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Zogby: McCain Leading Obama in Latest Poll

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  • Steve
    Breaking from Newsmax.com Zogby Shocker: McCain Leads
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2008
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      Breaking from Newsmax.com

      Zogby Shocker: McCain Leads Obama In Latest Poll

      Dick Morris tells Newsmax that Friday night's polling for Zogby of 1000 likely voters shows a huge shift for John McCain. Zogby's poll, conducted on Friday night only, has McCain at 48% and Obama at 47%.

      Zogby's overall poll has Obama with a lead — but that's based on a three-day average that includes Wednesday and Thursday polling data.

      "There is a seismic shift for McCain; it could turn into an earthquake this weekend," Dick Morris told Newsmax.

      "I think a large of the credit goes to GOPTrust.com for it's courageous use of the Rev. Wright ad and the many tens of thousands who have donated almost $9 million before election day," Dick Morris added.


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