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Re: [Root_Cause_State_of_the_Practice] Fw: 3 coal mine supervisors indicted | Electric Power News | Energy Central

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  • J. Brandon
    Here are the names: http://blogs.chron.com/newswatchenergy/archives/2010/06/bp_engineers_on.html From: Christopher M. Timm Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 6:31
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 6:31 PM
      Subject: RE: [Root_Cause_State_of_the_Practice] Fw: 3 coal mine supervisors indicted | Electric Power News | Energy Central


      Consider the BP disaster.  While the top guy(s) have gotten a lot of bad publicity, the middle management staff who knowingly made the decisions to bypass safety procedures and cut corners seem to lead a charmed life – you can’t even find their names in the stories even thought some of them sent e-mails that showed they were more than willing to cut corners.  In any large organization, the issue is whether there is a corporate culture that encourages safety shortcuts or they are done without the knowledge/support of the top management.  In BP’s case, it appears to be the former.

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      Subject: Re: [Root_Cause_ State_of_ the_Practice] Fw: 3 coal mine supervisors indicted | Electric Power News | Energy Central


      Ship captains, aircraft pilots, lead surgeons all have the ultimate responsibility for the safety and welfare of the public,passengers, crew and patients. This is not the case in Corporations in which cash accumulates at the top along with power and responsibility somewhat in accordance with the 80/20 rule. When a corporation misbehaves, individuals exhibit the actions, the actual guilt is in management/leadersh ip which fosters, permits and encourages the environment in which rule breaking and the outrageous risk creation occurs. Top Corporation management is not held to any level of standard by the public beyond the minimum set by the "Law".

      IMHO bad behavior on the part of a corporation should be rewarded with attention to the top of that corporation' s food chain and apportioned in accordance with the distribution of the cash and power of the positions occupied. If a few underlings "go to court" and "go to jail", upper management simply gets new underlings, very little change in actual behavior occurs. To change behavior of a potentially immortal business entity, the social rewards of the  "carrot and the stick" must have equal weight and be kept in the minds of those in top management.

      It is not effective for regulatory agencies to have the DOJ indict underlings unless it is a direct tatical ploy used to acquire evidence to use in accessing the misbehavior of the entire corporate food chain.

      Benjamin F Schafer

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      Sent: Mon, June 28, 2010 3:44:20 AM
      Subject: [Root_Cause_ State_of_ the_Practice] Fw: 3 coal mine supervisors indicted | Electric Power News | Energy Central


      How effective is it for regulatory agencies to ask the DOJ to indict the underlings?

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