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80Completed scuti

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  • sergeantwilhelm
    Feb 12, 2013
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      Salve Brothers,

      Greetings from the fabrica of Cohors II Legio VI

      Just posted some photos of latest efforts.

      Still working on modifying my shield press. I will post photos.

      Made three flat shields for an event. The plywood was a bit thin. Should have done more re-enforcing on the back. But these are not really combat shields.

      I will be doing a kids' scutum workshop soon. We expect 10 kids to get everything but the painting done in 8 hours. Maybe some painting, too. Serve the Suits right for dropping shop class.

      I do a Norse sword & shield combat class with wooden swords and decent shields. Might start adding Roman equipment. Won't press the shields but will use heavier plywood since aggressive shield work is part of the action.

      Anyone near Snohomish WA who wants play, let me know.