’s exploratory, deep-water well in the Gulf of Mexico
      exploded on April
      > 20, killing 11 workers and leaving an open wellhead, millions of
      gallons of oil
      > have spilled.
      > Reilly said he presented the idea of a self-policing agency to Obama,
      who was
      > skeptical.
      > “He said, ‘I wonder if the country would accept
      that,’†Reilly said. “The public
      > did accept it,†he said, when the idea came from “an
      even more reviled industry
      > in the 1980s.â€
      > The model Reilly has in mind is the Institute for Nuclear Power
      Operations, an
      > industry group created after the Three-Mile Island nuclear
      > accident to establish and enforce industry best practices. The
      > inspects all nuclear plants every 18 to 24 months.
      > Insurance Costs
      > “They descend on these reactors and spend two weeks, and they
      just take the
      > place apart. They look at training, practices, adequacy and modernity
      of the
      > equipment,†Reilly said. “Then they give them a grade
      when they leave and that
      > grade is communicated to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the
      > industry, and it affects their insurance costs.â€
      > Obama named Reilly, a Republican, and Democrat Bob Graham, a former
      U.S. senator
      > and Florida governor, to lead a commission charged with finding the
      “root causeâ€
      > of the Gulf oil spill. The commission will examine what was going on
      at BP long
      > before April 20, Reilly said.
      > He said the
      commission also will examine the federal agency formerly
      known as
      > the Minerals Management Service and inadequacies in its oversight and
      > capabilities.
      > “The response capability is so primitive relative to the
      breathtaking tech
      > advances that characterize this industry,†he said.
      > Reilly was administrator of the U.S. EPA in 1989 when the Exxon Valdez
      > aground in Prince William Sound, spilling 262,000 barrels of oil into
      the waters
      > off Alaska.
      > --Editors: Mark Silva, Bob Drummond.
      > To contact the reporter on this story: Alison Fitzgerald in Washington
      > Afitzgerald2@ ...
      > To contact the editor responsible for this story: Mark Silva at
      > Msilva34@...

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