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JPG Pictures of Steam Line Breaks/Ruptures

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  • Dr. Bill Corcoran
    Please send me whatever pictures of steam line breaks/ruptures that you might have. Attach or insert as you wish. I will post the collection for the benefit of
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 1, 2006
      Please send me whatever pictures of steam line breaks/ruptures that you might have.
      Attach or insert as you wish.
      I will post the collection for the benefit of all.
      Thanks ever so much.
      Take care,
      Bill Corcoran
      Mission: Saving lives, pain, assets, and careers through thoughtful inquiry.
      Motto: If you want safety, peace, or justice, work for competency, integrity, and transparency.
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    • Jack Stanford
      Hi, I know well about two at CY. Both involved feedwater heater drains, one just downstream of a # 1 FWH normal level control valve, the other just downstream
      Message 2 of 3 , Feb 1, 2006
        I know well about two at CY.  Both involved feedwater heater drains, one just downstream of a # 1 FWH normal level control valve, the other just downstream of a low point FWH normal level control valve.  They happened within short order as the plant approached its 20th birthday.
        No pictures, though...  I don't recall, but I am willing to bet that the in-service inspection of such locations was expanded as they stopped happening altogether :-)
        These were very small breaks and nothing bigger happened. 
        I do know that Millstone 3 had a minor FWH related event leak of recent which was fixed at power.
        Jack Stanford, SRO/PE
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        Please send me whatever pictures of steam line breaks/ruptures that you might have.
        Attach or insert as you wish.
        I will post the collection for the benefit of all.
        Thanks ever so much.
        Take care,
        Bill Corcoran
        Mission: Saving lives, pain, assets, and careers through thoughtful inquiry.
        Motto: If you want safety, peace, or justice, work for competency, integrity, and transparency.
        W. R. Corcoran, Ph.D., P.E.
        NSRC Corporation
        21 Broadleaf Circle
        Windsor, CT 06095-1634
        Voice and voice mail: 860-285-8779
        Fax and voice mail to e-mail: 206-888-6772

        Check out our e-group  at
        where you will find the back issues of "The Firebird Forum" through 2003 and
        links to later issues.
        Broadleaf Solar Energy Station
        Environmentally respectful solar thermal and photovoltaic energy.
        Electric power generated to date: >600 kWhr
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      • Mike Mulligan
        (I see the positive paradox in this....if they didn t confront me such as they did....the problem would have stayed hidden!) Habitual Accident Abuser ...7 of
        Message 3 of 3 , Feb 11, 2006
          (I see the positive paradox in this....if they didn't confront me
          such as they did....the problem would have stayed hidden!)

          "Habitual Accident Abuser"...7 of them?...I am banned from working
          in trucking industry!

          (note: my motor vehicle and DOT record does not indicate this...it's
          comes from a secretive process with transferring employee private
          records between a past employer and a new employer without any
          controls for fairness and balance facilitated by a official federal
          a DOT agency rule. Quit frankly, your old employer has a veto power
          over you with getting a new truck driver job...there is no way to
          challenge the accuracy of said disclosers and no penalty if given
          for illegitimate reasons...there is an addition category other than
          related to traffic accidents.)

          The truth is....how could it not end other than this way....but I am
          still shocked! Maybe after week I'll be able to digest it. Of all
          the people in the world to be shocked ...from what I've been
          involved with in the past...it seems like one side of my head can
          deal with the cold hard facts and the other side resides in la la
          land...utterly oblivious to reality.

          You can't understand any of this...if you don't understand the prior
          context, that I was involved within a group of people who was
          responsible for the preventable death of an extraordinarily
          vulnerable Downs syndrome child... and we had a set of preventable
          serious medical errors at the facility. I had missed clear signals
          of the approaching crisis and yet I was concurrently trying to
          engage a highly dysfunctional organization to reform. Today, I still
          see clearly David crying and sobbing to me in his disgraceful
          bedroom...just weeks prior to his death....and I remember my tears
          flooding back to him thinking angrily..."why can't I fix this". I
          was an entry level low paid indivegaul care assistant, I changed
          children and adult diapers...but I was the most experience person in
          the state of NH with changing the culture of a large organizations.
          Oh god why...you knew I'd seen it coming...knew I was clumsily
          trying to stop it...and you knew it was unstoppable. What is the
          sense is it? My heart is so broken...and even my healthy son through
          his past medical issues sometimes reminds me of those horrific days.
          I didn't leave that faculty with my reputation intact either.

          I have had tens of millions of dollars of actions under my belt
          within my recent history...and I had foreseen and warned officials
          about terrifying accidents in my other activities, which came to
          pass. There was no doubt I perceived that I was voluntarily playing
          out in full NYC traffic...I was in the middle of the highly risk-
          full high speed intersection of indivegaul prestige, family
          obligations, legitimate business interest, the safety consideration
          of many peoples and myself, acting within the interest of the
          public, my community and the national interest. It was a very busy
          intersection, it was early in the morning and everyone was thinking
          they were late for work!

          I'd put it like this...I was utterly safety compromised before I
          even walked into that door of this truck driver job...and it wasn't
          related to my diabetes. I was involved in huge political, regulatory
          and I'd seen huge human rights violations, tried to intervene in an
          assortment of issues in the decade leading up to this past employer.
          These events were always spinning in the background in my mind...the
          cost of not playing it safe. I'd been bouncing around at the low
          wage scale for many years. A time in the distance past I made a very
          high wage. I was thrilled with making a moderate income under
          unbelievably demanding conditions in this new job.... even watching
          the excessive damage to person, property and stockholders in the
          current condition. The problem with me is....I can flip an image in
          my head wondering how my daily activities and events around me...and
          I try to project out, how does this fit into the big picture. The
          truth is I see people struggling all around me, they live lives in a
          closed loop....and I have this little voice in the back of my head
          saying...you got the power to facilitate change. Then I look at the
          realities of my life when I intervene.

          I never had the personal safety security to openly challenge the
          safety culture of the corporation, because I knew the negative
          consequences in my prior activities. I enjoyed the looks of my
          wife's face when I could provide a decent income to our family. I
          never felt I had enough security with company and legal
          protections...it was a fire at will state.... such that I couldn't
          push to confront huge safety issues at the site. Believe me, I had
          the education and experience to push hard if people had asked
          me...if they told me they wanted to change. Everyone knows I had the
          skills, continuous safety education supplied by professional experts
          in the safety field, and the experience demonstratively higher than
          the population at large, to act on large scale defective unsafe
          cultures. I am never innocent anymore...that's the nightmare!

          What you can say, I can't live in two worlds...where I provide
          financial security to my family and create and watch risk full and
          dangerous behavior in exchange for money and prestige. In many ways
          I sabotage my life, halve of the time unconscientiously...in an
          attempt to solve these contradictions between family finance,
          indivegaul prestige, esteem in doing valuable work and working in an
          unsafe and unethical environment. It seems I breach safety with
          abandon as everyone else, even as I talk great words out of the
          other side of my mouth. Don't think I am not troubled with my
          actions and the ideals that I preach. My preaching has always been
          about trying to control and gain a contest with my behaviors.

          I believe the majority of you knew I was in way over my head through
          my written expressions through these boards in this past year. I
          remember expressing it as I am at the edge of control and I worried
          about killing someone. I'll bet you could infer that I was sinking
          fast and we were uncontrollable, it was that and more. I was once
          again trying "get around" the system somehow in some sort of hat
          trick with giving cues of the troubles I was in. Some look at a
          person with some level of respect...with what they do with the
          troubles they get into. What I know also to the bone....there is
          always two sides of a coin to a confrontation...maybe even more. I
          know people sitting on a higher perspective....can see things
          starkly more clearly than a people walking through a stream of
          information. I am haunted by that...I could be certain of the
          evidence I see....and my current interpretation of the evidence is
          wrong. One of the most precious skills of life...can come down
          to "shutting up" and try to see events through another person
          perspective and experience. Another invaluable skill of life is
          while walking through an information stream....this is my best take
          on what I see...I am uncertain at some level of the interpretation
          of the data...but you must raise hell, gain attention, push through
          the perception of those people who may be walking in the same
          information stream as you...and search for someone who may see the
          situation through a higher perspective.

          What I have left, I know I have demonstrated resilience throughout
          all of my life. I got that left and it's a jewel ...and I got those
          stars to gaze at in the sky. It's a nightmare because I can't
          control my behavior...over and over again. I am getting to be an old
          man too. And I can write a little to ease my conscience and provide
          some level of incite for other people.

          What we got here at worst is 40 tons of steel and consumer products
          traveling at 70 MPH...Guided by a set of immediate and historic
          human interactions and judgements...some direct clear signals and at
          other times many indirect, weak, discontinuous, delayed signals and
          communications. As a natural result of this vital public
          service...what is left in the wake, is traffic accidents, human
          carnage and suffering for the guilty and innocent alike, and huge
          loses of property. We got an enormous amount of trucks on the road.
          We got a public who is well aware of the danger and threats to their
          person. There is a huge political awareness and some backlash
          against the vital necessity of the transportation sector ...and thus
          the necessity for regulations and rules. We have the appearance of
          being in a highly regulated industry with another book load of laws.
          It is in the bureaucracy's interest, the governmental and business
          interest, as a political response to the carnage, as a means of self
          protection, to give to public an impression that the industry is
          highly regulated. It's in the bureaucracy's self interest to put a
          monolith of laws and rules in defense of this carnage, as the means
          to justify the bureaucracy. Believe me, I am not making the case
          that bureaucracy and government is bad, I making the case that it's
          much more important that we think....and somehow we've let this
          bureaucracy run out of control. It just so happens our political
          system primary function is to make laws and rules...the making of
          laws is how the political player gains the resource to stay in
          power. After every huge seen of carnage... there is the sense that
          you have to create more bureaucracy in defense of the self interest
          of the current dysfunctional bureaucracy.

          Why did we fall out of love with bureaucracy and government....why
          has it become such a burden...why is there still so much carnage and
          we spend so much monies on creating these monolithic bureaucracies
          that do so little? I have ask the fundamental question...why isn't
          government you most intimate friend? Sometimes I see this exactly
          like the national issues of food and weight problem. Eating is such
          a pleasant and necessity for life....we never get full and we eat
          all the wrong things...and we wonder why we are so fat. At the end
          of the day excessive eating has become the number one national
          health issues. The weight of our dysfunction has the potential to
          overwhelm our national interest. We are doing that with creating
          senseless dysfunctional bureaucracy.

          An accident occurs within much human suffering...and the book of
          rules are thrown out to the public in defense of the illusion that
          the bureaucracy knew how to control and prevent it. If they just
          followed the laws and codes....the expensive and intrusive
          protective bureaucracies and authorities would never get
          challenged... caused by a stupid mistake or willful misbehavior, and
          the lost of life or lives would never occur...and everyone would
          have pleasing and fulfilling purpose with their work and the
          fulfillment of their family's goals.

          It's my opinion that the application of the rules for the majority
          of us...devolves into meeting our personal agendas...that's the
          problem. We exhaust ourselves on the application and manipulation of
          the rules....with the majority of our frenzied manipulative efforts
          being far distant for the immediacy of the accident and the crisis.
          Are rules really designed to funnel blame instead...to provide the
          means providing for a family....to focus blame to indivegaul's and
          away from everyone else? No doubt individuals make deathly
          decisions, or make similar deathly choices in their failure to make
          decisions and take actions... and we hurt human relationships in the
          process either way, before the accident...in the unseen purposeful
          set up of the accident for self interest.

          I think we use rules for mostly for our agendas... in defense of
          protecting our families... in defense of protecting our prestige...
          in defense of protecting and maintaining our position on the totem
          pole...in defense of our status and power...and in defense of
          protecting scrutiny from our errors and human fragility. Baby
          cakes...when we are alone and nobody watching...we all break the
          rules in defense of our convenience and in our interest....sinner or
          saint...entry level or CEO position...a priest or crook...to someone
          who is your enemy, to your closest friend...and to your wife and
          children. We follow the rules if it's perceived to be in our own
          interest...to help us socialized in bureaucracies...to leverage our
          stature and power in the organizations...to be in the sacred
          pleasing safe surroundings of a trusted subgroup of co-conspirators
          of rules obeyors or rule breakers...for the object thrill of
          creating an identity...a sacred identity or differentiation...to be
          in a group and be differentiated as a indivegaul...and we brake
          (driver pun) the rules for the same reason...maybe it's even more
          fun than obeying the rules...sometime with mindless abandon. We can
          be in an arrogant sub culture who broadcast that they follow all the
          rules...who creates a group identity of rule followers to all the
          entities around them....how dare you challenge us with breaking a
          rule...even as rules our distorted and manipulated with abandon
          behind the scenes...and much protected with the arrogances.
          Sometimes I wonder about our culture's mix message....you only get
          to the top by manipulating the rules and leveraging our position
          with the bueacrocy.

          We are so distant from the carnage scene....the suffering
          scene...steel, cement, blood, broken bones and panic zone...crying
          and tears zone...the moment of the realization of a change of life
          and disability for life zone...a life full of regrets and much
          wisdom to teach upcoming generations zone. A life worth of
          replaying the accident...hoping that you could catch that one action
          you could have taken to prevent it....the, where can you hit the
          reset button zone. Are you looking for reset button. Will we all do
          that before we die? Do you wish a prior behavior was dead...even as
          the event is in the front of your mind...always.

          What to teach the younger generation, what to teach myself? Is there
          talking where I can reconnect to my older generation? Do we have
          common experiences that are hidden? Is there sameness that we all
          share...a hidden language somewhere? Is there a river of
          understanding somewhere? What about that sameness that we all see,
          the shame, and those connections that isolates us all...of the human
          fragilities sprinkled throughout your life. Of a river of tears
          guarantied before you were ever born...of the discovered
          preciousness of life all around you that is so fleetingly seen
          through our frailties. That what makes the future so worthy of the
          challenge... Of the majesty of life, even in our senseless speeding
          lives. And the need to discover resilience somewhere inside
          you...it's there somewhere... Even when you know it's gone, in the
          hurt, shock and abandonment. The feeling of hopelessness and
          powerlessness...these are the illusion. The sameness that we all
          experience...the resilience is real...it's just around the corner.
          These feelings and emotions, especially those of the negative,
          becoming such a friend to us when older, are perfectly normal, are
          as numerous as the stars above, and are necessity as happiness
          itself. Is there a river of unshared sameness that isolates us all?


          So I am in my last week at this company...they are playing around
          with my schedule, they are putting stops on my truck that never
          happened before...I am getting newbie's as helpers...and of course I
          am spending a lot of time in NYC. They are throwing a lot of new
          stuff at me.

          So I am up in Maine arriving at 9PM Sunday...less than a week before
          my firing. I am a little hungry, so I stopped into supermarket
          health section within a short walking distance to my hotel picking
          up a expensive bag of Terra exotic vegetable chips at $5.00...a
          small bag and on a whim. We deliver this product to the
          stores...probably got a pallet full piled in my truck. I don't want
          to waste sleeping time getting something bigger to eat. It's still
          potatoes chips, chip are really bad for my diabetes. It looks more
          healthy...I had eaten very little through the afternoon. So I knew
          my blood sugar would be all right if I was careful. I suffer through
          diabetes mostly controlled by pills and dieting. Right, this is
          fully disclosed through my medical and DOT disclosures. I mostly
          stay away from fast foods because of diabetes....and potato chips
          are bad bad bad. I couldn't find anything I wanted to eat in the
          supermarket....so on the way out; I go through the health food
          section picking up this colorful bag of vegetable chips. I never ate
          or purchased these chips before...it's not a regular habit of doing
          this...it's a one off.

          The week prior I had gotten into an accident. My truck wasn't moving
          and was parked, and I had moved off all the new full pallets. I had
          a few empty pallets on my electric pallet jack...I was finishing up.
          This wasn't a normal stop...my first regular stop of this run was
          next. I knew these guys were going to be mad at the late
          delivery...I know this business wasn't prepared for the late
          delivery....again and again and again. I was fully raised up in the
          lift gate maybe six feet off the ground. Seems my truck was on a
          small incline... with the rear being lower than the cab. The incline
          was slight...I didn't pick up adequate environmental cues that my
          truck was on an incline. The heavy battery was facing the rear end
          of the lift gate...right under the pivot point of the front single
          wheel. I put the jack arm down and tried to engaging the forward
          switch. There is just a moments chance to engage the electric motor,
          but the jack came off it's automatic brake before I'd pushed the
          movement switch. It moved back about one inch before the electric
          motor was started... with the single front wheel going past the edge
          of lift gate. There was no way to stop the whole thing then, and we
          all from tumbling off the lift gate once the wheel got past the edge
          of the lift gate. This is not my first time that this has occurred.
          There was a lot of indication of damage with most of the electric
          jacks. I imagine falling off a lift gate occurs a lot with these

          There was a store employee about a few feet away...I observed him
          being oblivious to his surroundings. I yelled as the massively heavy
          electric jack fell off the truck....and flung me off the truck
          landing on my butt and arms. I was in the center of the traffic
          moving lane. It was a close call and nobody got hurt. One of the
          light pallets hit the ground and bounced up against a car...nothing
          else hit the car. I picked up everything...and we all closely
          inspected the car.

          The car was a beater...we all agreed that there no damage was done
          to the car... My helper and all the store employees agreed with
          this. I was in a very congested Brooklyn neighborhood...Park Slope
          natural foods...bumper to bumper car parking on both side of the
          street. What you can say about the New Yorkers...is that they are a
          very sophisticated lot. They all know about big trucks, deep pockets
          of the corporation....and trying to get a quick $500 bucks with
          making a damage complaint...they have friends to facilitate the
          complaint. I find it surprising that the car was owned by an
          employee of the store.

          It was an inadequate unloading space for a tractor trailer and I was
          unloading directly from the curb...with a restricted fire station
          line right near my front cab bumper...the fire station abutted this
          store, and the car was too close to my rear lift gate. There was an
          enormous police presence in the area...the police demanded that I
          move the truck off the fire station line twice...and fire fighter
          came out once again warning me to move back...too close to the car
          near my rear. Do you understand what I am getting at...we were very
          near Prospect Park in a very expensive real-estate area, This large
          store had historic issues with unloading on the street...trucks
          unloading blocking street traffic and impeding the flow of fire
          equipment. They didn't have a dock...we almost had to go through the
          front store. There were police issues with blocking the sidewalks
          with loaded pallets. You understand what I am saying...there was a
          huge police presence trying to control the unloading of the
          products....this was the most intense police presence I've ever
          seen. You could tell that rich and connected people were trying to
          control the activities of this store and called the police often.
          Usually you had two trucks ahead of you for the loading spot, you
          had to circle the neighborhood or park many blocks from the site in
          an illegal parking spot...while waiting for your turn. Sometimes
          there was a two hour wait...sometimes more. Surprisingly two weeks
          later the company charged me with leaving the scene of an accident
          through this.

          The week prior to the accident I had employee evaluation. I got a
          large two buck increase in my hourly rate. I was clearly into the
          area of "exceeding" the employee and safety requirements of the
          corporation. I got no talking to about safety issues in this meeting
          and they never had me talk to the corporate safety officials. He
          asked me about a complaint lodge at a store about me in the near
          past....this was very common. I had put all the product into the
          store...I was waiting for the check. The counter manage was
          fluttering around talking to all his friends. I was waiting in the
          store for 15 minutes twitting my thumbs waiting for her to write up
          the check. My helper, just prior to entering the store told me a few
          weeks ago another driver had to wait over an hour for her to write
          out a check. A check was mandatory on this stop. With that in my
          mind...I progressively got somewhat rude to her...in an attempt to
          get her to write out a check and let me continue on with my route.
          This is common in NYC... sometimes you got to be as pushy as the
          New Yorkers, to get things done...

          So after coming home from Maine... the accident a week before...I
          arrive back at the facility. There are cases...not bags...of Terra
          chips all over the driver's room...free samples for everyone... in
          the main office and in the cafeteria. This sits way outside of
          normal, the quantity of this product...I never seen anything like
          this. I think, ain't it strange having these exotic vegetable chips
          in the facility...with the beautiful colored black and silver design
          on the bag. I remember purchasing them only two days ago for the
          first time. I will tell you the truth...I humorously thought they
          were surveilling me. I've seen these types of signals over and over
          again in my prior activities. It's a slick way of intimidation. It
          says we are watching your every move...and we are smart enough with
          sending a subtle surprise signals...such as cases of potato chips in
          your work area. I was impressed with the intelligence...the
          communications...the attention to details...the will to do it. It
          might have even been meant as a retribution signal....we been
          surveilling all a long...we'd been watching you for just such an
          embarrassing misjudgment...this firing is nothing but a setup...and
          you can't do anything about it. We wanted you to think about that
          when you don't have a job, and you are banned from the trucking
          industry...we got even with you.

          So I got on one more run to NJ...my last set of deliveries in the
          company...when I come back they tell me I am on suspension pending
          an investigation for leaving the scene of an accident....they tell
          me the damage is $600.00. I write a detailed report about what
          happened then

          They called me in to fire me three days later...I tell them the
          investigation is not fair...and they say come in and pick up your
          final check. We never discuss why they fired me... I didn't want to
          participate on the investigate results. Our facility is card
          keyed...when he tells me to report for the investigative
          results...he reminds me to go through the front door
          secretary....meaning my card key no longer works. I tell
          Richard...why participate when you already have made up your mind.
          Within accident investigations at this site...you never are allowed
          and have the power to contest the results of accidents investigation
          results. You submit the accident paperwork and pictures....and you
          hear no results of management characterization of the events. You do
          loose your safety bonus though. It's all kept in some secrete
          folder...and reused within a precious events. I am told of a
          tremendous amount of equipment damage that never gets reported...you
          nickel and dime them mike, on the damage you report about...nobody
          else does that. There are rumors that for certain people...you need
          not report accidents that have not caused to other peoples
          property...there is a selectivity with reporting accidents...favors
          for friendships....!

          Two days after the firing I am in the Hinsdale high school for a
          chili competition with my son's class...a lot of the towns' people
          ore there. A neighbor comes up to me saying I hear your looking
          for another driving job...come on down to Webster trucking. He asked
          me, what do you think about your prior boss Richard...he was once my
          boss. I say he is a character. He tells me Richard assigned him to a
          truck. It was missing the legal registration and permits...he goes
          to his boss Richard asking for the proper documentation...whence he
          tells my neighbor to get the documentation out of another and just
          copy them...and make believe they are yours. He shakes his head and
          lowers his eyes, can you believe that....

          I put an application in just down the road in Webster's. He tells me
          the kind of work in your prior employment with 15 stops on your
          truck is brutal...I wouldn't do it he says. I agree with him it was
          a very brutal job. I tell him I know NYC very well. He tells me you
          get a huge bonus for working in the city here...but there is not
          much work down there now. The drivers got in to many accidents and
          we were loosing to many drivers... they ship it down to the
          locals...and they do the city. My recent boss worked for Webster's
          as a manager a few years prior to his current position. I am told to
          report to paperwork training next Monday morning, you will go out
          with an instructor on Tuesday, and Wednesday you will be on your
          own. He has never asked me why I have left my current position.

          I get a call two days later saying...you past employer reports that
          you are a "habitual accident causer" you got seven accidents in two
          years. I tell him I got into two accidents in two years; one was
          moving and my fault, I hit a parked car while making a tight
          turn...about $2000 damage. The other came from while I was parked,
          the trailer brakes were misadjusted...and it rolled into two junk
          cars who didn't have owners and been parked there for a least a
          year. I was the second driver in two months who thought they had set
          the brakes on a hill...after a period of at least five minutes away
          from their truck heard air releasing...and watched their truck roll
          down a hill without a driver. This second truck was parked on a much
          steeper hill...I eyeballed the "steep" hill myself...and the driver
          was in the trailer as the truck went 100 feet down the hill...and
          destroyed four parked cars sitting right next to city hall...and the
          fire and police departments too.

          What we got going on with my old employer....is accident
          investigative results is a product of the internal politics of the
          organization. Did I tell you they have recently purchased services
          for accident investigations and preventing accident losses for the
          company? There is no fair transparent objective accident reporting
          of investigative results...that's why the secrecy... they just game
          the investigative results to limit accountability to managers and
          limit the liability of the corporation. Right, if an accident or
          accident(s) comes up, well, you can just fire the employee as the
          means to protect the manager and corporation...you have absolute
          power to intimidate the drivers. It also looks like you keep a
          little black book of secrete information....which can be throw out
          at any time to overwhelm any investigative results of an isolated
          issue. Folks, we are talking about an absolute concentration of
          power with these managers and the company, these guys have isolated
          themselves from accountability of accident and investigative
          results....and if you want my opinion, this is a direct threat to
          the driving public. Nobody ever learns about our precious mistakes,
          we just repeat the same accidents over and over again...because the
          investigative...sometimes you don't want to understand why a
          accident happened and that's why no investigation...because the
          investigative results are buried in a drawer, for no other reason
          than for self protection. What's even more of a shame...these
          accidents are buried only in our isolated memories....and our hard
          work of creating an accident benefits no one else...not even

          The driver safety bonus system is suspect here. If you don't have an
          accident...if you don't report an accident...they will pay you a
          substantial bonus. Do you catch that...the points are exactly the
          same as if you worked in a predictable simple rural route...or if
          you worked in an extremely congressed metropolitan area? Believe me
          hourly way goes the same way. So you got the long term experienced
          drivers sightseeing in the distance suburbs...while the new women
          and guys are getting into accidents in NYC. I think it is a accident
          disincentive reporting process...where if you don't report an
          accident....you won't loose your substantial safety bonus. Right, it
          can come down to another abuse of power system, where they can
          manipulate the results as they can see fit...and reward and punish
          certain peoples. Everyone understand a manager and corporation gains
          great advantage with not reporting and dealing with accidents....and
          thus we have an economic incentive not to report accidents....and of
          course this gives this gives the manager the illusory tool firing
          somebody immediately for cause, in an interpretation of what an

          So there is a sense that a driver can be fired at will without a
          legitimate justification... The other known routes of intimidation
          here is to limit you work hours. So if you create a
          controversy...the next week your hours will be cut back to a
          ridicules level...say way under 40 hours. This is a devastating tool
          of intimidation for the drivers...and it's a well known problem and
          its fear has been felt by many of the drivers. So there is a fear
          here of an abuses of power...there is the sense that power is used
          unethically and the employees have no fair process to engage this
          abuse of power....the employees are intimidated on a grand scale.
          Management just thrives in this seemingly open, and extremely
          subtle, at times abuse of power. In many ways, the employee fear is
          their work lives can be unjustly guillotined without any
          justifications and morality. They lived in this quietly benign
          altruistic environment of limited controversy and labor strict
          discipline, where wages and benefits are barely adequate, where a
          large number of employees are dysfunctional before they get into the
          door, where the employment competition for employee are not
          available... where you are in a constant shortage battle to hire
          enough replacement employees... and so all you people live lives in
          a quite Zoloft desperation. We get back to that duck paddling faster
          and faster....and not much progress is being made in a number of
          categories. If you want my opinion...the organization is
          extraordinarily fragile...a puff of wind can knock it over.

          So Webster tells me it's a new reporting requirement of the
          DOT...they have to report all your accidents to your next employer.
          I am effectively banned from working as a truck driver the industry.
          This doesn't make sense considering my employee evaluation just
          weeks before. To be truthful...I've got a high profile in other
          areas...who knows what other people could have been feeding them.

          I told him to call up my insurance accident record and on my license
          you got only two violations...none that cost me points. One is going
          past a bridge height restriction...in which after going under the
          bridge there was no damage to the trailer or bridge. We inched
          through the bridge as my partner was guiding by direct eye sight.
          The other was a failure to wear a seat belt...in Harem NYC...after a
          delivery only four blocks away from my last one. I said we were
          always getting into other nickel and dime issues...my driving record
          were a lot better than most of the other drivers. I was a new
          employee with lots of new routes every week. I wasn't on a set
          schedule or route, and they had me going into NYC. I though I was
          doing them a favor with being so fixable...and the older drivers
          were on cherry set routes...that met their needs. Believe me there
          is a difference with accident risk...with going on a set predictable
          route in a non metropolitan area being and being abused with
          unpredictable stops and routes in severe metropolitan traffic
          congestions. There just has to be some level of protection for
          drivers who face that stress...you just have to accept that levels
          of difficulty, as the price of doing business.

          Over and over again many people told me I stuck out...I didn't fit
          in...I didn't bitch about the job or the condition of the
          equipment... like the other drivers. You bet, I talked indirectly to
          the CEO and board of directors! All the warehouse people and all the
          repair shop people...constantly reminded me...and other
          peoples...that the "all" of the truck driver's constantly complained
          about the condition of the equipment, about the inability to
          communicate to the front office about their problems, about nobody
          cares about anything...about the extraordinary problems going on in
          the transportation department that nobody cared about fixing. You
          understand what I am saying...it's was common perception that all of
          the driver's had a reputation with being extremely discourteous and
          a surely attitude as a group...the driver never had anything good to
          say....everyone recognized the stress that they were under. They
          hired a large group of contract driver's to work for the
          company...they were paid a lot more and had better benefits across
          the board. I will bet you the contract driver's were getting 30%
          more than the company drivers as I...they could work as they pleased
          and not forced like us. The contract drivers have a permanent place
          in the transportation organization...and it's unquestionable a sign
          of mismanagement. Remember, the driver contractor got a huge profit
          on the charges to my prior company...this was hugely expensive. The
          contract driver's bosses only wanted them to work when they felt
          like it...no questions asked. One wonders if somebody was getting a
          kickback with the contract driver company....that undermine the
          culture of the corporate drivers?

          You understand we had a horrific employee injury rate...with blown
          out backs, knees shoulders and hips. Remember, the insurance
          companies forced us to get electric jacks in order to reduce the
          injury rate. Fundamentally, the trailer lift gate and electric
          pallet jack were not designed with each other in mind...thus you
          were only an inch away from disaster. We had at least two different
          sizes of electric pallet jacks or more...all of our equipment was
          not standard...different model trucks and trailer and different
          sizes of everything. Remember, a pallet jack is designed for a
          smooth trailer floor and facility cement floor...its got three
          wheels...the front single wheel being the steering wheel. The whole
          set up with heavy pallets was very unstable....it was not designed
          to be running on the crooked pavements and sidewalks of NYC. Pallets
          tipped over often...I had one heavy one tip over of Court street
          right across for the Brooklyn Borough City Hall...on a sidewalk
          streaming with people. We moved a lot of heavy freight through the
          front door...with a hand truck. Take the city hall...I typically
          moved six to eight pallets worth of product stacked about 6 feet on
          the pallet by hand truck...from the front door to the back of the
          store, through twisting winding isles. A lot of stores didn't have
          docks...I was in great shape and this was a very great benefit for
          my diabetes.

          Most of the driver's got a pretty big increase in hourly rates on
          the turn of the year....these guys couldn't hire new drivers at the
          entry levels wages. This place has a huge problem with employee
          turnover. They had a severe shortage of driver for years...which
          ended up drastically pushing everyone... on top on new business...
          My first year was brutal.....they forced me to push seventy hours a
          week...going all over the NE... I put in massive weeks after week,
          of 60 and 70 hour weeks...I had difficulties with keeping my log
          legal. Sometimes I was not legal and everyone knew it. The new 34
          hour rule gave us a day and a half to reset the clock. They abused
          the hell out of the first year driver with massive hours...only
          partial days off and always pushing the 70 a week rule. Many of the
          employees...they taught us that...that you can get paid more hours
          than what shows up in your logs....? This is when I got into my
          legitimate accident when turning a corner.

          A little of the historic record...few years prior to my
          employment...the corporation attempted to shutdown this facility.
          They started winding it down...paid everyone bonuses to stay until
          the end. The extra work created disruptions at other facilities
          causing major difficulties to the customer...just before the
          Chesterfield facility was closed down...they reopened it. I think
          the ghost of that is still with us. We had a series of major
          expansion since then at this facility....I think they are planning
          more. The DOT had a very serious confrontation with the operation of
          the transportation department just before I got there. There is just
          no way to say this pretty...the drivers and transportation
          department were caught with falsifying driver logs and
          transportation DOT documentation. This facility was almost shutdown
          by the federal DOT.

          So what's wrong with the transportation department? Believe me the
          majority of the activities of the transportation department consist
          of a safety function. There is too much of a revolving door with the
          employees in there. As an example, truck drivers' move into the
          office as helpers...sometimes as a result of an injury and then move
          back out because of the pressures. The change over of employees is
          unbelievable. I just don't think the employees have the education
          skills and experience as a whole to run such a complication
          operation....everyone talks about store scheduling is screwed up.
          Functionally, I don't think the compensation scheme is adequate for
          the employees in order to gains adequate educational and the skills
          set necessary for the proper function of this safety organization. I
          just don't think the department head has the status, safety,
          education and independence to drive safety and customer
          satisfaction. Functionally, I think the budgets creates the reality
          of sitting on the edge of control, of barely meeting the customers
          needs...of being fragile...and barely sitting on the edge of being
          unsafe.....and being more expensive in the long term. To be
          truthful, I think they have transformed from a mom and pop
          operation...they made it just a huge mom and pop organization, and
          they making it bigger as we speak....into a professionally run
          transportation organization. I think high management responsibility
          is disconnected...and to be truthful again, I wonder how widespread
          the problem is with the whole of the organization. You want my
          opinion...the transportation department is the single most important
          resource that facilitates the operation of the business and worth of
          the corporation. They haven't developed the professionalism of the
          transportation department adequate for the growth of the
          business...they haven't developed the professionalism of the
          transportation department such that they alone drive road
          safety...neither does the organization project out about what level
          of transportation department infrastructure development,
          professional and educational levels, will they need for future
          growth. These guys are constantly overwhelmed in the day to day
          chaos...it's the high markup of the prices of their product that is
          bailing them out.

          You should hear what your customer's employees think about your
          corporation...your deliveries are unpredictable...your drivers are
          rude and under stress...we are missing a lot of profits because your
          products are not on our shelves...we hardly can get through to a
          human being who knows anything... and we can talk to the salesmen
          with abandon, if we can get through to them, but the problems never
          changes and is getting worst. I am telling you the truth, a high
          percentage of your customers vocalize angrily...if I had another
          choice, I wouldn't put up with this crap! You should be wary of
          that vulnerability! You are right...I never felt I developed the
          relationships in your organization where we could take the time to
          talk about intimate problems that I was confronted with...and I
          could see results with wasting my effort! There was always the sense
          that you never wanted to hear these intimate and delicate problems.
          All of your employees have similar feelings. They feel like a duck
          exhaustively trying to swim upstream, his little feet are paddling
          like hell under the water and sitting on the edge of giving up, it's
          raining outside and the stream velocity is expected to
          increase...and she isn't making much progress based on watching the
          sides of the stream. Most of your employee are being held hostage to
          the mismanagement of the organization...instead of being set free to
          provide adequate customer service. I don't think the transportation
          organization is being run in the most economic way and facilitates
          the development of you corporation.

          About a year ago they slacked off me...as I began to write things on
          the internet about my driving. They must have paid somebody to do a
          computer search concerning my history. Believe me that was my
          intention...to get them to know my record. It's a trick I've used
          over and over again to some success. It's a great attention
          gathering device. I figured if they just knew about my
          reputation...more for their own survival things would begin to
          change. I made it my policy not to be controversial on labor
          issues...not to in any way to rile up the drivers and employees on
          better wages and conditions. I got along with my bosses and the
          people in the office...I was candy nice. I had gotten signals from
          the managers and office people...that the things I was writing about
          on the internet were being read by insiders. There was no doubt
          about that. I confused them with my known nuclear power whistle
          blowing and other issues I raised...I think they thought of that as
          interesting. We went to paper logs...to computer logs...but I was
          still writing paper logs. It's unbelievably easy to fudge paper
          logs. Then they put me in a truck with a computer log....and that's
          when for the first time they got serious with the rules. The gold
          standard was you can't violate the computer logs...that pleased
          me...and I began making more than enough adequate time to get back
          to my motel room before the clock ran out. In the last year, I made
          a concerted effort to take my time and always have enough time on
          the clock. You always were in a beehive in NYC...and you were always
          racing the clock. You drove 5 hours with getting to the
          city...meaning you had ten hours left...but you had to allow two
          hours to get to your hotel that ringed the city...so you really had
          eight hours of delivery on your first day.

          One of my greatest strengths is my beliefs that all of us can move
          mountains...that if we use our creativity and intelligence... and
          that we can break any corrupt political, business and governmental
          dysfunctional bureaucracy. The bigger they are the harder they fall
          is my philosophy. The paradox is...if I use all my intelligence and
          creativity...if I got a history of moving mountains...if I engage
          with all my experience and wisdom in controlling my behaviors and
          the events around me...at the end of the day, I still have a
          mountain worth of human frailty left. Even in my beehive of effort
          in trying to understand of why things happen....the mountain of my
          frail humanness with misjudgment is still getting bigger. My
          mountain of frailty is higher than most everyone else. It's the
          story of my life. The more I point my finger at everyone else....the
          more I see my human frailty in the way I lead my own life. Of course
          that's the point.

          It's my opinion I was put in an extraordinary intense environment
          that few people understand...and all the driver are under the same
          burdens. My daily activities in navigating this world of a truck
          driver had an amazing amount activity in it...an amazing amount of
          moment to moment judgements within it...it was extraordinarily
          intensive and stimulating. I loved seeing the world and the peoples
          through my driving....I was utterly thrilled with going through your
          cities and towns...being engaged with all these unknown peoples. I
          loved the interactions with the people so much and love the
          conflicts also...you can really get know peoples within conflicts.
          As I stopped driving...I quickly became bored...I felt a pressure
          and yearning to get moving again and seeing the world in this corner
          of the planet. No doubt there was a pleasant intoxication within
          these activities. It was such a broadening experience seeing the
          peoples of these big cities and little hamlets. Let me tell you
          folks...you people are almost identical, and you spend so much time
          justifying your differences. The way you justify your little
          differences...has a sickening and boring theme when seen through
          interacting with a lot of people. I come to know...I really love
          meeting new people...and really got to feel comfortable do
          this....and really looked forward to a new day...even in my burdens.
          I sat within the wonderment of observing the layouts of your towns
          and cities....I sat with amazement of our civilization's great
          works. We've accomplished so much...there was so much hard work
          accomplished. I worry deeply about our civilization's decay with our
          infrastructure. I worry deeply about our poor and needy people that
          I've seen. The baffling urges of my body once I had stopped driving
          are becoming clear. No doubt it was an addition and intoxication. I
          have given up coffee many times "for good". It feels like that. It
          feels like a mild urge that something is missing...sometimes it's a
          more intense yearning to see the world and its peoples. No doubt it
          was a mild withdrawal symptom. I imaging there is a lot of high
          level brain activity going on in a drivers mind.

          I always was cognizant from day one of this. I always thought I
          could balance all my self interest and the interest of my
          family...what's in the best interest of this company...and the
          nation. I sometimes think I got the disease that I think I got more
          power than what the cosmos has given me. I always wondered how I
          could flip this into something good, as I was driving past all this
          extreme turbulence and my baffling response to the conditions around
          me. I was always haunted with the thoughts of...if an organization
          needed change....if an industry needed changes...I was the person
          with the most experience in the area in which to drive changes.

          And yet I hear Teddy Roosevelt's words; of that I tried to do great
          things and it's better to fail with attempting great feats....and I
          hear my own words recently condemning me for my errors and human
          frailty under tremendous pressures in my finger pointing at Teddy's
          failures...to do what is right. I wondered if all the employees
          higher than me are just like me....in the suffering silence of our

          I would be willing to create a better understanding of whatever went
          on in the last two years if anyone has a professional question. As
          always, I try to keep my discussions open and communicating across
          the board with the issues I raise...of course there must be times
          for being confidential and having private discussions.

          I have almost no regrets...I knew the chances and I calculated
          results of another failure. The regret I have; is the hand I dealt
          my wife and family. I know I am quite entertaining to them most of
          the time...especially when I have a job. Don't tell them that I
          can't control my behavior.


          mike mulligan
          Hinsdale, NH
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